Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Are you doing it ??

Are there any Bonnie Hunter fans amongst the readers of this blog? Are you following her on her blog on Quiltville or Facebook ?   I have to admit that I am!  Having done one of her quilts “Jared takes a Wife” as a wedding gift last year, I am hooked on her scrappy quilts.  She offers lots of free pattern on her blog.

Bonnie Hunter is well-known for offering a Mystery Quilt every year, around Thanksgiving (US) weekend and her color plan and yardage amounts  have just been released.

Bonnie has a group on Facebook – called  Quiltville Open Studio where the excitement is building –!/groups/291023511046957/

She has links to her blog – with all the details.

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Fabrics

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Fabrics

What is fun is she has used “paint chips” to show the colors.  I did my best with the colors as they appeared on the computer screen and when I printed out the directions.  Since there will not be any cutting until November 28, I have time to pick up the required paint chips and verify my color selections and buy more YELLOW.  I also need to stock up on some black…but I think if I finish a project before the cutting begins, I will have some left over from my “Summer in the Park” quilt.

This mystery will run for about 6 weeks, and Bonnie Hunter releases a new clue every Friday until concluded.  The pattern instructions will stay on her website for 6 months, and then retired for inclusion in an upcoming book.  I saved all the instructions for the Celtic Solstice pattern last year, but did not allow myself the time to work on it.  I have hopes in the future pull the fabrics and to do it.

Sew…….that was what I played with yesterday!!!  Now, on to make those throw pillows, and cut 2″ squares for a landscape class and then maybe dig out the “summer in the park” and put the last 2 borders on.  Oh…hey, I cleaned up and put away all the extraneous fabric that was all over the sewing room yesterday….now if the vacuum fairy would visit, the place would be suitable for visitors…..maybe the hubby will come up and play with his trains while I work today!

(Please disregard that crab which is peaking above the stack of fabric who still needs borders and binding…maybe I will get around to that today or tomorrow….)

Happy stitching!

Secret Project and Special Project

Wow, I can not believe it is nearly the middle of October.  I have had such a busy time, and done just a bit of sewing.

I can’t share my secret project  specifics or photos with you yet, but let me tell you…I had fun working on it.  I was approached by a fellow blogger to work on something together.  We cut 2.5″ strips of a certain color, and we each mailed strips!  How fun is it to open the mail knowing there is beautiful fabric inside.

My fellow blogger had a plan and sent me the pattern and with our combined strips, we made our blocks.  I made 15 blocks (14.5″ finished block) and she did 21.  Our original plan was to do 15 each, but the layout was not working.  She had put her 15 blocks in the mail to me, and when I said it would look better with 36 blocks, she agreed. So she quickly assembled 6 more.  Funny thing was both packages arrived the same day.  I could have done more, but I was a little busy with the grandkids.

More about them in a minute…..  This weekend I put the blocks up on the design wall and through the instant sharing ability we have on Facebook we talked through some “re-arranging”, and agreed on the pattern layout. I started on Friday afternoon and finished up on Saturday afternoon putting the blocks together and getting the quilt top ready to go. I will send it back to her on Thursday (after I show it off to my quilt bee friends – The Material Girls).  My blogging friend is going to decide on any borders and then do the long arm quilting on it.  We have a specific deadline we would like to meet.  I have enough 2.5″ strips of a particular color (NO, I am not telling until it is delivered….) to make 4 more 14.5 blocks…to match the quilt.  I will turn them into throw pillows.  Trust me it will be beautiful.  Once the quilt is gifted, then I will share some photos. :)

So, now…why was I busy and not doing a lot of sewing?  Well, the grandchildren brought their parents for a visit. They live in Africa and I have been without any grandkids hugs for over a year!  It was a wonderful visit. It was also fun to see my daughter and her husband.

