Catching up on the Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt

I have had some time in the last week to get all caught up on the Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt.  If you are interested in the pattern or details about the mystery, visit the link above and check out the From My Carolina Home blog.  

I am dancing toward a king size quilt, so I had LOTS of flying geese to make.  I used the method in the pattern for construction of more than 200 geese.  The whites of the ‘wings’ are scrappy, but I worked hard to make sure I had “matching” wings as I was doing the construction.

Flying Geese for the Scrap Dance Minuet

I used the Studio 180 (Deb Tucker) “Wing Clipper” tool to do all the trimming.  In fact, that Wing Clipper has made the rounds of the members of the Queen Bee’s who are also working on the mystery.  I am handing it off to the “next” QB member today at the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild meeting.  It is a VERY handy tool for trimming the geese.  I don’t think Pam or Nancy L had quite as many to trim as they were pretty quick.  I know Sharon is working on the same size as me and she will be trimming for a few days!  The rotating cutting mat was helpful too when trimming.  I filled a container with the slivers I trimmed off and vacuumed up a lot of those tiny bits yesterday!  Funny how some bits will fly off the cutting table!

After all my trimming of the FG was done, I opened my container to put them in with the 4 patches from March.  I decided to sort the 4 patches by color. That was harder to do because they were SO scrappy.  I keep looking at the two stacks with the “darker” greens/browns and can’t decide about them.  I may take another look later and remove them and in exchange make some more with more “spring like” colors.  Scraps are abundant at my house, so replacing them if they are not pleasing won’t be a problem.  I can always incorporate the “darker” greens/browns into something else.

Lots of 4 patches for the mystery quilt

The next “Step” in the Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt come out the 2nd Friday in May; so I am caught up and ready to dance again!

I wanted to share with you the completion of the quilt the Queen Bee’s did for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt project –

Queen Bees Carolina Hurricane Quilt

The quilt blocks were constructed by the members of the Queen Bees and quilted by member Sharon.  Marta made the nice label.  I have had it sitting; binding made for 2  months, waiting for an opportunity to get the binding on. That happened this past week, and it is now “ready to ship”.

The photo below shows the entire quilt “pre binding”.  (Gosh, that was February….red face) Between surgery on my hand, recovery, travel, and the quilt show….it just languished in the sewing room.  Post quilt show, I was able to completely clear my big table which left me space to lay the quilt out, and get the binding pinned on.

My husband laughed when he saw how many times I moved between my sewing machine and the big ironing board and the big table.  I don’t know how others do it, but I like to spread a quilt out and work down a side with my pins/red clips when turning the binding over for stitching. Because I use “Susie’s Magic Binding” method, everything is done on the sewing machine. The only hand work for me was stitching 2 edges of the label.  The other edges of the label are under the edge of the binding.

Queen Bees Carolina Hurricane Quilt

12″ blocks  – 72×96

If you would like more information on the Carolina Hurricane Quilt project; visit From My Carolina Home

The need is still great and perhaps you can help in one of the many ways suggested at the above link.

That’s it for today! Guild meeting in 2 hours and I have to finish up sandwiches for our Spring Luncheon today!

Are you working on the Scrap Dance Minuet mystery?  What is your favorite way to trim flying geese??


Quilt Show success!

The quilt show for Ocean Waves Quilt Guild happened “last” weekend.  If you are a “regular reader” you know I have spent “months” getting ready as part of my role in the guild with the Second Time Around committee.

Lots of donated fabric came in; and lots of volunteers have been over to my house to press trim, measure, price and fold fabric for the show.  The end result was over  40 boxes of fabric to be set up and displayed and sold for the good of the Guild. This helped offset some of the overhead of putting on a very professional looking show by the Guild. It’s an expensive endeavor and the costs continue to climb for things like rental of pipe & drape; programs, insurance etc.

A guild holds the show for several reasons in my opinion – 1) to have a local place for members to display their quilts in a public setting; 2) to share with the community all of the amazing talent; 3) to raise money for the guild to offset the cost of the speakers and teachers  who come to  monthly meetings and to help finance  charitable efforts.  A show of the scale that our Guild puts on is huge. Over 300 quilts; 30+ vendors, and over 1300 attendees and a national speaker is a lot to manage.  Our show chairs did an amazing job.

