Grandma’s Kitchen 1-2-3 and fabric shopping

Since I have “met the deadline” for the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild quilt show next week,  with 2 quilts labeled, sleeved, tagged and bagged, I needed SOMETHING to do for a couple of days, just for me….for FUN….

I decided I would start and catch up with Pat Sloan’s latest sew-along “Grandma’s Kitchen”.  I decided that on Wednesday afternoon, and downloaded the patterns, and started pulling fabrics. I had a plan, a theme, but then I decided I needed more……fabric…….

So; you know how it goes….a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!  Because you can never have too much fabric!

I decided to use my collection of 30’s reproduction fabrics, which was mostly fat quarters and fat eighths, but not enough variety as recommended in the pattern. The 30’s reproduction fabrics remind me of my Grandma Bessie, and the house dresses she would make, the aprons she would wear, and they just make me smile.  I pulled some “other”  fabrics too that would speak of grandchildren and childhood etc. 

There is a local long arm quilter that is pulling up stakes and moving South and she has advertised a big sale at her home. I made plans last week to stop over and see what she had to offer.  Everything was going for $4/yard; and she was cutting from the bolt in 1 yard increments. She also had some “off cuts” from long arm projects; wide backings I would guess; as well as selling wide backings, fat quarters etc.  All beautiful quilt store quality fabrics. She is trying to lighten the load for the move. She has an internet business and will resume online sales after her move is completed.

So, I kept my eyes open at the sale and found 3 different reproduction prints that I did not have and got 2 yards of each. I picked up a few other things too, including 3 yards of an off white batik with an overprint of gold swirls.    I had such a good time the FIRST time I shopped, I left with $1 in my pocket and a HUGE bag of fabric.  That was Thursday.

A friend of mine went on Friday, and told me the seller was still putting out “new” fabrics, and so we plotted and planned and made a 2nd trip over to shop.  Today, I was in the “market” for MORE 1930’s reproduction fabrics, and green fabrics that would work with the 30’s fabrics. I ended up with 2 more reproduction prints, a fat quarter of green, and a TON of white on white, off white, neutral fabrics of all types.

Between Thursday and today I’ve washed over 30 yards of fabric!  I like to prewash before I start a project. I hung most of the fabrics to dry after they spent a few minutes in the clothes dryer. My effort to keep the energy costs down!

Drying fabric

After the washing and drying; most of the reproduction prints went out to the sewing room.  I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon ironing with spray starch. Went through an entire can if you can imagine that. The 12 or 15 yards I washed today will need ironing as well; but since they are not going into a project immediately, I am going to ruler fold, label with the yardage, and indicate the fabrics are washed. I usually don’t starch stuff that is going to be stored for a long period of time.

Last evening, after the ironing, I cut the fabrics I needed for the first 3 blocks of Grandma’s Kitchen.  Today, after my “2nd” road trip for fabric, I got busy and put the blocks together.

Here is block 1 of 25 – The Kitchen Table –

Block One for Grandma's Kitchen.  Pattern by Pat Sloan

I photographed it in Black & White to see if I hit the mark with the light – medium – darks

Block 1 in black and white.  Really shows the light, medium and dark.

I think it works!

Here is block 2 of 25 – Sticky Buns –

Block 2 Grandma's Kitchen,  pattern by Pat Sloan

Again, I did a black & white, because I thought I might have gone too dark with the medium.

Block 2 in B&W

And finally – block 3 of 25 “Keyholder”

Block 3 Grandma's Kitchen,  pattern by Pat Sloan

Block 3 in black and white

I think I made the light-medium-dark thing work, and will do some photos of the fabrics before I cut the next block just to be certain.

Now, I am caught up and the next block won’t come out until Wednesday – next week.  If you want to participate, check out Pat Sloan’s website for Grandma’s Kitchen Free pattern for more information. There is still plenty of time to get started, especially if you have a nice stash of fabric and don’t “NEED” to shop  (I know “crazy talk”….we need to shop for fabric!)  The pattern is released weekly, starting June 28, and will run through Nov 22.  Pat said in the intro that there will be 25 blocks and the finish project is “large lap sized”.  These three blocks measure up at 12.5″.

Are you doing any sew-alongs?  If you do them, how do you manage to “keep up” ???  I hope to stay on track with this project, as it goes along, but I remind myself it is not a race!  (Told my hubby I was crazy for starting ANOTHER project when I have so many UFO’s…..tomorrow I will tackle the next round of borders on Talkin’ Turkey!)

