Step 1 and 2 completed of the Scrap Dance

Do you remember that I mentioned last week (…ry-quilt-along/     )  that I was participating in the Scrap Dance Quilt Along being run by  ?   I decided to start tackling my basket of scraps, and do a little clean up after piecing my Quilts of Valor top.

So; I printed out the directions; and decided to go with the baby sized quilt. I have enough scraps for 2 king size I am sure, but I don’t have much time to work on any big projects right now. So, the small size will have to do….and if I have a spare moment, maybe a table topper.

For Step 1 I needed to cut 85 – 2.5″ scrappy squares; 36 – 3″ scrappy squares from the scrap basket. Barely made a dent!  I also needed 68 – 2.5 ” background fabric squares and 36 -3 inch background fabric squares. Had to pull out a couple of fat quarters to get a neutral background. No scraps for that job.    I assembled those 36 – 3″ squares into half square triangles and got them ready.  Now, the lazy side of me only trimmed down 20 of the 72 half square triangles so I could assemble Step 2.

Step 2 required you to put together 3 of the 2.5″ background along with 2 of the half square triangles into a “row”.  I wanted to say it was a block, but it looks like a row to me.

Part of the Quilt Along has you put your photo’s up on Flickr.   I went ahead and requested to “join the group”. In the time being, until I am approved to join that group,  I thought I would share with you what I have so far –

Assorted scraps cut in required sizes

Assorted scraps cut in required sizes 2.5″ and 3″ blocks

Half square triangles, ready to trim

Half square triangles, ready to trim

What is so much fun with this is that most of the fabrics in this scrap group (except the fish) have come from my friends. Things they just could not see a good use for!  Love FREE fabric!!! Thanks Nancy & Cindy!!  :)  I know you will recognize your contributions.

the 10 finished "rows" for step 2.

the 10 finished “rows” for step 2.

I managed to get some of the scraps under control, but sadly this only made a slight dent in the top of the basket. I chose the Baby Quilt size because I thought it would be a fun project to work on “in between” my bigger projects. Tomorrow, I swear, I need to make a list and write down some deadlines! I have enough scraps to make a king size, but not the time to commit to a big new project! So, baby quilt size for now, and the extra blocks I cut (ABOUT 100 – 3″) will go in the “scrap storage containment boxes by their size. I still have my eyes open for a piece that will round out one of my hexi diamonds I am short 2 units for. A little clean up is good for the creativity….not too mired down in the stuff! There won’t be another post on this project until May, but if you want more info; there is a button on the side of my blog to take you right to the Scrap Quilt Along From My Carolina Home blog.
Hope you are having a bright sunny day like me! Time to get dinner going! Bye for now!

Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along Updated

Ok…like I don’t already have enough to do…..but really…this kind of thing is just my speed…once a month.

Carole from the blog “From My Carolina Home” is sharing a project that is a “scrap buster”.   She posted about it in March, and I looked at it and thought…no time ….no time… Today, she released the directions for Step 2, and I was hooked.  I know, there are all these blocks of the month, and patterns I have saved etc…but I like this one…so here I go to play along with Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along.  This is what happens to me and why I have SO many projects going…oh look…fabric…shiny …ooooh  !!!!  I like to get distracted by a new project.

I won’t tell you what size, but I will tell you that today, I will go out, clean up the scraps from my last project (QOV) and all those other scraps that are piled on the back of the cutting table and on the little skinny table in the center of the room.  My friends KNOW that I love scraps and have gifted me several bundles that are now needing to be put to use and under control.  I think I will tackle one piece at a time. Press it, cut it; store it / add it to the “SCRAP DANCE MYSTERY QUILT ALONG.   It is NOT too late to start, step one & step two are posted, and I think I can “catch up” today and tomorrow, then I won’t worry about it again until MAY.  (While I press and sort & cut I am keeping my eyes open for possible “hexi” pieces…I am short a couple of hexi’s on one of my “rounds” of double diamonds and am on the lookout for a particular scrap!)