You can see, the Second Time Around committee is just one of the many “moving parts” and without all the numerous volunteers, we could not have been as successful as we were.  If you were one of the volunteers working with Second Time Around, over the last week or year, I can’t thank you enough.  If you donated fabric to the Guild, your items were well received.

Here is a “peak” at some of the activity from my little part of the show!  2 days before the show opened, I had drivers come with SUV’s and “load up” with boxes and totes.  Banker boxes are the perfect size for our age group of 60+ backs to lift and carry. Fabric is HEAVY!

Loading up for the show

The morning before the show; those same drivers delivered to the school where the show was held.  I had them come at staggered times so we could get them unloaded and the boxes etc into the building. Preliminary set up of the booth was done by 3 of us.

Setting up for the show

We staged boxes where we needed them so when the “volunteer work crew” came in the afternoon they could start right up setting the tables. We used dollies and carts to get all the totes and boxes into the building; step ladders to hang our signs and display items on the pipe & drape, milk crates and baskets to create risers and elevation for display, and several bolts of muslin to “cover” the bigger school tables. Those tables that are provided for each “booth” by the pipe & drape company are narrow and short; so we arranged for additional “school” tables and that really helped to fill our  40 ft booth.  We also used 2 playpens for our “fill a bag” with scraps and ties.

Setting this all up and making multiple trips to the drop off point outside the school gave us ALL some exercise!

Fitbit busy day

Every one of us got a good “workout” for the set up day!

If you click in on the photo below; you will see some signs with our pricing and “suggestions” on how to use scraps & ties.  For more info, you can look back at my earlier post Final Prep for the Quilt Show that has details on those signs

2nd Time Around Booth for the Quilt Show

The string quilt top in the photo below is one of mine hanging to “spark ideas” for scraps.

Second Time Around Booth OWQG

We had a serger donated and we sold it; along with LOTS of fat quarters.  My team did a great job “marketing” the booth.

Serger for sale at show

We had lots of panels to sell and figured the drying rack was an effective way to put them on display!

2nd Time around booth

We even sold “wreath kits” for the wreaths we had made back in January. (More on those on my post here – Feeling a little crafty ).  They SOLD OUT!  We also sold 2 vintage quilts and were delighted when the appraiser came over and offered a pricing suggestion.

All in all; set up day went well, and the next 2 days of the show were a blur of sales. By 2 pm on Friday; all 40+ boxes of fabric were out on the table for sale.  The volunteers were restocking as fast as I was “ringing the cash register”.    The “shopping baskets” I got at Dollar Tree were a huge hit. The volunteers handed baskets to shoppers.  We sold bags and bags of scraps and ties and buttons.

My only opportunity to walk around and look at the quilts in the main gym was on set up day for a few minutes, while they were still being hung. I did get to look closely at the quilts in the smaller gym where my booth was located. My phone for taking pictures was unavailable to me because it was being used for “credit card” transactions. So; no show pictures to share.  If you are a Facebook user, you can take a peek at the photo’s shared by someone from a nearby guild – Quilters by the Sea Guild Ocean Pines MD

When the show ended on Saturday; the volunteers “did the work” boxing up anything that was left-over. We did NOT bring much home. Take down was in the hands of my co-chair, Nancy. She kept everything organized while I dealt with getting money counted and turned in. Thankfully my dear hubby was there for the worst of the loading and organizing into vehicles.  Those racks; baskets; step ladders; extra folding table; stool; cash register and empty boxes all had to be “brought back home”.

We had taken a load of boxes home on set up day; and after all was unloaded at home; we broke them all back down to store in a giant tote for “the next show”.  Leftover fabric will end up back at the quilt guild in September when we resume selling at the 2nd Time Around tables before the meetings.  I plan on taking a break for a month or more after the show. I want to do a little sewing!  More about that next post!

Thanks to the 280 members at Ocean Waves Quilt Guild for the fantastic work making quilts to show and for all your hard work putting on a very successful show. My eyes glazed over seeing the work of the members, and then I saw the quilts.  

Curious – does your guild do shows?  Have you ever been involved in the organization of a show?  Do tell.  

