Embroidery resources

Welcome to my new “readers & followers”.  I don’t say that often enough, but I am glad you found my blog and hope you will find something helpful, amusing, interesting or motivating in my posts.  I started this blog over 3 years ago, and use it as a “journal of sorts” of my hobbies – which continue to expand.  I originally wrote about quilting and sewing for the grand children; and have expanded to paper crafting, card making / stamping; and machine embroidery.  (Note – I flunked out of knitting 101, so you don’t have to listen to that story unravelling). Occasionally, I will chat about other things, like domestic life, my pets and travel.  Mostly, I am a stitching grandma!

I had a lot of fun on Monday, meeting ladies from Ocean Pines MD at the Embroidery Club they have established.  They have been meeting for over a year, and this was my FIRST chance to go.  I went immediately after the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild meeting and it was a 45 minute trip.  Thank goodness I had so many helper to “pack up” the Second Time Around shopping and help me “get out the door” quickly.  My wonderful husband came over to the church with my car, and swapped out for the loaded SUV, and took it home. Next month, there is a luncheon at OWQG, so I will be able to “grab my dish” and head out on time.

What I enjoyed about the meeting with the Ocean Pines Embroidery Club was the willingness to share SKILLS that the experienced stitchers had acquired.  We learned about various stabilizers they like, design sources, and techniques for “in the hoop” designs.  They have been creating some wonderful projects.  Of course, I have terrible “machine envy” right now.  My little Brother PE500 can only accommodate a 4×4 design, and they were showing some projects that needed a 5×7 or larger frame.  I’m not investing in a new machine any time soon, so I will just “admire” and learn from the “bigger machine operators”.  I want to learn all I can, so when I eventually take the leap to something bigger, I will have “proof of use” of the little machine to satisfy the hubby……     😉

I mentioned to several ladies at the Embroidery Club that I had a blog, and had recently written about “transferring designs” between the computer and the embroidery machine.  If you are interested – that blog post can be found here – https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/moving-files-to-the-embroidery-machine-tutorial/  .

A few years ago I wrote a detailed post on resources for embroidery machines.  I shared lots of websites for free designs etc, places to buy designs, and supplies you might want to consider.  Again, if you are interested – that blog post can be found here – https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/machine-embroidery-resources/

I spent yesterday attending to normal domestic life stuff, with NO sewing/stitching. (Have I ever mentioned that I would rather sew than clean house or grocery shop???)  I deserved a nice cold glass of wine after the “stuff” was taken care of, and sat out in a rocker on the front porch and watched the traffic go by!  Can you believe it was 70 degrees yesterday?

After dinner, I had some time to “surf” on the computer.  I did find some interesting new “sources” for free designs and spent several hours   downloading things. I joined a group a few months ago on Facebook – Resources for Free Machine Embroidery Designs, Sales, Tutorials, Networking . https://www.facebook.com/groups/624604440941908/  Those members share links to FREE designs.

Following some of those links that had been posted on the Facebook group, I ended up at http://www.krisrhoades.com/  and picked up the cutest little elephant.  (Of course, I ended up window shopping for other designs too).

I also dropped by http://www.thebikestore.com/starling/index.html and picked up the mug rug pattern for March.  Once I downloaded the design, I was disappointed to find it was a 5×7, too big for my machine. Oh well, I have it saved now.

Then I popped over to http://missmarysembroidery.com/free-stuff-sales/  and picked up a “Luck of the Irish” free monthly design and an SVG cutting file too.

While I was browsing around on the Resources for Free Machine Embroidery….. group, I saw a link for Janome.  I don’t have a Janome EMBROIDERY machine, but I popped over to Janome’s website to see what they had, and was surprised to find FREE designs in multiple formats.  I need to subscribe and start downloading.  There were over 70 that would work for me, and I think I will be a little selective about what I download.   http://www.janome-embroidery.com/c-132-free-embroidery-designs.aspx

Another place on Facebook that I have found free designs is StitchDelight . https://www.facebook.com/groups/StitchDelight.FREEBIES/   I’ve collected some great alphabet  designs in the last month; new letter daily.   This is also a group you have to “join” to be able to download.

