When I retired I decided I would  spend my free time sewing and travelling.  I started making quilts in 2008, and since then, have made quite a few.  I also enjoy sewing for my grandchildren. I’ve made them puppets, aprons, quilts, sun dresses’, and even an apron for a dolly.  I’ve  coordinated our church’s senior quilt project for several years.  I like to travel, so sometimes my posts will highlight some of those travel adventures.


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  1. I am looking for the fabric to make the matchbox car playmat. I made two many years ago but cannot find the fabric-it was at wal mart but hasn’t been for years. Any ideas?


  2. Hi love your blog! I’m looking for flats panels, too. Can you let me know which shop still has some panels. I’ve searched for them for weeks.


    • Thanks for popping in LuAnn & your nice comment. I just “happened” across these panels; bought all 6 that were available and sold 5 to my friends. Sorry. I’ve chatted with Angela Yolston and Moda is not printing them anymore. I just kept googling and found these in the midwest. Keep trying. Some little obscure fabric store may have them. I googled MODA PANELS; FLAT PANELS; and just got lucky. I have been trying for a year to get them. Once I got them, I discovered I didn’t NEED her panel after I made the first 2. I made a template out of cardboard for each doll & hair, and that was that. I will keep on making them using muslin or other neutral fabric. Honestly; if you find a DOLL outline; you can do this without her panels. I have a pinterest board with TONS of paperdoll stuff—http://www.pinterest.com/marydeeter/fabric-paper-dolls/


  3. Hi, My name is Michel Carchano and I inherited a sew-gem rotary 215 from my mother. Unfortunately my father took the motor and a few other parts off the machine for another project and never put the machine back together or stored the parts in a place where I can find them. When I was 11 years old ( I’m 59 ) now, I got into sewing leather pouches and misc other stuff including a pair of corduroy pants for my baby sister, anyway I would like to put the machine back into working order and I need a source for parts. The machine is installed in a 8 drawer desk cabinet with fold out top panels. The cabinet is in very good condition, just needs to be refinished, any help in locating parts, repair manuals and such would be Greatly appreciated. Thank you


    • Jan – I find quilting to be an interesting hobby. When my hubby gifted me a sewing machine about 8 years ago, all I had ever made was curtains and kids sun dresses back in the 80’s. I knew how to “operate” the machine, because it came with an instruction manual, but that was it. I got interested when a grandchild came along and with the help of the internet, blogs, you-tube etc, I got started. My love of fabric is what keeps me going, and the skills come with practice. I have a couple of friends who have guided me along the way when I was getting started to, and encouraged me when I got frustrated. I found classes at the local quilt shop that reinforced those lessons from 7th grade home-ec, but in a much nicer manner! Those pillowcases your friends make are really really simple and would be something fun to try, with a willing teacher at your side. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to pop in and read my blog. Come back again!


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