Final Prep for the Quilt Show Second Time Around booth

I have a relaxing morning (for an hour at least) before the buzz starts.  This weekend is the quilt show with Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  (See previous post – Ocean Waves Quilt Guild presents Birds Blooms and Butterflies Quilt Show  )

Today I have to make a run to the church where our guild meets and “double check” the storage closet for items I might want to take to the show to sell.   We store things at the church for Second Time Around in between meetings, and I honestly don’t remember what I left in the closet since our March meeting.  After this leisurely morning things are going to “get hectic” !

This afternoon I have 3 people coming with their SUV’s to “load up” boxes.  We have over 40 boxes of fabric prepped for the show; so that takes a lot of space. ( My big lesson is to use the “SAME BOXES” so they stack and store easily.  I purchased bankers boxes last show and “between” shows they fold up and go into a couple of plastic totes.) My “drivers” will transport the boxes tomorrow morning to the school and  I will be there with a cart and a dolly to unload and roll into the small gym where my booth is located.  Three of us will do a lot of “staging” and preliminary set up of the booth before lunchtime.

I have 6 volunteers coming in the afternoon to help set the booth for the show. It is a VERY large booth so there is a lot to do.  When the show opens on Friday morning my volunteers will work in 2 hour shifts (5 or 6 at a time) in the booth helping shoppers; checking out customers; bagging purchases etc.    I’ve spent the last 2 months “organizing” all those schedules; booth plans etc in between getting the fabric ready.  Thank goodness for the people who have come once or twice a week in the last year to iron; trim; measure fold and price fabric donations.

I’m an “organizer” and I make lists and spreadsheets to keep it all straight; use a 3 ring binder and hope for the best results. The best part of our guild is that people volunteer readily. We have about 275 members and I am guessing I have had 30 different people helping me throughout the year. During the show I have close to 40 volunteers helping just with my booth. Amazing people, so willing to sign up and SHOW up.

My co-chair and I worked several days last week getting the final bits ready for our Second Time Around Booth.  Yesterday we got together and made up some “starter kits” to build your own wreath.  Back in February some of us got together and had fun with wire wreath frames; odds & ends from the sewing room and the hot glue gun. (See the photos and story at – Fun with buttons and more   )

We made 8 starter kits with instructions and the wire wreath.  In the kit we included some ribbon or lace to wrap the wreath; some old spools of thread, lots of buttons and other notions like bobbins and embroidery floss.  Our “marketing plan” is to display 3 or 4 of the wreaths we made in February near the kits!

I needed some signs for the quilt show to “promote” some of the unusual things we have to sell –

Scrap sign

We have a PLAYPEN full of BIG scraps and wanted to give people ideas on how to use them!


We have a PLAYPEN full of neckties too —

Signs for ties

Nancy made the zipper pouches, small purse and glasses case all from ties.  She is so creative.  Yesterday she sent me a picture of a wreath she made with ties. We will hang it at the show to inspire others!

You might remember that I have been sorting buttons for a while. I mentioned it in March on this  button post  . (It is like a “zen” time for me sorting buttons; by color and type etc….) I have had trays of buttons and cupcake tins and small containers on my dining room table for over a month. I bagged up all the “same” buttons in groups of 10 and 6 and the “unmatched buttons” all ended back into a shoebox sized plastic container.  At the show we will have about 15 baskets of buttons for sale that are bagged or carded along with the “loose” buttons.  I struggle with how to sell them and settled on a “fill the bag” method.


We all have those buttons at home; and wonder how to “use” them.  A few months ago I made a little “button art” project on a 4″x6″ canvas – and I thought I would set it on a tiny easel at the show to inspire.

Button art

After dinner I “played” with buttons for a bit.  I had a  styrofoam Christmas tree and got the glue and straight pins; a paintbrush and tweezers out.  I used the paintbrush to apply the white glue on the back of the button and the tweezers to hold it to keep my fingers from getting glue all over them.  This little button tree took me about an hour and I was just playing. In hindsight I think I should have painted it with green “before” I started.  I really enjoy playing with buttons with interesting shapes.  

Button tree

I hope we inspire the quilters to venture beyond the fabric and do something with buttons and ties and scraps at the show. I have been having fun with these little projects.  I know the blog has been pretty quiet these last few months too.  I am still recovering from hand surgery and hope to be “back to myself” soon.  (Typing with that one finger in a splint has ruined my  60 words a minute skill!)  My quilting efforts have been on the back burner for months too.  After the quilt show I am taking some time for “me to sew” again.   Thanks for following and your comments too!  Feel free to share the info on our quilt show with your friends.