I am subscribed to a mailing list from Artistic Thread Works and get lots of freebies there every week.  You have to “subscribe” to the email list to get the free stuff – http://www.artisticthreadworks.com/public/main.cfm

As I mentioned, I am working with a Brother PE500; which is an embroidery only machine, with a 4×4 (100mm x 100mm) capability.  My machine has a “cable connection” to my computer, and uses PES files.

So, no fancy photo’s today because I have stitched not a thing!  Maybe later.  Grandbaby # 4 is having a birthday and I saw something tempting…..

DISCLAIMER – With most of these websites & Facebook groups, you need to “subscribe” or “join” or “set up an account”.  Be careful about what information you chose to share when doing this.  Honestly, one of these sites wanted my “birthday”….but I was not giving up the year….too much identity information!  And of course, Be careful about clicking on unknown links etc.  Make sure your “virus software” is up to date and running, and scans your downloads BEFORE you open them.   FYI – I have not had any problems with ANY of the links or the websites I am sharing, so if you ‘know and trust me’ you know that I won’t ever knowingly steer you wrong, but there are “evil doers” in the world who like to trick people; so be cautious when clicking on links in emails; on websites etc.  

Have fun with what ever you are working on today!

Happy New Year!

Gosh, we finished 2016 off with a big bang!

 The week between Christmas and New Year were very busy around our house.  I did lots of cooking, cleaning, shopping, and celebrating.

My quilting bee friends gathered for the first Annual Queen Bees Christmas Party luncheon at my house on Dec 27.

Table set for the Queen Bees

We had a “pot luck luncheon”.  I made  a lovely broccoli cheese soup and served it with croutons, sour creme and extra cheese for toppings. We had 3 different salads, and fried chicken and rolls, and LOTS of sweet goodness like chocolate dipped pretzels and fudge too.  We had a fun “gift exchange” and then got prizes for UFO completion. And of course, the project finishes.   The most exciting finish comes from Pam.  She had a project she started hand quilting YEARS ago and put away. She has kept it all these years with SOMEDAY in mind.  She joined Ocean Waves Quilt Guild and was inspired to finish. Our UFO challenge enabled her to “break it down” into smaller goals.  I know she has achieved great satisfaction from this finish!  This will be a treasure in her life!  Our bee members have been cheering her on for the last 12 months!

The 30 year quilt!

There were a few other projects shown at this bee too –

Suzanne's Crazy Quilt

Suzanne's baby quilt

Dotti Christmas wall hanging

On New Years Eve, we kicked the party tempo up a bit!  We had a New Years Eve party/anniversary celebration.  When we got married 10 years ago, we had a big New Years Eve party/wedding reception at a local mansion, called Sunnybrae Mansion in Milford DE.

Bill & Mary's wedding reception

Bill & Mary’s wedding reception



NYE wedding reception

NYE wedding reception

We were told it was the “best” New Years eve party people had been to in quite a while!

On our 5th anniversary, we held another party at home; and then our friends asked if we were going to do it again “next year”.  I told them “every 5 years”.  Bill asked me earlier in the month what I wanted to do to celebrate our anniversary, and I said “throw a party”.   This year we did quick “email invites” and kept our fingers crossed that we were not “too late” in planning a party. Silly me, we had a great turnout! (I even invited a new “quilting” neighbor at the last minute.  I was so glad that Barbara and Robert were able to join us.)  Our friends consisted of folks we know at church, my quilting friends, old neighbors, new neighbors and Bill’s railroad club buddies.  It was an interesting mix and was enjoyable.

So, this New Years eve was our 2nd “every 5 year” party!  And silly me, I did not take ONE photo during the party or as I was getting the table set up!  (Well, I did take a picture  a few days before, while I was inventorying the liquor…..and determining what I needed to buy etc)


So shopping commenced in the middle of the week to round out the liquor and mixers and soda’s and food choices.  I had the expertise from my daughters who know how to host a great party on what to make etc. I borrowed a 3 unit crock pot from my daughter and filled it with hot spinach /artichoke dip; grape jelly meatballs, marina meatballs. On the dining room table we had chips & 7 layer taco dip; bruschetta, shrimp with 3 dips, (avocado cream; ginger remoulade and cocktail sauce); baked brie with puff pastry, a lovely vegetable basket, and nuts chips & dip etc.  We had cheesecake, we had cookies and fudge and caramel popcorn.  And again, those great friends of mine brought things to round out the choices on the table. We even had a big bowl of black eyed pea soup with dumplings.