Wherever you are, enjoy your projects!

 Don’t forget – if you are in the Mid-Atlantic area, plan to visit the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild show – 

“Peach Blossom – Quilts in the Orchard” – July 21 – 22, 2017 at: Cape Henlopen High School, Lewes, DE.


Admission:  $8 per day; $14 for 2 day pass

Free Parking  along with,

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Door Prizes too!


Quilt Show Lectures and Workshops Sign-up

Friday, July 21:

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Saturday, July 22:

11 AM ♦ Laurie Simpson, Lecture and trunk show

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To reserve a class (space is limited) contact:Ellie Hatch.

Entry fee for the lectures is $5.00 (at the door)

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When you come, be sure to look for me at the Second Time Around booth!


Two Scrappy Quilts completed

I have been in my scrappy element the last several weeks working on a variety of projects. I have been “hurrying” to get some of these projects finished, so I could move back to my Pet Mosaic project.  Ever since I saw how Carolyn’s rottweiler, Fannie-Mae turned out, I have been motivated to get back to my cat Mittens. If you haven’t seen her yet, go check her out~  Creating a dog from scratch can be Ruff

I unrolled the “portable felt design wall” and have it pinned now to my big design wall and have started numbering rows and sorting out my bins of 2″ squares in various greens, grey, black, tan, brown and white. Carolyn sent me more grey’s and blacks to use, and I went through my 2″ squares that I have “in Scrap Storage ” and pulled more there too, along with some more green.

Before I could get to this, I had to finish up Addison’s quilt; and the 2 other small quilts I have been working on.  Addison’s was finished last week – Addison’s Finished Quilt .  So this last week I finished up the Scrappy Stars Quilt.  It will be going to a Benefit Auction at the end of the week.




It finished out at a nice 52″x 52″.  I hope it brings a nice auction price to benefit our friends.

Today I wrapped up my Happy Scrappy Courthouse Steps Log Cabin Quilt.  This was a Pat Sloan Scrap Challenge. Check out her challenge here!

It is made of 1.5″ strips, except that final round on the block where I bumped it up enough to square things up.  And it is bound with scrappy binding. (Susie’s Magic Binding of course).   I always save those extra bits of binding that are leftover from my projects. I think it is a fun way to bind a scrappy project.


There is “cork” binding from Ronnie & Terry’s Wedding Wine Quilt; grey and coral from Addison’s quilt, polka dot green with purple from the Scrappy Stars quilt, a grey with burgundy from the cross banner. The only challenge is joining all those pieces and setting them out to make sure you don’t have a join at a corner!


The only “non scrappy” part of this quilt is the bird fabric on the back!  I got it on a whim when I was buying grey fabrics for Addison’s quilt, but the yellow was too much for that project, and I set it aside.  When I had the log cabin up on the design wall, those little birds called to me!

It finished out at 45×45, just perfect size for when a grandchild comes to visit!  If you click on the photo, you will see it is full of fun fabrics!


I still need to hand stitch the labels, but I declare these two “done”, and it is time to move on with the Mosaic!  That means it may be a good while before you see another “finish” post from me….

Hope you are having a great summer and staying cool where ever you are!

Scrap Happy Challenge and Addison’s Quilt

After my busy weekend last week, I thought I would share with you a little “in-between” project I have done.  I follow Pat Sloan on her blog & Facebook group, and earlier this week she linked up a pattern.  She calls it her “Scrap Happy Challenge – Courthouse steps”.   Pat Sloan’s blog post    She has made one in reds and whites that is just beautiful.  Since I am really a scrap-aholic, I decided I would just go for the “light/dark” and see how it works out.

I took my 1.5″ bin and my  2″ squares container to a “Sit ‘N Sew” that I coordinate at my church on Wednesday.  I wanted a project that had no “deadline” or pressure associated with it.  My 1.5 ” bin was overflowing, and so I got started.   I “goofed up” on round 4 & 5 and got lights where I should have had darks.  Rather than rip them all out, I went with the mistake and so half of my blocks are “opposite” of the pattern..  It is not a show quilt, so I decided to just have fun with the processes.   I also put 1 extra round of strips on, pulling from my 2.5″ bin.  The pattern was to finish the block at 8″ .  My “fat” seam allowance gave me blocks that were 7 3/4″.  So, the extra round was handy, giving me bigger blocks.  I trimmed them to 9.5″.  I ended up with 25 squares.  Put them together this afternoon, and will add it to my list of things to “finish”.  It was a nice way to reduce the amount of strips in my 1.5″ container.  (Last week I did a bunch of string blocks at our Sit’N Sew. , putting a big dent in my 2″ and 2.5″ bin).