We made the rounds of the local library, park, Oktoberfest, beach and boardwalk, bookstores etc. An “official hair salon” event for a certain 4-year-old resulted in a lovely haircut and “polish” on her nails. A first for her and so exciting to watch her expressions as it was happening.  What fun digging in the sand for pirate treasures with a 6-year-old.  The joy of watching a 2-year-old wiggle toes in the sand was also something to watch. Grandma had to indulge in small beach shovels.  At home they are not permitted to dig in the dirt because of sanitary reasons. So, you can imagine the joy.  It was fun to take them to the edge of the water and watch their faces as the water came close to their bare little feet. Too cold for swimming or getting wet, but wonderful fall weather at the beach.

I have so much fun when my daughter visits or I visit her. She is a great cook, and loves to indulge me with her help and recipes. We enjoyed lots of favorite foods that they are just unable to get where they live currently. The cold weather veggies like  and Brussel sprouts and mushrooms were on the menu here.

We did a special project while they were here visiting.  My 6-year-old grandson has noticed the extreme poverty in the country they reside in. He wanted to do something to help the kids. His family came up with an idea and this is what happened.

We set up a suitcase at our church on 2 Sundays.  The response was incredible.  (Notice the African Wax Fabric for the display board & table cover….)  We collected donated school supplies from members of our church and other friends.

Project fill the School case

Project fill the School case

When all was sorted – it looked like this:


Sorting the supplies

Sorting the supplies

and this:

114 spiral notebooks and construction paper

114 spiral notebooks and construction paper

There were watercolor paint boxes, scissors, colored chalk, little pencil sharpeners, pens and markers, and notebooks and construction paper.  There were 114 spiral notebooks, 227 erasers, 583 pencils and 49 pencil sharpeners!  For families who earn so little, this will be a huge gift in helping their children with their schooling.  It also show what can be done by a few to make a difference.  Those who donated and those who will receive will know that Jesus Christ is at work among them.  What generous spirit the people of Reformation Lutheran Church, in Milford Delaware had.  They donated cash as well, and 2 suitcases were purchased, and 2 more large ones were donated.  My son-in-law packed and repacked until each suitcase weighed the proper amount, and actually put a small case inside a larger empty case. They will visit other family on the west coast and do another school supply drive there too. They will take all these suitcases home to Africa with them when they return at the end of the month.

So, that is what I have been up to! Secret projects and special projects.

What about you?  How goes the quilting?


African Wax Fabric

My lovely daughter gifted me with 4 pieces of beautiful fabric at Christmas time.  I am still just admiring the colors and prints, and have not come up with a project. We are entertaining the idea of covering the dining room chairs with the fabric.

I recently bought 4 ” thick cushion and plan to do box edges for the 6  chairs.  Hubby would prefer matching fabric on all six, and dear daughter has offered to shop again for the right number of yards.  I am figuring a yard per chair; because of the depth of the cushions and boxing the cushion as opposed to just soft wrapping it.  So, dear daughter, find me 6 yards of any print, all the same fabric….yellows, greens, blues, purples…..geometric or floral.  (The florals in the 1st 2 pictures I just LOVE!!!).

If the floral is really large, you have to find a centerpoint and that takes MORE fabric.  The “weighter” the feel, the better I think.  The orange and blue at the bottom has a really light feel, and I don’t think it would wear well on the chairs, but I am considering a skirt out of it!  These big pieces will make nice backs for quilts too I think.  Or aprons……Or pillows………..  I just love them all and can’t decide what to do with them yet. So, they will sit on the shelf with my “stash of fabric” and I get to touch them every day!


3 7/8ths yard



1 7/8 yards


5 yards



5 7/8ths yards

Happy stitching!

Wow, middle of September

Good Morning from a crisp cool Delaware! I have been absent on the blog for nearly a month, but I have been a little busy.

I took a trip to California in August for 2 1/2 weeks to help my sister get ready for a move.  She was moving from a large 3 bedroom into a small 2 bedroom, and I thought I would be helpful and get things painted cheerfully while she cared for her husband.  I was glad to be there for his last days and help my big sis’ as she went through the struggle of those days and the move. She did it for me years ago, and it was the least I could do.