It is not often that we make it to midnight on our anniversary, but this party went on past 1 am and everyone seemed to have a good time.  I judge the party satisfaction by the conversation. Over the course of the evening, wandering around the house talking to people, I could hear animated conversation in  every room.

We opened the prosecco, the champagne and the non-alcoholic bubbly  at midnight and toasted !   Of course, there was lots of leftover food to put away when everyone went home, and I am very thankful to a husband who helped deal with that quickly.  I did break out the box that held the original New Years eve party hats and noise makers, and a friend added to the noise makers with another package! Bill brought out his train whistle to add to the midnight sound effects!

Sunday, after 4 hours sleep I was up and clearing up the dirty dishes that didn’t make the first run of the dishwasher the night before.  We had a casual New Years day and I puttered around putting things to rights, in between napping.  I have determined there is enough leftover liquor/beer/wine/mixers to have a party every weekend for a month!

The “bar” was set up in the kitchen and the bulk of the food in the dining room, buffet style on the table.  Guess where the people were hanging out??  The kitchen.  I’m beginning to understand why people would want an “open concept” kitchen.  Somehow it doesn’t suit this 110+ year old house.

I am thankful for my friends Nancy and Bob who came back over on Sunday afternoon!  I was able to “share” with them some of the leftovers.  The kitchen floor got swept, the rugs vacuumed of any crumbs, the holiday cups and wine glasses put away; and the liquor stored for the next go round.  We munched on leftovers for lunch and snacks. I hoarded the wonderful “fresh veggies” that Gayle brought.  (It is always tastier when somebody else did all the cutting!) I figured if I was going to snack the day away, the carrots and cucumbers would be a good choice!

I had told my hubby we needed to plan “undecorating” for Monday and Tuesday this week, to get it done before our next two “very busy” weeks.  He looked so sad.  He decorated right up to Christmas eve.  So; I am relenting.  I will LEAVE IT all up through Epiphany.  And, the undecorating will be postponed until next Tuesday.  It always takes several days to put it all away properly. We have two busy weekends back to back with the DelMarVa Model Railroad club open house, but having a “target time” set aside will leave me not to worry about the “stuff” for a week or so.

I hope you are able to keep the spirit of Christmas and love alive all into the New Year.

Happy 4 years!

Wow, can’t believe I have been a somewhat “active” blogger for 4 years. WordPress reminded me that I have written 351 posts; had 41,004 views from 21,859 visitors.  Gosh, I hope you have enjoyed something along the way!

My goal when I started the post was to share my projects, mostly in a journal style.  I ran out of “space” on the “free platform” for photo’s early this year and thanks to another blogger, Carole, I starting using FLICKR as my photo site and linking into the posts.

Once a year, I like to go back and “recap” my projects.  I find this helps me feel better about what I have been able to get completed. This year, I feel like I am staring at a lot of UFO’s. And, I am kind of like the person who sees something shiny, and gets distracted by the glitter of something new. I want to work hard at “finishing what I started” over the last 4 years.  But, I do want to play with some of the “shiny objects” that pop up!

Since I last wrote, I made a batch of “Thomas” pillowcases to sell at the DelMarVa Model Railroad Club open house. I was disappointed that only 3 actually sold last weekend.  I think I better come up with a better “display”.  It is not really a “craft” venue, more geared towards the train hobby and the trains running on the various layouts. But there are lots of little children coming in and out during the Open House, accompanied by Grandma’s.  I think I will “wrap” up a gift in a Thomas Pillowcase to showcase the possibilities.  Meanwhile, I won’t be making any more until I move some of the 13 I have left.

I haven’t been sewing since last Friday. On Saturday night I whacked and broke a toe, so I have been “grounded” to the recliner between visits to the doctor for examination etc.  The good news is, a toe will heal without much other care. It is buddy taped to it’s nearest toe and other than trying to stay off for a few day, it will be fine. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t worry with a doctor visit etc, but on Monday morning, I couldn’t put any weight on my foot and had to resort to a cane.  By today, I am well enough to leave the cane and just hobble. Hoping to maybe find my sewing room again! (I need a seam ripper from up there…as my handwork that I did under the influence of a pain pill leaves much to be desired!)