Ocean Waves Quilt Guild presents: Birds, Blooms, and Butterflies Quilt Show

Coming up in just under 2 weeks is the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show – Birds, Blooms, and Butterflies!

The show will be held on Friday, April 26, 2019, 10 AM – 5 PM   and Saturday, April 27, 2019, 10 AM – 3 PM at Sussex Academy, 21150 Airport Road, Georgetown, DE 19947


Beyond the 300+ works of art being showed (YES, quilts are works of art!), Victoria Findlay Wolfe will present a Lecture and Trunk Show 4/26/19 ( Friday’s  admission fee includes entrance to the Quilt Show and Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s lecture and trunk show starting at 5:15 PM)  Victoria has a shop in NYC. She is an artist with several books, most recent is her book “Playing with Purpose: A Quilt Retrospective”.  I can’t wait to see her trunk show and lecture on Friday!  Check out her website –  .

This is the third biannual show held by Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  We are excited to have the vendors below at our show –

                                          2019 OWQG Quilt Show Vendor Mart

Artistic Artifacts                           

    Batik, Bernina Machines & notions, Books, Dyes, Embellishments, Fabric, Ink, and WonderfilThread.  (I am really excited about them because I have a VERY nice gift certificate to use…..) 

Backbay Bottles                                     Facebook:  Backbaybottles

   Electrified Wine and Liquor Bottles decorated with paint. Check out their Facebook page.

  Bucklebee Bags                                                                                 

 Thoughtfully designed handbags. Our bags are fun and easy to sew, and beautiful to carry!

Cards and Crafts by J              

Catherine’s Quilting/Church Street Fabrics                             

  Professional Longarm Quilting, Fabric

Classy Yarns                                                                                             Facebook: Classy Yarns

  A craft business making beautiful hand knit scarves and handmade yarn necklaces.

Cork and Cloth                       

  Cork fabric is a renewable, sustainable, vegan, alternative to leather great for bags, purses& jewelry.

Delaware Sewing Center                                                              

  Janome machines, Floriani Stabilizers, and Dakota Embroidery Designs

Everything that Glitters  

   Scarves and necklaces.

Fabric Addict                                     

  Quilts of all sizes, wall hangings, embroidered tea towels, and some stained glass pieces.

Featherweights & Seam rippers     

  Fiber Arts of the Eastern shore (FACES)                                          

Journey Quilting                          Certified 180 Instructor                    Facebook:  Journey Quilting

  Studio 180 rulers, patterns, and Deb Tucker tools to help make quilt piecing more precise.

Martelli Enterprises                          

   We make tools, equipment, workstations & machines for sewing, quilting, & embroidery.

Moon-Child Wood Craft            

 Handmade using a scroll saw (no lasers) & other tools, using patterns of my own and purchased.

Nana’s Treasures                        

  Ribbon necklaces and “mini infinity” circular scarves,  goat milk soaps and homemade lotions. 

Pats Sacks of Titusville      

 Featuring feed sacks whole, pieces & items made from them + Vintage quilts top, quilts & pincushions.

Pink Crayon Studio            

 Fun Fabrics and Funky Finds!

Quilt Vine in Trappe, MD                                                             

 Designer fabric, notions, patterns, and books. We also have a line of our very own patterns.


  Premium quality, cotton fabrics from today’s top designers and manufacturers

Shakerwood Woolens             

 Crafting with wood or fabrics or textiles for many years + hand-dyed and mill-dyed wool.

Simply Created  

 Paper or buttons, origami framed art that is created with Japanese seashells and mosaic glass.

Spiezio Spice                               

 Landscape Art Quilt Kits, Beach bags, NFL Bags, Purses.

The Crabby Quilter                                                                    

 Annapolis’ premier quilt shop with more than 6,000 bolts fabric + BERNINA & Handi Quilter dealer.

The Correctional Arts Program, (JTVCC)

 Multi-medium artwork done on, but not limited to, canvas, paper, and/or wood done by inmate artists

The Pineapple Stitchery                                                             
  Boutique shopping, organic cotton fabrics, hand-made fair trade yarns, modern embroidery kits.