We got her future home painted in bright colors that helped her ease into the transition time in her life. We took a 1979 wood paneled mobile home and gave it a fresh new look. The process was labor intensive I must say. Every wall needed washed with TSP, then sanded, then washed down with clear water, then tack clothed; then taped off, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish paint. She worked on the built in buffet, her step son did the washing and sanding and taping in the living room and cabinet door painting. Another sister came and helped scrub all the hardware and cabinet drawers and doors to ready them for painting.  I did the 2 bedrooms, the hall, the bath, the kitchen and the living room. Pictures really tell the whole story. It was fun to work around the contractor who was installing a new beautiful shower, and the air conditioning fellas who disconnected everything for almost a week…when the temperatures were between 95 – 100 degress.  I told my sister, I work for beer and fritos and fast food, and she delivered with regularity.  I think I was at the local Ace Hardware store nearly every day picking up some thing or another.

Let me bore you with the photos:

Before …all brown walls except the kitchen and bath which were a yucky brown/gold color.

So; we started with her master bedroom and painted a lovely light purple -

Then we moved to the living/dining room, where we choose 3 shades of blue; lightest on the wall; medium for the window trim and darkest for the buffet and door. I took the mullions out of the window and painted them a medium blue; removed the gold bubble plexiglass window and replaced it with a double layer of clear.  My sister worked the buffet, doing the inside of the cabinets in the same paint as the walls; the frame in the darker blue and the doors all in the medium blue.  What a lovely contrast compared to that dark brown.   Oh….did you notice in the first group of pictures that square on the wall with the light section?  Seems the previous occupants had stained the paneling….around the mounted mirror….nice…..

I think the biggest change came in the kitchen, which was not on the list to paint, but I could not leave without doing it.  I picked the colors here, a light buttercream yellow and white for the doors.

I missed getting pictures of the office, but it was painted in the palest pink you could imagine, almost a seashell pink.  More white than pink, but soft and lovely and light.  The bathroom I didn’t get a picture of after it was painted either, but I did get one of the tile work.  My sister picked a paint color called “calm” and it was white with a hint of grey!  We painted out the walls and cabinets with that color and it gave a fresh crisp look to the room, and she can accessorize with any color.

So; that’s what I have been up to. It makes me want to pick colors for my dingy old blue living room and freshen it up for the years to come, but I think I will wait until October!  Oh, by the way; all those TV ad’s you see for the GREEN FROG TAPE…well; let me tell you…it is the best stuff ever….I will never use blue painter’s tape again. Worth the extra money!!! Trust me on that, I used 2 rolls of blue and 3 rolls of green, and I am tickled pink.  Also, learned about that paper contractors use on the floors to protect them during a construction project. We got a roll of that at the home center, and used it everywhere.  So much easier to use than drop cloths, durable and absorbant when it came to paint splatters. Doesn’t hold up to water messes, but stiff heavy paper and so much better than those cheap flimsy throwaway plastic backed paper drop cloths. (And a good use for that blue tape that is useless when painting.)

I must say, I feel guilty leaving before all the jobs were finished.  The kitchen cabinet doors were left to hang, the hallway needed it’s final top coat, the 3 doors in the hall were in need of trim paint, and doors rehung. I wanted to paint the kitchen door too.  I flat ran out of time. I spent the last day there hanging mini blinds, curtain rods and curtains and helping get the refrigerator out of the living room and into it’s spot in the kitchen (some construction was required to make room for the giant 21st century fridge in a 20th century home.) I did a little “sewing” adding a rod pocket to the “magic mesh” magnetic screen that was replacing the old aluminum screen door. I left my sister putting post-it-notes on all the unfinished items, but at least we had 2/3 of the boxes unpacked and closet situated etc.  I find myself making mention to her regularly about “where” I put things.  I was unpacking at the new place while she was organizing all the helpers at the old house.

Been home over a week, haven’t done any sewing, as I recover from my travels and the bronchitis I contracted during the trip home. Maybe at the end of the month I will share a little quiting.

Enjoy the cool fall weather!

Middle of August already?