Before I go, let me again extend an invitation to visit —


and do check out some of the great video’s shot at this club –DelMarVa Model RR Club videos

Enjoy!  (And here is a more recent shot:  2015 Open House video

Happy Day after Thanksgiving

Well, it has been a busy but successful week. Since you last read, I managed to pull together the luncheon at church with plenty of food and hungry people fed. My chicken and dumplings were delicious, and there was just enough left in the crock pot to get me lunch a couple of days this week. I also had a nice gathering Tuesday of the Queen Bee’s. Though we were small in number there had been plenty of progress made on the monthly UFO challenge.  I put photo’s of their projects up on my Facebook page –

I had fun getting ready for the ladies – deciding on where to set my Autumn Jubilee creations.

First Autumn Jubilee runner

The “first” Autumn Jubilee runner fit perfectly on the top of the buffet.

Autumn Jubilee Tablescape

The “second” Autumn Jubilee runner I made a tad longer, and it worked well on the dining room table.

Autumn Jubilee placemat tablescape

Then I decided to use the placemats on top of my 2 treadle sewing machines in the dining room.

Autumn Jubilee Placemat Tablescape

Which of course, I had to remove so the quilters could see the machines hiding underneath.  One of these days, I am going to thread those machines and do a little stitching!

And then of course, the big day on Thursday, with Thanksgiving.  I was asked to bring the sausage stuffing; the cranberry sauce and an apple pie.  I did some of my cooking on Wednesday and the rest on Thursday before traveling a very short distance to enjoy the afternoon with family.

I posted and shared to Facebook my favorite Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce (must be over 21 to enjoy).

Cranberry sauce

The recipe can be found on Epicurious . com .  The adults seem to really love this recipe.  I have made this for the last several Thanksgivings, from fresh cranberries.  This year, I doubled the recipe, and think the “doubling” of the liquids was a bit “much”.  At least, I felt that way when I made it Wednesday.   You introduce the vodka and triple sec into the cooled cooked berries.  I felt like it was too watery.  I left it to chill over night and it did thicken up, but not as much as I had hoped. Thursday morning, I strained the chilled cranberry sauce and drained off into a kettle the excess liquid and reduced it down to a more syrup like consistency.  After the syrup cooled, I reincorporated it back into the cranberry sauce and refrigerated for several more hours.  It did help with the “less fluid” look of the cranberry sauce.   And, there was only a little bit left to have as leftovers, so I guess it was well received.  So, maybe I boiled off the booze, but I think the overnight “steeping” allowed for much absorption by the berries.  If I double batched again, I think I would not fully double the liquor.  All was well and those that eat cranberry sauce seem to love this recipe.  Of course, now with a little one in the family, I may be asked to forgo the favored recipe for one that is made in a more traditional fashion.

My son-in-law likes apple pie, so I did a deep dish.  It is fun to get out the gadgets when it comes to cooking. The Apple-peeler-corer -slicer device is a Pampered Chef item, as is the big measuring cup behind it.

Apple peeler corer slicer in action

Apple pie prep

Setting the peeling blade depth just right takes some practice, and if your apple is odd shaped, sometimes you get left with a bit of peel on the slice.  I like Granny Smith apples for pie the best because they “hold up” to the cooking.  I used the Pampered chef stone “Deep Dish baker” for the pie, and was surprised how much my crust shrunk in places and how much these apples “cooked down”.  My next pie (note to self) will be stuffed with even more filling!  Epicurious had a great article called How to make the Best Apple Pie . It talked about the liquid in apples and how to use that to your best advantage.  I followed their suggestion, and no soggy bottom pie!  (It also helped when it came to those cranberries!)


We had a delightful  time and enjoyed everything.  My granddaughter was decked out for dinner in  one of my latest bib creations.  (I got to sew on Wednesday, and after I finished up the table runner I was working on, I got busy making 4 new bibs!!)  I can’t believe I failed to take a picture of her “first Thanksgiving”.  She did look adorable in her Turkey football bib!  (The triangle shape is so stylish when worn, and great for a teething baby; but not the “best” for keeping mashed potatoes off the clothes or out of the hair!)

Fall fashion bibs

flannel backed bibs

Traditional bibs

Flannel backsides

There was to be some fun with the food and the eating at Thanksgiving.