The Quilt Ledger                               

  Fine modern fabrics, quilting supplies, and sewing notions.

Trish Leeb Design Werks  

  Paper, Cloth, Metal. Fab items for Fabric Lovers.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe                                                             

  Featuring Victoria Findlay Wolfe products (fabric collections, books, and patterns).

Wood Quilt Blocks               

 Wood inlay designs, wall hangings, clocks, mirrors, pins, earrings, and wood turned sewing tools.

Oh, yes….don’t forget.…I will have the OWQG booth – Second Time Around – where I will be selling BEAUTIFUL fabrics for $3/yard; and fat quarters for $1, and scraps (Fill a gallon bag) and buttons and ties and more….

Wherever you are….make plans and come to the show!  Details –

Machine embroidery and buttons

Last week my friend Nancy B. came over and lent her two good hands to my embroidery project. She got my fabric and stabilizer hooped for me and I was able to get busy and stitch out a verse on a quilt square. I wrote about the project in detail yesterday.

I was so pleased that I was successful with that project I decided to try on my own and finally get a couple of tank tops done. Anyone who has spent time in my sewing room has seen them just hanging out on a hook for almost a year, waiting.

Of course the first thing I did was ponder what to stitch. Then the choice of threads has to be considered. I consulted with the hubby on the first shirt. I had a varigated thread in mind and he recommended to wait until after the first part stitched before choosing the second color. It was good advice.

What shows as background in teal is where I chose to use the varigated. The design is called Another swirly shell from

As a 4×4 design it did well. I choose a medium brown for the shell to ensure adequate contrast. Made that $5 tank top look quite beachy. The variety of colors don’t lock me into specific colors to wear with this top.

When I got the next tank off the hangar I decided that the color of the shirt called for something pretty specific.

This design, Floral Anchor with a rope, by Oh My is an applique embroidery project. Again I did a 4×4. And it was just shy of 10,000 stitches.

It was much more work but the results pleased me. Both shirt photos were taken right away. I have washed each shirt and am satisfied with the results. They could each use a touch with the steam iron before I pack them in my suitcase this week. I like working on inexpensive t-shirts and tanks when I am practicing with the embroidery machine.

I used my new thread stand during the stitching of these 2 shirts. My Queen Bee friend Marta gifted me a stand her husband had made. It really worked like a champ . I guess I should take a better photo, but I forget before I started this post.

I spent some time on Friday with buttons. One tin of donated buttons really needed some work. They felt grimey when I handled them. I brought the tin in from the sewing room and got out my salad spinner. A little Dawn dish soap and water and 6 loads of buttons later, they were clean and pretty again. Note.. some buttons escape the confines of the salad spinner and it helps to have a strainer in the drain if the sink.

There were big wooden buttons and some that felt like stone

I set them out on cookie sheets covered with dish towels to dry and pick through. I’m glad I did because there were all kinds of stuff in the button tin besides buttons. I must have thrown away 10 thumb tacks and other weird implements I can’t even describe.

Right away I could see that there were lots of matching buttons.

This was just the beginning of the sorting and I knew I could make up some sets of six or eight matching buttons easily.

Sorting feels like therapy. I like the texture and shapes. It was tons of fun until I got to the boring white brown and black buttons.

Still contemplating how to merchandise these beautiful buttons in the 2nd Time Around booth at the quilt show. I’m considering a few ideas. I’ll let you know!😁

Do you have a collection of buttons on hand? How are they stored? Do you ever use any of them?

Back to projects – Senior Quilts 2019

Slowly I am building up speed….like an old locomotive building up steam and chugging up the hill.  The long finger on my right hand is still splinted. A visit to my surgeon is scheduled for the end of the week, and I know he will say “3 more weeks”.

I did some sewing in the last 2 weeks.  Senior Quilts is a project at my church where we make a quilt for each of our High School graduates. The idea is to wrap the graduate in love and send them ‘off to their future endeavors’ with a reminder that the church is a place they can call home, to return as often as they can, and that they are always wrapped in the love of the members and the love of Jesus, no matter where they go.

 At my February Queen Bees gathering I used the “design floor” and laid out blocks for a quilt.  With the help of my friends Judy and Suzanne, a pleasing arrangement of the blocks came about.