Summer is racing by! Looking forward to my family coming to visit in September!!  Their trip has been postponed due to illness of one of the children, but it is back on the schedule for next month. :)

Since my last post, I have finished up some sewing for the granddaughter’s 2nd birthday and worked on a couple of other projects.  Our guild does “pillowcases for hope”, and I stitched up two right before our last guild meeting to drop off, and came home with two more kits.  I had some silly fun fabric purchased last spring to make something fun for my big sister. I decided it would be PERFECT fabric for her travel pillows!!  She is usually out on the road, “PILOTING” for big rig trucks with over sized loads.  I think she will like these cowboys!!

Cowboy pillowcases

Cowboy pillowcases

Aren’t they FUN ??  I’m sure when she rests her weary head after a long day on the road, she will have sweet dreams with her head on these pillow cases.  Shhhhh….don’t tell, I want to surprise her when I go visit this weekend. (I have about 1 1/2 yards left, and am thinking she will get a nice apron out of the same fabric for her birthday).

Before I got started on pillowcases, I finished up two sundresses for my two year old granddaughters birthday.  I had a great pattern I bought at my local quilt shop, It was called To Tie For, by Olive Anne Designs.  I had some fun tutti-fruitti fabric put away for sundresses, and this is what I came up with in the end.



Sundresses - "to Tie for" design by Olive Ann.  size 3.

Sundresses – “to Tie for” design by Olive Ann. size 3.


Fun happy little duck

Fun happy little duck


I love that they are reversible.  Took longer to stitch out the cute little duck on the embroidery machine then it did to stitch the dresses together. I made a ‘dolly’ size one out of the dark pink fabric. Poor dolly only got one new dress.

Last Tuesday we had our Quilt Guild class, and I signed up to attend.  The project was a mosaic piece, done with 1 inch squares.  I had found some great hand dyed fabrics at the Hershey Quilt Show in July ($5 for a bag of scraps) that were PERFECT for this project. So, after using up a yard & 1/2 of “wonder under” and cutting up some nice little squares; this is the result:

It was a lot of fun to make.  nothing like a class where you don’t sew a stitch!  After it was all fused on to the background fabric, I quilted it.  I broke the instructors rules however, and did it “my way” …

getting the water in place

getting the water in place

playing in the blue water

playing in the blue water


Fun stitches to catch every block


the back of the crab


finished mosaic crab

This project was lots of fun.  It ended up at 24×24″; and needs to be “finished” on the edges. Thinking about that for a bit, border or just bind it. And what color to use….I am leaning towards a batik in the blue green range….A friend of mine suggested something bright.  It will be a wall hanging, so I have to think about that a bit. Maybe I will just skip the border and face it. .. Something to consider for a bit.

Did a little charity baby quilt work this past week and a half too.  Our quilt bee, the Material Girls, has been working for several months on a project that will be delivered to a local doctor and then taken to Honduras.  I machine quilted and bound 2 tops that someone else put together, and built made 2 more tops and finished them off as well. I seem to be the collection point so I got busy yesterday and got all 6 washed and ready to go. I have a couple more kits ready to put together, and may get them done in early September.

Now, I must get back to business, finishing up my booking contracts with quilting lecturers and workshop instructors for the guild!  I feel better now that I got to play with fabric for a bit.     (I am hand delivering those cowboy’s to my big sister in California….so this post wont publish until she gets them in her hand, and the granddaughter’s sundresses hopefully arrive in the mail!  I wrapped her gifts up in a pillow case, and have forgotten to take a picture of it before I sent it all out in the mail. :( oh well…..) Happy Stitching.

August is here!

I can’t believe we are already in August!  Where or where did July disappear too?  I haven’t been spending anytime reading blogs or posting. Doesn’t mean I have not been sitting at the computer…oh my have I ever.  I last posted when I gave away my little Blue Hen Chicken!  The week her new owner was chosen was a busy time.  I had a meeting of the guild’s Program Planning Committee, followed by the “Material Girls” quilt bee, both at my house, followed by another meeting about Program Planning.  In between, I spent countless hours writing and responding to people to come & speak & teach at our guild.  I feel like I went back to work at a full time job, with overtime.  The good news is; I have all of 2015 booked, and some of the contracts are finished; and I have started in on 2016.  The hard part is the budget, and finding instructors in the mid-Atlantic area that we can afford, who bring new and interesting lectures, trunk shows and workshops. (So far I have 3 out of 8 lined up for 2016). I need a break though!