Turkey platter

My daughter made this creative platter!  It was hard to reach in and spoil the design!  I can report it was delicious!  I had some  fun while cooking, taking and sending pictures back and forth with my daughter who is many states away.  My saute pan full of onions, garlic and celery was aromatic, but the picture doesn’t do it justice.  Somehow stuffing never made the photo book!  (It was however tasty.)  Both daughters are fun to hang out in the kitchen and share cooking duties. They share their recipes, menus and ideas freely.  So, even if we are far away from each other, it is like we spent some part of the day together.

Today is “my day”.  I have some sewing that needs to get done before tomorrow – TRAIN pillowcases.   No black Friday shopping – no mystery quilt (either one) for me !  Then the next 2 days are TRAIN days —2016-train-club-flyer

Maybe I will see you this weekend.  It’s worth a drive if you in the mid-Atlantic area.


note – The Autumn Jubilee pattern is by Carole – From My Carolina Home

What’s on your plate today?

I’m up early, making lists in my head while I get through my first cup of coffee.

My plate is full this week, and will be for several more.  So many things going on and very little sewing again!  I am working on the “two sided” table runner, need to add borders to the Autumn side so it is equal in width to the Christmas side. That should be fairly easy to get finished if I get a few hours to work.  Maybe by Friday I can sneak some time for sewing in to my schedule!

I am coordinating a meal at church for Sunday for the congregation and need to put the list to paper.  It is a simple meal of hearty soups, salads, bread/rolls, drinks and desserts.

I have a soup to prepare (Chicken and dumplings) and all the salad.  There is an early morning grocery shopping trip planned for me today.  I am operating on faith that the sign up sheet was filled in by church members.  I haven’t been able to get back to the church and take a look.

I have to make a list of what needs “done” tomorrow.  It will all work out, but if I have a list, the little stuff doesn’t get forgotten.

I have a group here on Tuesday for a “quilt bee” and have to figure out what I am serving and make that shopping list too.  (And clean the house………). Then a meeting at church on Tuesday night.

Wednesday will be another “cooking day” prepping for the Thanksgiving meal….my job is the Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce, the Stuffing, and Apple pie.  Must check the recipes, ingredients on hand and make that shopping list too.  That will probably be an early morning trip on Wednesday. My stuffing has mushrooms and sausage in it, and I want them as fresh as possible.

Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house, with this little fun one! She is in the taste everything stage, and has just started to crawl.  I got to babysit yesterday and had fun on the floor with her.

Tasty rainbow

Friday is the big “Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt” day.  And, I am not doing it this year.  I’m sure it will be fabulous, beautiful and fun, but I just can’t.  I have too many projects underway, to many quilt tops on hangers to quilt to start anything else.  It is a let down for sure after the excitement in the past 2 years. I will follow Bonnie and the  mystery quilt  on her blog and on Facebook and enjoy it from a distance.  There is another “quilt-along” that I am watching from a distance too –  Carole at From My Carolina Home has one called Scrap Dance Waltz Quilt along underway.  I’m tempted to do just a table runner.  Speaking of lists….I need to really put together a priority list for things I want to finish in the sewing room.  Poor Mittens the Cat still hangs on the design wall; with his last 9 rows waiting to be stitched.  Haven’t touched him since before I went to Texas to visit the grandkids a month ago. And then there are the 2 Bonnie Hunter projects from the classes in September; bins on the floor in front of the design wall.  Like I said….I am not starting any more mystery or quilt along projects!  (I think I will save the patterns for “down the road”).  My time in my sewing room has been mostly directed to the guild donations, sorting, ironing, folding, pricing etc. It is very time consuming and distracting to say the least. Hoping to make some headway there in the next few weeks with volunteers coming on various days.

The next 2 weekends I spend with my hubby and his model railroad club.  Last year I made a bunch of pillowcases to sell and they did well.  I have the fabric to do more “Thomas” ones, but haven’t gotten there yet either.  If you know anyone in the mid-Atlantic area who loves trains – share this flier  with them!  2016-train-club-flyer

I will be keeping the line moving in the door, with raffle tickets and scavenger hunt information!

So, the lists in my head are long, and woke me up before 5 today. (I was asleep early yesterday, as I was worn out from grandma duty ) I need another cup of coffee to get in gear as 6 am approaches.  I need a pen and paper to get those random thoughts written down before they escape my sleepy head.

What’s on your plate this weekend?


