Just a border or 2

Just a few days ago I reported I had 30 blocks made and was starting to sash them. Well, we had a power outage right after that, so what was I to do….left and went shopping for more fabric…but that’s another story for another day.

With power restored, I worked on the Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge stars yesterday and today.

I have sashed all my blocks and put them together.  Now it is time to think about a border or 2.  What would you do??  Remember now, everything came from the scrap basket except 2 fat quarters of a neutral that I needed for the contrast on the star points. Even the posts came from the scrap baskets. I admit,  I pulled 1 yard of black for the sashing from my stash.  The sashing and posts are not part of Pat Sloans Pattern for the Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge stars. (Click here for the pattern:  Little Wishes pattern  ).    They are my “contribution to the creative endeavor”!  The sashing and posts are cut at 1.5″, finish at 1″.

Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge 68.5" x 78"

Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge 68.5″ x 78″

I give hubby all the credit for the sashing. He said it frames the block better, and with the narrow sashing, you still see the secondary pattern of the 4 patches and diamonds coming together.

I really liked this challenge, because it made cleaning up the scraps feel like I had a purpose. Now, I must admit…there are still more in the basket and they need to be dealt with! But, not tonight!  Ocean Waves Quilt Guild meeting in the morning, and my Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge is going for show & tell!  Maybe my guild buddies will give me some border suggestions…and no, it can’t be more black, all I have left is a 6″ x 40″ scrap….  Thanks Pat Sloan for the great challenge!  I had fun!


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