In 2 weeks, I almost didn’t stitch a thing.  After our Material Girls bee, I did layer up and quilt a charity baby quilt in flannel; yet it sits on the table, waiting on binding.  Just as I write this, I decided I will uses some of my stash strips and make a scrappy binding!  I have also decided, I do NOT like to work with flannel….way too much lint in my machine after working up the blocks and quilting. The fabrics were donated for these quilts, but I did need to get more flannel for backing.  I have 3 more kits to put together before I take a trip in the middle of the month.  I decided to just quilt across the center of the blocks, and used one of the pretty stitches built into my machine.


I did sneak in a little fun on a bus trip to the Hershey Quilt Show. We got to see the lovely quilts (the lighting was terrible and did a dis-service to the quilts!); did some shopping at the various vendors.  I stocked up on thread from Superior Threads, and picked up more of that great bag lining product – SOFT & STABLE, along with some fun fat quarters and a new marking pen.  We also did a trip to Burkholders Fabrics on the way home.  If you are ever in the Hershey or Lancaster area, you need to set your GPS and go find Burkholders!  Out in the middle of NO-WHERE, surrounded by picturesque farms and rolling hills, you will be in fabric HEAVEN!!  Burkholders is at 2155 West RT 897,  Denver, PA   ( )  Because we were there on a bus trip, and our guild stops there every year, we got some extra special deals. My favorite was the bundle of 20 fat quarters for $30.  Had I gone back in for 1 more, it would have gone down to $25 for the bundle…but by that point I was “shopped out”.

About Wednesday this past week I decided it was time to SEW.  I had fun working on projects that will get put in the mail in the next day or 2 to my grandaughter.  She will have a birthday next week, and will be a big 2 years old.  In order to make sure I don’t send her any plastic junk (aka toys), I decided it was time to get busy and make those things I have been intending to make for months and months.   So; with limited fanfare: here you have – Project # 1 – the hooded bath towel –

In case you want to make one of your own; these instructions are very helpful:

I did a few mod’s, but nothing much differently.  I got the embroidery machine going and got busy~!~  I have not done any work on bath towels before, but read quite a bit about the process.  I used a Floriani iron on mesh tearaway stabilizer on the back of the towel, floated a piece of medium tear-away under the hoop, and put water soluable on top.  I was very pleased with how well every thing stitched out. The cat face and the kitten topper come from Embroidery Designs . com; and when I downloaded them, they were part of the free collections.  I had trouble with the smiling kitten though. It was “too big” for my Brother PE500 embroidery machine. My hoop size is 4×4; and although it said 4×3.95; my machine would not recognize it.  I contacted at their toll free number, and  Bonnie in customer service was a BIG help.  She looked up the specifics for my machine, and explained I really can not use a design bigger that 3.85″.  Then she offered to RE-SIZE the design and she emailed it to me in about 10 minutes.   I learned a little more about my machine and was tickled pink that she was so helpful.  Especially for somebody who mostly downloads the free stuff every week.   It stitched out beautifully.  I will remember them when I see a design that I have to pay for and not buy it somewhere else!


Project # 2 is a Super Hero Cape.

Patterns are plentiful on the internet. I can’t remember where I got this one, but it worked well. (All straight cuts with a ruler & rotary….no scissors were used in the prep of the fabric!)

Grandchild # 3 is familiar with the use of Super hero capes, as she often plays in her big brother & sisters capes I made last summer.  I picked out what I thought was fun fabric, and then put a contrasting fabric inside so it would “look cool”.  I used a piece of the contrasting and made a little super hero patch for the back, with a cute little ladybug design.  Again thanks to Embroidery designs. com.  There is bright yellow ric-rack around the gathering at the neckline, and along the bottom edge (in the second picture you can see it.)  (The goal was to not use licensed character fabric, and this fabric was so much fun with the butterflies, and worms and bumble bees.)  I used velcro for the closing; and the same pattern as big brother and big sister. Hopefully it is not too long, and won’t be a tripping hazard! (Grandma wants pictures……….)