Time now to put the scrap bins back in the cupboard. Note – My seam allowance “varied” because I sewed with 2 different machines. I have a Brother 6000i that I travel with, and a Janome 8900 at home, and it caused this “fat seam allowance”.  I knew when I switched to my home machine it would give me a tad bit of trouble, but I adapted and just kept adding strips!

Scrap Happy Challenge Courthouse Steps

I decided while I was putting this Scrap Happy Challenge together that I would keep this for a “baby” quilt at MY house, for when Addison comes to visit.  Again, MY THANKS to the givers of the scraps! Most of those great scraps came from my friends Cindy and Nancy!  Some are from quilts that I have made, and it was fun playing with and remembering fabrics & quilts.

Earlier in the week, I got busy with the backing for Addison’s quilt and came up with a plan.

I decided to use up some of the “extra fabric & extra squares” in the quilt backing.  I tripped over this pattern for Patchwork Wheel Block on a blog post called “Don’t Call Me Betsy. (Great blog by the way!) The link should take you to the tutorial.  I thought this would work perfectly for using up some of my 211 extra half square triangles I had made.  Since my HST were 5″, the blocks turned out at 18.5″.  Aren’t they FUN ???


And I had ALL this fabric left over…..

Backing thoughts

and I put it together like this:


Now, all the big blocks are sewn together.   I need to add a 5″ strip at the top and bottom, just to ensure I have plenty of length when I layer it up. (The quilt top measures out at 80×89, so I wanted the backing to be at least 90 x 100.  Knowing that some will get trimmed off made the placement of the wheel blocks important.     At our Sit’N Sew I did get the binding made. This week at our Sit ‘N Sew I will get it “layered and pin basted”.

All in all, a great week of sewing and very Scrap Happy!  Tomorrow is Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Community Sewing Day; where we work on projects for some of the charities we support. It is a great time of fellowship with the members of the guild.  Oh….did I mention that Pat Sloan is coming to speak at a local guild??  She will be speaking on July 21st in Milford Delaware at the Piecemakers Quilt Guild. A notice was sent out to one of the other guilds I belong to, and I am rounding up a couple of friends to attend this lecture.  I think the $5 “guest fee” is reasonable with a nationally known speaker.  I look forward to that event…and maybe my Scrap Happy Challenge quilt will be “close to finished” by then!

Have a great week!

On – Point and Setting Triangles

DISCLAIMER –  I am NOT an expert, merely a collector of information!  Given that, I wanted to share with you some resources so when you get ready to set a quilt ON-POINT, you are not running scared!  I decided to share on the blog today, information I had shared in a reply to a follower about her own project.  I realised the reply was so long it was worthy of a blog post.

I am working on my 3rd “on point” quilt.  The Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville Winter Mystery 2015 – Allietare is set on point.  Bonnie very kindly did all the “math” and provided us cutting information for the corner triangles and the setting triangles in the final “clue” of the pattern . Quick – go look at this pattern and mystery before it is gone!  (If this link is broken – it is because the pattern comes off of Bonnie’s blog on Feb 1, 2016.)

You have “seen” this photo before I believe (NO, I am NOT finished) – (Look at the quilt on the right – not the cabinet)  Notion etc go in this reclaimed cupboard

Note – my rows are in progress and I will be trimming off the white “overlap” even with the outer edge of the burgundy triangle.

When my fellow blogger, Judy, commented about how she was setting her current project and asked me “technical” questions, I went back to my favorite source for information – Bonnie’s Tips and Techniques Tab  .  I scrolled down through her numerous tips until I got to this  great chart and tutorial –– She has such great info.  You can follow along with her discussion and get to the hard “math” stuff, and then go to the chart.

