And the winner is….

The chickens have stopped to catch a breath!  Monday Morning has arrived (and past by) and I just got a chance to count up entries and put the total entries into my Random Number Generator.  (My apologies for the boring looking generator…)




So Carla Bynum , send me an email: with your mailing information!!  This lovely Blue Hen Chick is coming your way!

Carla's blue hen chicken!

Delaware Blue Hen Chicken!

So tickled that my Blue Hen chicken will enter the gallery at

And a reminder to the winner – the rules of play are found at

:)  So, the chick is packed up and ready to mail. She is filled with batting, but could easily have sand, walnut shells or other material placed inside her.

Even if you didn’t win; you can make a chicken for yourself.  They are fun t make and take very little fabric.  I had a lot of fun refreshing my “paper piecing skills” using the log cabin pattern on Granny Maude’s Girl blog:

Thanks for playing and keep sewing and having fun!



It’s a chicken round-up

They are all in a huddle waiting and clucking…wanting  to know who the winner is !!

Did you comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to win?

( )


A Chicken Round Up !

A Chicken Round Up !


Looking for a winner

Looking for a winner

Go ready yesterday’s post for a chnce to win !!


The Chicken’s are Running

I have been the recipient of a Funky Chicken!!! (Check out my last post for details). (


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

Funky Chicken arrived in the mail early in the week, and I have been admiring it ever since.  Thank you Anne Rust of Peacock Hill !!!

It joins my Church Chicken, gifted to me by my Church Quilt Buddy Kristin.  Church Chick

My task has been to continue the Chicken Run, by creating an equally lovely chick and sending it out to a reader of this blog, who is chosen at random.  My chickens are to be known as BLUE HEN CHICKENS – the state bird of Delaware!!  You think I’m kidding…no, it’s true….we have a CHICKEN for a state bird.  (Check out the real deal - )  (Hey at least we aren’t doing fish…because you may notice our state fish is the weak fish, and that is just sad!) The official Delaware state bird.

(Borrowed from………………)

Delaware State Bird

Name: Blue Hen Chicken
Binomial Name: Gallus gallus
Adopted: Legislation of 1939

The Blue Hen Chicken (Gallus gallus) is a domesticated bird.

The plumage of the Blue Hen Chicken is gold, red, brown, dark maroon, orange, with a bit of metallic green and gray. There are also some white and olive feathers and two white patches, shaped like an ear, appear on either side of the head. It can be distinguish from other chickens not only by these white patches, but also by the grayish feet. 

So with that vivid description, I got out my golds and yellows and blues and tried to create my OWN version of a Blue Hen Chicken!!!

Paper pieced log cabins

Paper pieced log cabins

I have quite a little flock growing here, looking for a new place to roost!!!

Blue hen Chickens

Blue hen Chickens


So, my friends, if you would like to have one of these nifty little chick’s I have created, you must first agree to continue in the manner in which this chicken run began. You must agree to make one of your own creations and gift it within 30 days.  Can you do that???  You must if you want to play! !

As I said in my previous post

The Chicken Run started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world –

and the original give away –

How praytell should you make a chicken??

Here are a couple of good links for tutorials.

If you would rather Paper piece, which is what I did on all but the very first chick, try the template from Granny Maud’s Girl –

These hens are stuffed with fiberfill, so they can be shipped to other countries……so if you are in England, or the Congo or Japan or Australia…yes, you can also win.  (Normally I stuff with walnut shells….but not this time.).

How do you win a Blue Hen Chicken????  Tell me WHY you need a Blue Hen Chicken on your sewing table!

Just comment before Monday morning, and I will let my random number generator choose 1 recipient.

Good luck!!  (The chick’s are ready to RUN!!!!)




I love to win

I am always entering contests….most of the time I don’t win…but some times… I do.   No, I didn’t win the APQS Great Long Arm giveaway this week (see very sad face…  :(  )  My quiltbee buddies and I have entered faithfully, and you think one of us would have won….but not.  I’m sure the lovely lady in Ohio is going to enjoy the machine.  Until they give another one away, I will stop annoying my friends on Facebook with my daily entry reminders.  (I even had my sister in Nevada entering, and a former church member now living in Tennessee entering…..and they don’t quilt.  They entered with the hope of winning and giving me the machine…in exchange for a quilt!)

But, I did win something else today!  I won the TEXAS Chicken Run !!

Yes, you heard me right….and here is a peak at the chicken that is flying the coop all the way from Texas to Delaware.


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

But if you want to take a peak at this prize…check out Anne Rust’s blog -

Take a peak at her other chicks –

Have you heard about the “Chicken Run” ?  It started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world –

and the original give away –

The promise if you win, is to make another and offer it up on your blog and send it on within the month.   So, keep your eyes open for my Chicken Run addition.  And get ready to play.  (I am so tickled to win…I was gifted a lovely little chick in May, and now Funky Chicken is coming to keep her company!)

Want to make one of your own?  Here is a link to a good tutorial:

(book mark that one in case  you win when I give mine away!)

Sew Happy….

What does a quilter do?