Project # 3 – placemats and napkins for a tea party!


miniature place mats and napkins for a tiny tea party for a two year old

miniature place mats and napkins for a tiny tea party for a two year old


using the fun stitches on my machine; boats and planes and elphants and lambs and cars

using the fun stitches on my machine; boats and planes and elphants and lambs and cars

I opened my ziplock bag of left over 4 patches; and left over 2 patches and put together these little placemats. The four patches and two patches are leftover from 2 quilts I made. One was a baby quilt for grandchild # 2, and one was a full size I made for my sister. I went crazy making those blocks, and I had lots left.   I had some big squares leftover, and they were combined to make the back of the placemats, and the napkins.  I had fun with some creative stitches on my machine for the quilting of the placemats, and the trimming of the napkins. I think these will work quite nicely with the tea party dishes her mommy is ordering!  If she needs more than 6 placemats, I have about 100 more 4 patches that could be made into placemats.  (I love my stash!!! I pulled strips from the stash that were used in other quilts; and 3 of them are strips that were in grandchild # 3’s one block wonder quilt.  )  I LOVE The fancy stitches on my macine. And I love that new pink varigated thread from superior. It is a 40wt  perfect for quilting.

I have one more little idea up my sleeve, and then I will get this birthday box in the mail.  :) It is a cloudy rainy day and I could either stay in the house and vacuum or go out to the garage to sew !!  Sewing it shall be!  (Someday I am getting one of those robo vacs!  Happy stitching.



And the winner is….

The chickens have stopped to catch a breath!  Monday Morning has arrived (and past by) and I just got a chance to count up entries and put the total entries into my Random Number Generator.  (My apologies for the boring looking generator…)




So Carla Bynum , send me an email: with your mailing information!!  This lovely Blue Hen Chick is coming your way!

Carla's blue hen chicken!

Delaware Blue Hen Chicken!

So tickled that my Blue Hen chicken will enter the gallery at

And a reminder to the winner – the rules of play are found at

:)  So, the chick is packed up and ready to mail. She is filled with batting, but could easily have sand, walnut shells or other material placed inside her.

Even if you didn’t win; you can make a chicken for yourself.  They are fun t make and take very little fabric.  I had a lot of fun refreshing my “paper piecing skills” using the log cabin pattern on Granny Maude’s Girl blog:

Thanks for playing and keep sewing and having fun!



It’s a chicken round-up

They are all in a huddle waiting and clucking…wanting  to know who the winner is !!

Did you comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to win?

( )


A Chicken Round Up !

A Chicken Round Up !


Looking for a winner

Looking for a winner

Go ready yesterday’s post for a chnce to win !!


The Chicken’s are Running

I have been the recipient of a Funky Chicken!!! (Check out my last post for details). (


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

Funky Chicken arrived in the mail early in the week, and I have been admiring it ever since.  Thank you Anne Rust of Peacock Hill !!!

It joins my Church Chicken, gifted to me by my Church Quilt Buddy Kristin.  Church Chick

My task has been to continue the Chicken Run, by creating an equally lovely chick and sending it out to a reader of this blog, who is chosen at random.  My chickens are to be known as BLUE HEN CHICKENS – the state bird of Delaware!!  You think I’m kidding…no, it’s true….we have a CHICKEN for a state bird.  (Check out the real deal – )  (Hey at least we aren’t doing fish…because you may notice our state fish is the weak fish, and that is just sad!) The official Delaware state bird.

(Borrowed from………………)

Delaware State Bird

Name: Blue Hen Chicken
Binomial Name: Gallus gallus
Adopted: Legislation of 1939

The Blue Hen Chicken (Gallus gallus) is a domesticated bird.

The plumage of the Blue Hen Chicken is gold, red, brown, dark maroon, orange, with a bit of metallic green and gray. There are also some white and olive feathers and two white patches, shaped like an ear, appear on either side of the head. It can be distinguish from other chickens not only by these white patches, but also by the grayish feet. 

So with that vivid description, I got out my golds and yellows and blues and tried to create my OWN version of a Blue Hen Chicken!!!