To back track a little, the quilt I am currently working on (Allietare Mystery Quilt)  has set in triangles/corners, and my experience in the past was to STARCH the SQUARE HEAVILY before I cut it in quarters or halves. This will really help as you can experience all kinds of stretch with those bias edges along the outer edge.  STARCH is your best friend when dealing with triangles I believe.

Bonnie also tells you what to do if you “sash” a quilt on point.  I used that info when I worked on the quilt for our outgoing president of the quilt guild. Sashing and on point example.

Quilt Top for Outgoing President

Quilt Top for Outgoing President


There is also an app for your cell phone from Robert Kaufman Fabrics/Quilters Paradise. It is a free app. They have a set-in and corner triangle calculator.  Quilting Calculator App  (Go to this link for more information about the FREE app for Android & I-phones).  I use that app alot when I am out shopping; when I am working in my sewing room trying to figure out how many 3.5″ squares I can get from a fat quarter etc.  Very useful!!

I like to “compare” the two – Kaufmann App and  Bonnie Hunter’s chart.  It gives me CONFIDENCE that I am doing it correctly.

My very first quilt on point was from a class I took at Serendipity Quilt Shop, and we were following the pattern information in Pat Sloan’s “I Can’t Believe I’m Quilting” book.  (Oh, yes – this quilt is still a UFO….January 2013….partially quilted).  That book also had great “ON POINT” information.

Pattern by Pat Sloan - Get to the point

Pattern by Pat Sloan – Get to the point


Another quilter I follow, you may be familiar with Aunt Marti – 52 quilts (remember Susies Magic Binding ?) recently had a timely post on setting triangles and on point calculations – .   In her blog post she said ” I love Marti Mitchell’s templates and rulers. The Diagonal Set Triangle ruler #8968 can be used for both corner triangles and setting triangles.”  Do go read her post and why she loves that ruler.  (Hint – NO BIAS).

Of course, just about every QUILTING 101 book has setting triangle information.  I have to be able to follow the directions, so pick the one that you can most easily understand, and stick with it.  As I said, I am NOT an expert...but I sure to like the way an on-point looks.  Oh; one last hint.  Recently I read that you will be MUCH happier if you run some “stay stitching” around the outside (seam allowance) edge of your quilt with setting triangles before you start pinning on borders. If you had a serger that would work well, otherside just a zig zag or even a straight stitch would help .  🙂

So, there you are, my wealth of information collection is yours for the keeping.

My Little Blue Bird – FINISH

I love to finish a project!  Ok, well, once the binding is finished I call it done.  I did add a hanging sleeve to this project and will hand stitch the bottom of it down and put a label on, soon.  But for now, it is FINISHED!

The pattern is by Pat Sloan, & if you are new to my blog,  I wrote about it on previous blog posts  Bluebirds and Christmas Quilt Along  and on  Wild and Free Bluebirds .   Here is a look at the project !

Start date – November 10, 2015; Finish date – December 16, 2015.

The first photo was taken after 10 pm, and the light was not good.  I may have to put a brighter photo up when the sun eventually comes out next year! We are having a drizzly day again!

Some of the photo’s from the beginning of the project have much better colors.

My Little Blue Bird complete

Here is a quick peak at the binding – and it does show the colors better in the light of this photo –

Binding the Blue bird

My Little Blue Bird

My Little Blue Bird – work in progress

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Pat Sloan, it is worth every minute of your time and the fee for the class. I love her new book “Teach me to Applique”.  The techniques we learned and did in the class are given in great detail in her book. Consider buying the book directly from the author on her website –Link to Pat’s book  . You get a signed copy if you do that!!

Yes, I will make more applique, and follow her methods.

CLUE Completed and Table Runner too

Feeling quite productive for the middle of the week!  All of my little half-square triangles for Clue # 1 of the Quiltville Winter Mystery, 2015! Allietare! are complete, trimmed and assembled into happy little groups of 10.  Last post you may remember I discussed my “need to practice” with the specialty ruler to get the precise block needed.  Along the way reading other posts, I discovered some folks adding 1/2″ to initial size and then trimming off enough to get the “right sized block”.  The “easy angle ruler” and I are still not great friends.  I did put my single needle plate on my machine to eliminate some of the “chewing of fabric” problem I was having.  That helped.  And, for the last 50 I needed to make, I did up the strip size by 1/2″. They were “much easier” to sew.  I did like the “no lines” approach to using this ruler, cutting through 4 layers of fabric at once to get the required triangles, and not having to “worry about a scant” quarter inch.  I had “room to trim” and that was just fine with me.  Clue # 1

Once I had all my HST units trimmed down, I felt free to work on other projects.  I layered up, and had help “pin basting” the project from Pat Sloan’s class last month.  A friend came over and did most of the pinning while I “cleared the table” of my piles of stuff.  Oh gosh the sewing room has gotten out of control.  She had 2 big quilts to pin baste, and my 4 x 8 table comes in handy.

