Fun with kids and a final finish

Had some fun this week with a grandchild. My very youngest granddaughter  (age 4)  and her mom invited me for a bike ride around our favorite trail. The weather was perfect for getting out and getting some fresh air.  The state parks require you to still bring a mask and wear it whenever you are near other park users.  It gets a little tricky to pull the mask up over your mouth and nose when riding, but we managed. Sadly, not another person we saw had masks, around their neck, on their face at all. The park has big signs when you enter, but virtually ignored. We try to do the right thing, and that’s the best we can do.  My daughter and I feel like we don’t want to hear about people complaining about those “bike riders”, so we follow the rules.  Anyway, we had a great mid day ride, and then treated ourselves to a “take out lunch”.

a little exercise

Our take out lunch was from a little restaurant downtown (Cafe on the Circle, Georgetown DE). I phoned ahead and ordered the special for the day. It was a wonderful grilled chicken with avocado, bacon and ranch on a soft kaiser roll. My daughter chose potato salad and I chose coleslaw. The sides were both delicious. The Cafe on the Circle has lovely outdoor seating behind the restaurant.  Highly recommend if you are looking for a take out lunch. I’m planning to pick up lunch again later this week. (We have only done take out twice since March, and I am SO ready to not be cooking every day!) 

After lunch, my granddaughter and I went up to my sewing room to see about repairs to a much loved “unicorn backpack”.  It seems that the poor unicorn had lost a leg, in what her mother referred to as a “shark attack”. (Kid shark, baby shark, doggie shark???) The bag also had a critical “loop” come undone that helped hold the straps in place.  My granddaughter helped me with the sewing while her mommy took pictures. 

Sewing with a 4 year old

  It only took me two tries to get it right….Goofy Moofie!  I forgot the first time thru to loop the plastic bit over the strap, so we did a little unsewing and re-sewing. She loved the pink thread I used to close up the lining.  I did do a little reinforcement stitching on the other straps attachments. (Makes you wonder why they weren’t tacked down better!)

Then, we had to figure out what to do for the poor unicorn who had lost it’s leg in that “shark attack”.  Did we want to make a new leg, remove the remaining leg, or perhaps we could learn about differently abled bodied unicorns…..Mommy and child discussed and we repaired where the leg had come off, and she has a great tale to tell of her one legged unicorn!

A little hand sewing

We learned how to use a needle threader and she and I stitched together, sewing up the wounded parts, just like a doctor would. Four years old and wanting to sew. Those little fingers did a great job holding on to the needle and thread. She got the concept pretty quickly of pushing the needle through. 

All and all a great kind of Stitching Grandma day!  (Don’t judge the messy sewing room….)

Finished the binding on Mama’s Garden and hand stitched the label and hanging sleeve too! I did the “binding with the flange” also known as Susie’s Magic Binding.  

Binding on Mama's Garden

Just love the way that little pop of color looks.  

mama's garden completed

Mama’s Garden is officially complete!

  Just in time to take to the Material Girls Quilt bee on Wednesday morning!  We are having an “outside” / “in the garage in case of rain” quilt bee with appropriate social distancing and wearing our wonderful hand made masks!  It will be fun to have “something finished” to show !  It will be nice to catch up in person with conversations, and see how others are coping. 

It is fun teaching a young person to do something you love!  Last week I babysat and taught two grandchildren how to play backgammon. (They both beat me!).  A year and a half ago I taught my husband to play while we were on a cruise.  I love the game, and it is very fun to play.  Next time I play with the grandkids, I am not going to give them all my “favorite moves”….but while they were learning the ins and outs, they learned all my secrets!

We are keeping our family circles pretty tight for a while, when things are starting to “open back up”.  None of us want to be the guinea pig for the COVID-19 virus, so we are taking steps to ease back into community life very carefully, and not put the rest of the family at unnecessary risk. This way, we can spend time together, which we desperately missed in the months of March, April and May.  We are “bouncing contact situations” off of each other to make certain none of us do anything the others are not comfortable with. It is MUCH more fun to see them in person than over a video chat!  Social distancing from friends is not fun, but as long as we can see “each other” in the family, it is tolerable.  We will “avoid” restaurants and hair salons, and such for just a little longer to see how the area responds to things opening up. My enjoyment of food is getting kicked up a notch with the take out lunch following the bike ride, and family dinner with pizza made by someone else, and NOT out of the freezer!!!  

 How are you doing with the “distancing”??  Have you had any fun with a project lately?  Taught a youngster a thing or two??  


9 thoughts on “Fun with kids and a final finish

  1. I’m not sure it gets any better than sharing a passion with a grandchild. Lucky woman. 🙂 The finished quilt is truly beautiful. 👏🏻 I wanted to move a small wall hanging from one room to another but it needed a different binding to blend in. I took the old binding off yesterday, and I hope to get the new one on today. Happy sewing and riding, Mary.

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  2. I am starting to very carefully do a bit more too, like lunch outside. I don’t want to be the test case either, this thing is still too risky. But I think there are some places that are doing enough to make it safe enough for two to have a meal on a patio. It is great to have someone else cook!!

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  3. She gets more adorable each time I see a photo of her. I am so glad you get to spend time with your grandkids and your girls too.
    We are a lot further along to being totally open here believe it or not. Almost all the stores have plexiglass protecting cashiers and I would say 3/4ths of the people have stopped wearing masks but almost everyone is distancing.
    And of course, your quilt is drop dead gorgeous.

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  4. Both my 4 and 5 year old granddaughters have asked me to teach them to see. I feel they are still a little young for the sewing machine but am going to try some hand stitching with them. On the quilt front, I am finishing up a Texas Flag quilt for my soon to be 7 year old grandson for his birthday. The design is pretty simple. But that pesky 5 pointed star is giving me a hard time. I have made it three times and still not completely satisfied!

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    • My 7 year old granddaughter sewed “in my lap” when she was 5. I slowed the machine down and we made a simple throw pillow. I have a friend with a special needs grandson who learned to sew at school in 2nd grade, and they started with an unthreaded needle sewing on lined paper. Are you appliquing the star?? I hope you get it to a point where you are satisfied. I bet he will be thrilled!


      • The first one I made I started with a large star I cut out and machine appliqued. I was not satisfied with the appliqué. The second one I made a pattern and pieced both the star and blue background. The points of the star were terrible. The third time I pieced just the star and hand appliqued it to the navy background. This turned out much better. It is still not perfect, but I decided a little character is a good thing!

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