When she is not quilting……  It’s summertime, so hanging out in the pool has a high priority.  Hubby has a favorite “Pool Lounge Chair” that has seen better days.  In fact, I don’t think it has been out of the garage in 4 or 5 years. It was pretty rough looking.  After he hosed it off and tossed it in the pool, I declared it was coming right back out.  The fabric of the lounger was disinigrating before our eyes.  The foam that was inserted between the layers of fabric was crumbling and falling out of the holes in the fabric.  Out of the pool it came.  Since the floats and the frame were in great shame, we disassembled and measured it up for new fabric.

Lucky for me, he was headed to his train club meeting and there is HANCOCK Fabrics nearby. Even better, it was Senior Citizen day…so I got 15% off of my purchase.  I found some great coordinating outdoor fabric, for $9.99 /yard (before the discount).  Even better, I found “outdoor” thread. So, between Thursday and today, I recreated the original chair.  Now, he wants to add a pillow……and a float for the feet….he may have to wait for Saturday for further modifications to the original!!  I decided I was not dealing with foam, so I used a full package of twin sized poly batting layered in the chair.  Leave it to a quilter to “secure the batting”.   No, I didn’t really quilt it!! I did secure the batting using the same method the original chair had.  I managed to use a spool & 1/2 of the outdoor thread. That stuff is thick, and I must have wound about 5 or 6 bobbins.  Overall a successful project.  Thankfully I had the orignal to use as a reference.

(It really is the bright orange…don’t know why the one picture washed out so….)

and now….the front side….

wpid-20140704_165151.jpg(no pictures of hubby in the pool…..)  Orange is his favorite color.  I got 3 yards of each fabric, so may get a couple of chair cushions out of the balance….but not before I buy more “outdoor thread” and a couple more heavy duty needles.  This outdoor fabric RAVELS like crazy, so I did a lot of extra stitching.  Hoping between the sun and the pool chemicals, it doesn’t disinigrate anytime soon.  It was a challenge to make and get the pockets in exactly the right spot so it would slip over the rod of the chair and the back of the chair.  Pillows tomorrow.  :)

Book coming soon: Recreating Antique Quilts

Book coming soon: Recreating Antique Quilts.

There is a blogger I follow, Ivory Spring, who creates a lot of patterns and is well published in the quilting magazines.  You may know her as Wendy Sheppard….well…she has a book coming out soon.  Check out her blog post!!

Congratulations Wendy!!

Flowers in the Snow

A FRIDAY FINISH !!   My friend Judy told me recently she could not think of working on anything with SNOW in the name after the long winter she had!  I think of all the spring  gardens that were dreamt about while the snow was drifting everywhere.

I think I will call my finished project Flowers in the Snow!

The project is called Snowdrift; from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern quilt Studio; Modern Quilts Illustrated # 5

Bill Kerr taught a class at Ocean Waves Quilt Guild in Lewes Delaware on June 3rd, 2014. And yes…I finished it before the month was over….(I know, I can’t believe it!)

The quandary is how do I use this???


Snowdrift (UPSIDE DOWN) on the rocker….the drifts are supposed to be in the lower right corner of each block…right now it looks like fans!

Finished dimension is 28 1/2 ” wide by 72″ long.


Snow drift on the porch rail

The dining room table is 79″ x  40″ and as you can see, it FILLS  the space!


On the dining room table…again, viewed f rom the “wrong end”…but then, won’t somebody always be looking at it the “wrong way”?

Thinking about putting a hanging sleeve on the back.  I would have to hang it at the same level as the living room window frame , so it just “skims” the top of one of the tables.  It is really long.  (Not Bill Kerr’s fault, mine alone!)

This is what happens when you sew with no purpose I guess!  I signed up for the class, took 20 fat quarters with me, and Bill Kerr helped me pick the ones that looked best together.  I was limited on blocks because of the amount you could get from 1 fat quarter.  So, this is what I ended up with after playing with it on the design wall for 2 weeks.  It did shrink down a little with the quilting and the washing, but now, I don’t know what to think. Throw a set of candlesticks on and leave it be, or sew the hanging sleeve on and have a wall hanging.  I have picked a place so wondering what you think!

Had some fun with the quilting and binding.  Used quilting stitch # 132 on my Janome 8900. It is a bit of loop squiggle loop.


close up of the stitch I used for quilting.



I love playing with the stitches my machine makes



The back. Used the same white fabric with tone on tone flower. Bobbin thread was white. Top thread was a variegated thread from Superior; Fantastico # 5021 – green purple and aqua.  It does peak thru on the back a bit.

The thread I quilted with on top is Superior Thread Fantastico # 5021 – Batik Blue.  (Fantastico #40 Premium High Strength Variegated Trilobal Polyester. ) Officially it is Purple-Green-Aqua. ( )

My bobbin thread is by Thread Art, 60 wt weight.  I use this in my embroidery machine but I love quilting with it. Less times of filling the bobbin!!