Paper pieced log cabins

Paper pieced log cabins

I have quite a little flock growing here, looking for a new place to roost!!!

Blue hen Chickens

Blue hen Chickens


So, my friends, if you would like to have one of these nifty little chick’s I have created, you must first agree to continue in the manner in which this chicken run began. You must agree to make one of your own creations and gift it within 30 days.  Can you do that???  You must if you want to play! !

As I said in my previous post

The Chicken Run started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world –

and the original give away –

How praytell should you make a chicken??

Here are a couple of good links for tutorials.

If you would rather Paper piece, which is what I did on all but the very first chick, try the template from Granny Maud’s Girl –

These hens are stuffed with fiberfill, so they can be shipped to other countries……so if you are in England, or the Congo or Japan or Australia…yes, you can also win.  (Normally I stuff with walnut shells….but not this time.).

How do you win a Blue Hen Chicken????  Tell me WHY you need a Blue Hen Chicken on your sewing table!

Just comment before Monday morning, and I will let my random number generator choose 1 recipient.

Good luck!!  (The chick’s are ready to RUN!!!!)




I love to win

I am always entering contests….most of the time I don’t win…but some times… I do.   No, I didn’t win the APQS Great Long Arm giveaway this week (see very sad face…  :(  )  My quiltbee buddies and I have entered faithfully, and you think one of us would have won….but not.  I’m sure the lovely lady in Ohio is going to enjoy the machine.  Until they give another one away, I will stop annoying my friends on Facebook with my daily entry reminders.  (I even had my sister in Nevada entering, and a former church member now living in Tennessee entering…..and they don’t quilt.  They entered with the hope of winning and giving me the machine…in exchange for a quilt!)

But, I did win something else today!  I won the TEXAS Chicken Run !!

Yes, you heard me right….and here is a peak at the chicken that is flying the coop all the way from Texas to Delaware.


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

But if you want to take a peak at this prize…check out Anne Rust’s blog -

Take a peak at her other chicks –

Have you heard about the “Chicken Run” ?  It started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world –

and the original give away –

The promise if you win, is to make another and offer it up on your blog and send it on within the month.   So, keep your eyes open for my Chicken Run addition.  And get ready to play.  (I am so tickled to win…I was gifted a lovely little chick in May, and now Funky Chicken is coming to keep her company!)

Want to make one of your own?  Here is a link to a good tutorial:

(book mark that one in case  you win when I give mine away!)

Sew Happy….

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The Beachy Quilter

...or for now just quilting barefoot on the mainland!

Sew U Sew Me

Being creative with sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, etc, etc, etc...


Welcome. Email me at PaperPiecingHeartland**at**

Nonnie's Quilting Dreams

This blog allows me to state my dreams in hope they come true.


Quilting and Sewing projects


A fine site

Sarah Loves Fabric

Just another weblog


the online journal of a craftaholic

Gourmet Quilter Blog

.....because quilting is delicious!

Maria Shell

Tales of a Stitcher


Gardening, quilting, and photography


Just another weblog

Container Chronicles

my favorite things in one favorite spot




Smile! You’re at the best site ever

Deidra Alexander's Blog

I have people to kill, lives to ruin, plagues to bring, and worlds to destroy. I am not the Angel of Death. I'm a fiction writer.

Nick and Liv go abroad

We're embarking on our first big adventure!


Things crafty from rural Herefordshire

Trkingmomoe's Blog

Low Budget Meals for the New Normal

Wedding Dress Blue

Blogging about quilting and other things I love in this colorful world

Seams Like a Plan

Scrap Quilt Ideas from Sweetgrass Creative Designs

Sarah Quilts

Making pretty things & talking about it

Buzy Day

The adventure of NikkiM

The Inbox Jaunt

Quilts. Photography. Family.

The Inbox Jaunt

Quilts. Photography. Family.


"Creativity Never Retires..."

the REmissionary

old things with a new mission


An Aussie's adventures in quilting


Just another site

Old World Garden Farms

Gardening, Cooking, Canning, And A DIY Approach To Living!

Dearest Sultana

letters to my best friend...


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