If you want to play to – go check out

I put a button on the side of my wall to her Scrap Dance Quilt Along too.   The button and the link above will take you to the “intro – part one”.  Today’s post was step two –

Now, don’t tell anybody…I have dishes to wash, taxes to do, etc.  But…the clean up of the sewing room needs to be done before I can carry on QUILTING those 2 Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery Quilts AND my Quilts of Valor top that are waiting.  I might even break the vacuum out and clean up the threads and bits on the floor….you know it is SPRING and time to clean up a bit.   Hope you are inspired to play with your scraps a little too.

Oh the scraps to be tamed!!

Oh the scraps to be tamed!!

Shhh…..don’t tell; I spent 3 hours working on the scraps. but now it is time to get on with the family life…the dreaded trip to the warehouse store for groceries.

But I DID get something done……

the 2.5" light squares to go in the house for hexi's

the 2.5″ light squares to go in the house for hexi’s

the basket that awaits taming

the basket that awaits taming



the tamed blocks - 2.5" and 3 "

the tamed blocks – 2.5″ and 3 “

QOV Top finished and embroidery machine fights

I have finished my QOV top.  I worked on it yesterday and today.  I had taken a little break over the weekend and played with my embroidery machine.  I did a little stitching on some wonderful cotton dish towels. The first 2 designs drove me batty. Broken needles, jammed threads etc.  The last 3…easy as pie.  I think the first two were so thread heavy; that my little machine went on strike.  The very last one…the blue chicken looking creature was a pain in my neck too.  Note to self….stick to the lower stitch counts.  All in all I am pleased.  Have 4 gifts “in the bag” for future gifting.

On Tuesday afternoon I decided to get busy and finish the QOV.  I had about 6 sections to connect and then it was time for borders.  I deviated a bit from the original pattern by putting on a piano key border and adding Ohio Stars for cornerstones.  Bonnie Hunter, the pattern designer used a neutral center block in the stars, and I used gold.  I also added gold sashing where she had white in the pattern.  I just like to give my own “spin” on things.  Truth be told, I didn’t have enough yardage left to make a solid border in just one color, so the piano keys were born.   Did I mention that I “over did it” when I was making those “rail blocks”.  Miss read the instructions and made 70 instead of 40.  So; I just added another strip of neutral and the piano keys went together very quickly! Of course, I had to build 4 more of those star blocks with those fun star points. But, by this time I have turned into a bit of an expert!

QOV top complete

QOV top complete

Finished top is 69″ x 69″.

For the backing, I decided I would USE what I have for the back of the quilt!  Before I started making the backing; I made my binding!! (Sorry, no picture until it goes on the quilt…you have seen it before!)    I used the same blue as in the stars, and did “Susies Magic Binding” with a gold flange.  Once that was done,  I made a scrappy pieced backing; starting with the larger pieces of left over fabric and working in the strips and leftover bits and pieces.

Now all that is left to do is get it layered up and ready to quilt.  (Oh and fill out the entry forms for the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild show…and make a label….and a presentation case……yikes).

Time to call it a night…..I will be dreaming of stars tonight.

note: Pattern – Ohio Stars and Rails by Bonnie Hunter – (with minor modification)

Quilt show – Ocean Waves Quilt Guild, Lewes DE; July 17 & 18  – details here –

Thursday Door, Apr 2, 2015

Thought I would share a door from a trip to Florence Italy, 2003.  I had a lot of “doors” in my photo collection, but many of them were filled with friends posing etc.  While not a perfect shot by any means, it is still a very grand door!  Love the little cherub!  He looks like the only thing holding him is the green ribbon!  All these years later, I don’t recall the name of the building in Florence. What I do recall is that many doors were tall and lovely like this one.

Florence Italy 2003

Florence Italy 2003

If you have a great door in a photo, why not share it today.  Tag with Thursday Door.  More info on the Thursday Door photo challeng at the link below –

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Thanks Judy for sharing the Thursday door fun! Judy’s photo can be found here:

Palm Sunday Message 2015


Beautiful message about Palm Sunday and the coming Holy week.