Did you notice my scrappy binding?  Not much left of those fat quarters when I got finished cutting 2.5″ strips from them. I think I managed 2 strips from each fat quarter of left over fabric. I have 1 strip left over after attaching the binding and HAND SEWING to the back. I know Bill Kerr, you machine it on. Well….I spent two evenings stitching it down.  It will not get a lot of wear, and the hand stitching looks pretty good.  I am more of a machine binding girl …especially with my achy fingers. But I figured, since it might end up on the table, and somebody might “check” …it would be better hand stitched.

Learned a lot about curved piecing from Bill Kerr in his class, and templates etc. Back to squares and rectangles for me for a while !!!

So, what would you do with it, hang it or table ?  (Not like we use the dining room table very often anyway…)

Happy sewing.





How grows the garden and more

Asian Lily – They are taller than me!!!

I am 5'5" and this stalk is at least 5" higher.

I am 5’5″ and this stalk is at least 5″ higher.

I  planted  a  bunch of these bulbs about 7 years ago.  They are starting to really spread!  Love them.


Love this lilly

Love this lilly

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

These are the light pink Calla Lily – they have a solid green leaf.  I also have one with a speckled leaf that hasn’t bloomed yet.  I am hoping it is the darker pink.  Should know in another week or so.  These light ones have really come up nicely this year, no rabbits hung out in the garden this winter. Wondering if my garden expert friends can give me advice on “dividing” them?  They have been in the ground here about 7 years.  I would love to be able to get them going in other places in the garden.

I’ve been busy this week.  I accepted a challenge to build 2 quilt blocks for a designer I took a class from last fall in Houston. She sent me some strips and squares of fabric and instructions, I added print strips and squares. I followed her instructions and built these 2 blocks.


designer's challenge

designer’s challenge

Hubby and I took a ride to a town not too far away and watched as the cars arrived for a “lunch stop” . The cars were participating in the Hemmings Motor News Great Race from Maine to Florida.  No vehicle was newer than 1972.  There were so many cool cars, and I took tons of pictures.  I am going to load them up on Google Plus later this week.  Below is just one .  I thought this truck was a lot of fun.  Great article in the local newspaper:

UPDATE:   Lots of pictures from the Great Race on my Google Plus page –

Good thing they came through on Tuesday….because on Wednesday we had torrential rain!!


Can you see the rain bouncing in the water of the pool?
Since it was raining, I decided to get busy and work on my “Snow Drift”. I managed to get it put together and by the end of Wednesday night I had it quilted. Binding is in progress now, but here is a sneak peak at it before it was layered. It is going to be just perfect on my table. Nearly as long and almost as wide as the dining room table. Of course, after the quilting and the trimming, and the binding and the washing, it will shrink up a little bit!!


In between the fun, I am working on finding speakers and instructors for the Quilt Guild that I belong to.  If you know somebody great that is near the Mid Atlantic (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland), let me know.  This job is tough!!  Thank goodness I have a committee to help make the final choices, but I have to get them a list of options.  I have spent a lot of “quilt time” at the computer, researching.  Ready to get back to my sewing.  Afraid to look at my list of things that need doing!  :)  Have a great weekend, hope it is sunny and bright where ever you are!



a little bag

Went to a quilt show at the end of May - Quilters Unlimited Chantilly Show at Dulles Expo Center. I picked up a kit to make a “beatle bag”.  This kit included the pattern and the little clear view zipper pockets.  I picked up all the necessary items (Velcro, soft and stable, fabric, and a 2″ ring)  and set to working on it.

Let me tell you that my resulting bag is just “ok” in my opinion.   I had a terrible time with the tension of my machine while trying to sew velcro, and while trying to stitch the straps. Oh, yes,  and clearly understanding some of the directions.  Thank goodness my quilt bee buddy Barbara also bought the pattern and had finished her bag already.  (Text messages and phone calls saved the day!!) Barbara used to teach sewing, and her advice was awesome.  I switched to a ball point needle and had better luck sewing the velcro.  I should have switched back to a regular needle before I worked on the straps.  Again, I had tension issues.  (My fix; after the fact was to top stitch with a fancy stitch).

I did a lot of seam ripping on this project.  Figured out a bunch of things I would do “differently” next time. (Like fun fancy top stitching on the strap handles in the beginning).

I think I have enough “soft and stable” to make another bag.  I would NOT put the soft & stable in every place the pattern suggests (like in the pockets).  Now, I am wondering if I can find these zipper pockets someplace else?  Oh, and my hubby thinks if I made the “rectangle” just a bit bigger, it might lay a little “flatter” instead of so ROUND.  One thing I liked about the pattern was it gave a suggested list of things to include “in your bag” once it is made.  So, no close up pix…but have to report it is packed and ready to go to the next guild sewing event!!  I added a couple things to the list of contents too; like a pen and a small stack of post it notes, a pencil / sharpener, a sharpie, and a small tablet.  And NO chocolate…last thing I want is a melted mess in my bag…funny how the chocolate was on the list about 5 times.

Great concept, bag should remain packed with all  your goods. Supply list was included. Pattern included the plastic pockets.

Great concept, bag should remain packed with all your goods. Supply list was included. Pattern included the plastic pockets.

Silent Saturday

Power boats are everywhere in Venice

Power boats are everywhere in Venice

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