After we worked on her projects for a couple of hours, I decided I would work on finishing the mystery/Quilt – along project I had in progress.  The pattern was from the blog “From My Carolina Home” and was a scrap buster.  My friend recognized her “bird” fabric in the project.  I love when my friends gift me their treasures. I decided to go for the “table runner” and made 5 of the blocks.  I had a terrible time figuring out what to use for the border and finally settled on red with little white stars.

Table Runner

The project is 98% from the scrap storage boxes.  I only pulled some neutrals out of the fat quarter stash and the border from yardage stash. I think the back will be from the same red as the border.   (Don’t tell, but I have “covered that table again” with my stash storage boxes!)  Tomorrow, I will clear the table again and get the table runner layered up for quilting.    Friday a “new clue” comes out from Bonnie Hunter – Clue # 2 of the Quiltville Winter Mystery, 2015! Allietare!


Links to Quiltville –

Link to From My Carolina Home blog – Christmas Quilt Along



Bluebirds and Christmas Quilt Along

Yesterday the directions for Step 3 of the From My Carolina Home  – Christmas 2015 Quilt Along came out.  You can find Step 3 here:   Christmas Table Topper .

While I “thought” I was ready, I soon discovered I was not.  Turns out, I had pulled the WRONG SIZE pieces of red from my scrap storage.  So, I gathered up those 3″ red squares, and stored them back in the Scrap Storage bins, and searched among the 2.5″ bins for enough “red”.  Then I dug deep into the overflowing baskets under the ironing board and managed to again pull out just what I needed. A little starch, a bit of time with the iron, and off to the cutting mat and onto sewing!  Thanks again to my friend Cindy & Nancy and many others for their scrap contributions!!  Check out these pieces!!Part 1 of Step three  (note – in an effort to “save space” here on WordPress, I am linking some of my photo’s back to FLIKR.  Let me know if this is driving you nuts, or works out ok please!)

Then it was on to Part 2 of Step 3….well…..again, I was not ready.  I guess I just failed to ready the directions fully, and I had to get busy and make more 1/2 square triangle brown and neutral blocks….like 40 more.  So, I got busy and did a little more marking, stitching, cutting, pressing, trimming and sewing and now the Part 2 of Step 3 is complete. Check out those pieces!  Step 3 fabrics from the scrap basket   I’ll tell you what, I hope I do better reading the instructions for Bonnie Hunter’s  Allitare Winter Mystery Quilt 2015 which comes out on Friday morning next week!!!

With this Christmas 2015 Quilt Along, I am to wait until Friday for the assembly instructions, but I did “look ahead” and am contemplating some assembly between now & then, just to move the project along.  While I am contemplating, I am rethinking my “scrappy” decision on the project, but it will be what it is!

While I ponder, I went ahead and got the last of the applique elements ready and fused to my Little Bluebird pattern by Pat Sloan.  I am quite happy with the outcome and anxious to get the red and green thread out to do the final applique stitching on the vines, the berries and the hearts. I love the cottage look it lends and have loved every step in the process.   Already as I look at it, I am thinking ahead to the binding ….and trying to decide how I will do it.  While I get it layered up for quilting, I am going to contemplate what color and what method to use in the binding.    I have a large piece of the “vine fabric” ready to cut on the bias, which will make a nice binding and give a bit of contrast. I also have plenty of the outer border fabric and that wonderful stripe that is the inner border. Oh, the decisions!!!  Never mind the quilting….my brain did a speed up and I skipped right over that process.


My Little Blue Bird

My Little Blue Bird


I have never been a “cheddar” fan, but I really like the way it works in this pattern.  I loved making this, and I am already thinking ahead to that backing we made in class and get on with Ma-Ma’s Flower Garden.  Oh, the fun.  (I say that as I think of the Christmas things I keep sliding to the back burner).

All in all a good Saturday of sewing!  What are you working on?