Refurbishing a chair

I was so inspired today at my “Sit & Sew Camp” by another quilter who demo’d how to reupholster a folding chair. Recently our guild held an auction, and 2 chairs covered in Kaffee Fassett fabric were sold for upwards of $200+ dollars for the pair. So, today at our camp, quilter Cheryl showed us how easy it was to remove the seat and back of the chair and recover them quickly with fresh modern fabric.

At home, I had a computer chair in the kitchen that has 10+ years of wear and tear.  Typical office chair with ugly scratchy fabric – in a blue gray; with lots of wear marks along the front edge.  I came home and chatted with hubby, and one thing led to another, and the next thing you know, we were disassembling the chair.  While hubby worked on stable removal, I went out to the sewing room in the garage and pulled a bolt of upholstery fabric off the shelf.  I cut 2 pieces and came back in the house.

Old chair fabric

We worked for a couple of hours before dinner, and an hour after dinner, and before you know it, we were finished!

What a difference new fabric made on the chair.  I would not have accomplished this much in an evening if it hadn’t been for hubby and his power tools, air compressor and air stapler.  He has had a bit of practice with  reupholstery and did an  excellent job lining up the fabric pattern. I added an extra layer of batting over the seat foam cushion to give a bit of extra comfort.

Refurbished chair

I decided that a nice shot of Scotchguard fabric protector would be a good idea, since the chair is always at the computer in the kitchen (and I drink coffee in that chair !)  After we finished with the reassembly, I rolled it outside to the front porch for a blast of scotchguard!  I will let it dry and air out for a day before using it.  Big improvement in my “computer chair” life!  Now, if I can keep the silly cat from trying to claw the edge of the chair as he tries to get my attention, I will be happy!

I will share pictures from Sit & Sew camp after we conclude on Friday. I feel like I spent a lot of time sewing today, but was merely building bits and pieces.  More later…early start on Friday.

Happy stitching…(feeling blessed to have a hubby who puts up with my whims!)

Sharing the fun and more

NOTE: REVISED POST –  Sometimes my links I enter “disappear” between the time I add them, and the time I finish.  In this post the link to Bonnie’s Show & Share dropped off.  It is now reposted!  Bonnie Hunter’s blog address is http://www.quiltville.blogspot.com .

Now, back to my post…………..

So, as you may have read – a few days with Bonnie Hunter – at a class; a lecture or a retreat can be a lot of fun!  My friend Judy commented that “You have more fun than the rest of us put together”.   Well, I do try! At this point in life, if it is not fun , then I am not doing it! PERIOD.  There are a lot of “levels” of what I would call fun.  From the blissful joy of holding a new grandchild for the first time, to the wonderful feeling you get when you serve meals at church, to the companionship and friendship, conversations and coffee while you sort and fold donated fabric, to the gathering of friends to sew together, or the peaceful quiet of the morning with your first cup of coffee.  Maybe fun is the wrong word….perhaps joy is a better choice.  I am trying very hard to have JOY in my life everyday; and to not allow the negative to seep in.  I am choosing to only work on those projects that give me  personal joy; or projects that will be bringing joy to someone else. I do look forward to sewing today, finishing up a few baby bibs, and then working on a pillowcase for one of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild  community service project, and a tote bag – big enough to carry a turkey, for Helping Hands Quilt Guild.  The pillowcases go to patients at local hospitals who getting chemo or are in patient and need cheering up. The tote bag will go to the food pantry that is held in the same church as Helping Hands Quilt Guild meets. I try to do my “best work” and pray that those who get these items feel a little joy during a difficult time in their life.

As I opened up my emails/blogs/Facebook etc., before coffee this morning, I saw another of Bonnie Hunter’s posts with photo’s of her trip to Dover DE.    Bonnie’s Show & Share in Dover DE   on her  blog post.  Quick, open it in another page then come back.

Are you back? Good, didn’t want you to miss the rest of my post.  Flip back and forth or split your screen!  Or, read this whole post and go visit Bonnie and then come back!

The  second thing I saw on the post,  was a picture of me helping Edna hold her Allietare quilt. (Edna and I were room-mates for our little get-away.)  Notice the lovely scalloped borders on hers! That means it is quilted, and bound.  The 3rd photo is me (in green) holding MY Allietare quilt.  I changed up the colors; and mine is still a work in progress.  (I went for greens and browns instead of the greys and blacks the pattern called for.) I want a final border so it fits my king size bed.  I showed the inspiration fabric with the quilt, but it doesn’t show in any of the photos.  I plan to use it somewhere on the quilt, but I am still “not there”.