Originally posted on lucindalines:

Message for Sunday, March 29, 2015. Scriptures used were Mark 11:1-11 andIsaiah 50:4-9a. The title was “Enter the King??”

I have a few questions for you that you don’t really have to answer, you can if you want, but mainly I want you to think about these things. Have you ever been at a funeral or the family service before a funeral and seen members of the family laughing, and you wondered what was going on? What about being at a big celebration like a family reunion, a wedding or a birthday and seen people crying? I do some of the most crying at so called “happy” events. I probably cry more at sporting events, or major “once in-a-life-time” things than during what should be really sad times.

I thought the term for that was Pathos, but when I looked it up, I saw that the meaning is about arousing…

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41 stars complete

Got to sew this afternoon after church, and knocked out those last 21 stars. The quarter-square triangles were all made yesterday, some just needed a little sliver trimming.

My favorite method for making half square triangles and quarter square triangles is using my June Tailor Perfect half Square & Quarter Square Triangles ruler. (
There is a great video on the June tailor website showing how to use this ruler –

I’ve tried lots of methods, including the ez-angle ruler that Bonnie Hunter likes where you are cutting your strip and then triangles, but I dislike sewing on the bias and I have my best results with this ruler. I like that I can square up at the end using the slots built into the ruler. No slipping and sliding, perfect cuts.

This pattern called for 164 quarter square triangles.

This pattern called for 164 quarter square triangles.

all that remains after you trim

all that remains after you trim


Time to assemble the final 21

Time to assemble the final 21

These are up on the design wall; ready to assemble once I get finished re-arranging the rails blocks. Some of the neutrals are a little darker, and I want to get a nice balance.

All the blocks are made! I am ready to assemble after I mover them around a bit on the design wall.

All the blocks are made! I am ready to assemble after I move them around a bit on the design wall.

I look forward to getting a few rows put together in the morning.  This quilt pattern indicates that  with borders, the top  should finish at 69×69.  The Quilts of Valor Foundation recommends minimum size 55×65; maximum 72×90. While it should fit the requirements at 69×69, I am tempted to add another row or two in length…..I will have to think about that!  I have PLENTY of rail blocks made….it would mean making more stars. Don’t you think longer is always better??

Notes – This pattern is called Ohio Stars and Rails, by Bonnie Hunter.  The fabric is Primitive Gatherings by Moda Fabrics.    If you are looking for the pattern, check Bonnie’s free pattern tab on her blog; .

This quilt will be entered as a challenge quilt in the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show on July 17 & 18, 2015 in Lewes Delaware, and then donated after the show to Quilts of Valor Foundation.  For show info, check this website:

Stars -19 down; 21 to go

I am nearly half-way done with my star blocks for the Ohio Star and Rails quilt I am working on.  I spent the better part of the day (noon-7 pm) working on the blocks.  I thought I was really pushing them out, but gosh, they are SLOW.

It is those star points that take SO much time.

half square and quarter square triangle blocks

half square and quarter square triangle blocks

The blocks are a process. First a 3 1/2″ block; then they get marked and stitched for a half-square triangle, then cut and pressed open. Then layer an opposing one on top, and mark and stitch again, cut and press open. Then back to the cutting board to trim them to the perfect 2.5″ block. Every star block gets 4 of them. So, if I have 21 star blocks to make; I need to have 84 more ! I CAN do this!! Putting the block together is simple once the star points are built!

Trimmed and ready to sew

Trimmed and ready to sew

So, the shape of the quilt is coming along. I just have to get it up on the wall to look at and remind me that I am getting close. Glad I made all those rail blocks last week.

Sampling of the layout.

Sampling of the layout.

I know, there are a couple of rails turned in the “wrong direction” but they aren’t in the “final setting” yet.

note: Pattern designed by Bonnie Hunter – Ohio Star and Rails. Source:
My project is for Quilts of Valor challenge, Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show; Lewes Delaware on July 17 & 18, 2015
– Check it out:

More tomorrow! Have fun with your projects.