Be sure to read the lovely embroidered label that Edna has on her quilt!  Go one, go check out all the photo’s on Bonnies blog, run the slide show. Turn your speakers down a notch or two. Don’t forget to come back!

On other matters – I run the “Second Time Around” table at Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  We get lots of donated items from members, and from people who find the guild through other means and have items to donate.  Last Friday I went to pick up an entire “sewing room” of donations.  I filled my trunk, back seat and front seat with those donations.  On Wednesday and Thursday this week, different guild members came over to help me sort, iron, measure, and price fabrics.  We support our Community Service projects with this donated fabrics.  My helpers were looking for things that would make great baby quilts and pillowcase; and while they were sorting they really helped me get through a few of these bags.  I have many more days of sorting and folding and pricing to do before I get this pile into nice neat little stacks of fabrics.  I am setting some items aside for the quilt show next summer, but also boxing up items to sell at the guild meeting in November and during the coming year.


DONATIONS to be sorted

Yes, everything on and under that brown table was donated!  And boy there were some treasures!

More fun/joy – My newest grandchild, Addison, stopped by yesterday with her mommy.  She got to visit with 2 of my quilting friends, Nancy and De, and arrived at JUST the right time.  We had been sorting and folding and ironing and pricing donated fabric for about 3 1/2 hours when she got here.  We were working on this big pile of donations!  (This was day 2 for me of the sorting and folding and ironing, so I was happy to be distracted).

It was a great stopping point and so much fun to sit and look at a sweet baby while her mommy went through my fat quarter baskets in search of fabric for “more bibs”.

Addison is 6 months old, and has 2 bottom teeth that just broke through.  She is drooling like a wet Rottweiler!  My friend Nancy, has been an expert “bib” maker, having a grandson who needed LOTS of bibs.  She gifted me her patterns and left over PUL**   fabric, and 4 bibs already cut out.  I had dug in my bins for flannel and for some other fabrics; ordered a snap-tool and set of snaps and got busy last week.  I picked up the snap tool on Wednesday. (Did you know you can order just about anything at Walmart.com and get free shipping for pick up at the store?)  The snap-tool I got was the Babyville brand, and I ordered a package of snaps.  It works very easily.   Grandpa did the first batch of snaps, and I did the second batch. They were ready to hand off to Addison when she came to visit.

Bandanna Bibs

Fish Fabric

Star Wars Flannel

Firetrucks and dino's

Fun Fabrics

I wish I had “snapped” a photo of her sitting on a quilt in my sewing room, playing with the stack of bibs!  I sent her home with 9, and have started another 3.

I just ordered another yard of PUL fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. It was on sale, and I got another 25% off, so I don’t mind paying their high shipping.  I am putting the bibs together with a layer of quilters cotton, a layer of PUL fabric in the middle, and a layer of nice flannel on the back.  These are quick and easy to sew.  My daughter pulled out some interesting fabrics for the next batch, and I have it all pre-washed and ready to cut.  Addison will be a fashionista in her batiks and small print florals!  These bibs are really fat quarter friendly.   I think I may modify the next pattern slightly so that the pattern can be cut on the fold, and I won’t have to worry about “right sides” when I cut the PUL fabric.  I also am waiting on a “review” of the bib to see how absorbent it is. I might put a layer of quilters cotton batting in there to “soak up”.  The PUL does help keep the “soaking thru”, but I am guessing a little extra thickness might be good.  I could practice a little free motion quilting on the bib before I finish the assembly.  Stitching through the PUL fabric defeats the purpose, but I could layer the quilters cotton and the batting; quilt it a bit to reduce the bulk with a tear away stabilizer behind it, then layer it with the PUL and the flannel.   Open to other ideas if you have one!

I hope what ever you are doing today brings joy to you and those around you.

**PUL fabric is Soft, Breathable, Waterproof “PUL” (Polyurethane Laminate) is a fabric laminated with waterproof polyurethane on the back. It is popular and effective for cloth diapers, diaper covers, bibs, diaper bags, wet bags, changing pads and more