Layout for the "next" senior quilt

There is only one graduate at church this year. I coordinate the “Senior Quilts” project.   Judy is one of our member quilters, so I was happy to have her input. I figured I could assemble the top fairly quickly and used the “webbing method” to keep the blocks in order. (The are 8.5″ square).  I got it assembled over the course of the following week, everything except the final row and the top right block.  Those blocks get a photo and a bible verse.

This Friday my friend Nancy B. came over and she “hooped” the block for me to embroider.  I didn’t think I was up for hooping with my splinted finger.  All went well and I managed to stitch out the verse.

Verse on the quilt

The verse was chosen by the mother of the graduate. The source (besides the bible) of the digitizing is Designs By JuJu. If you are looking for scripture to stitch out she has many available for FREE on her page. I give the parents each year the link to her embroidery designs and ask them to choose. This was done on a 4×4 hoop.  It came out very clear for being so many lines in the small space.  I oversize the piece of fabric then cut it to 8.5″ square after the stitching is finished. I use no-show fusible mesh on the back and float a piece of cutaway under the hoop.

I also “print on fabric” a photo of the church.

Church photo on the corner

I use a product available at JoAnn’s —  Printed Treasures Ink Jet Fabric Sheets 8.5\u0022X11\u0022-100% Cotton Percale with great success.  I have the photo set up to print 2 per page, then I trim and stitch to a plain muslin block.  It helps to have a piece of stabilizer behind the block when stitching on the muslin this close. I used a blanket stitch and put a piece of cutaway behind it.  The cutaway is very soft and will remain in the quilt.  When printing on fabric I made certain that all the settings were at their highest quality. I also heat-set the photo with the iron from the top (with a pressing cloth) and from the backside.

The last blocks were added to the quilt and I gave it a good press and delivered yesterday to the church.  I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo of the finished top, so quickly used the “design floor” again and threw it down for a photo. It isn’t the best picture because I was in a hurry and didn’t smooth it out.

Senior quilt 2019

The color green was a suggestion by the grad’s mom and she mentioned he was an “EAGLES” fan.  Finding fabrics for young men can be a challenge. I have 3 containers of “church fabric” mostly donated by a church member. I was able to come up with some great prints that were “not florals”.  I got in my bin and dug out one fabric that I thought was appropriate too.  All in all it came together quickly.  The quilt will be out in the Narthex of the church (Reformation Lutheran Church Milford ) for several Sunday mornings.  Congregation members will have an opportunity to sign the quilt and offer messages of inspiration and hope for the future. Towards the end of April several of us will gather together and layer the quilt and tie it. Presentation is scheduled for Mother’s Day.

This is the 11th year I have been involved with Senior Quilts. I owe the origins of my quilting life to this project, and blame my husband for elbowing me in church telling me “You can do THAT, it’s just straight stitches”.  I also hold Pastor John, now retired, responsible for my quilting life!   I’ve been the coordinator of the project off & on for 10 years.  I took a 2 year break and let another quilter lead the charge when I was “stressed out” by too many years of too many grads.  Some years we have had as many as 15 graduates.  The last couple of years the numbers have dwindled. The future years there is an upswing in numbers of youth attending church and the project will take a lot more time. Thankfully for me this was an easy year.


Do you love buttons?

I can’t bring myself to get rid of all these containers of buttons that are donated to the quilt guild.  Shoe boxes, metal tins, ziplock bags, all full of buttons.  Hundreds and hundreds!    I am guessing I have over 20,000 buttons around, waiting for someone to love them!

They are HARD TO SELL at the meetings, because everyone seems to have a bin “just like it” at home. I’ve had “notion” sales at the guild meeting and the buttons sell here and there, but not a lot at a time.

And not all Quilters are crafters!  (I am the first to raise my hand and pronounce I am ‘not crafty’)

I was in Old Town Alexandria Virginia in January and saw “VINTAGE BUTTONS” for sale.

Vintage buttons for sale

There were many on cards, and I thought hmmm…..maybe I am underpricing my carded buttons.  I can’t give them away for 50 cents for 6 buttons or 10 cents for 3 buttons. Maybe I should RAISE the price…..

I’ve sorted and bagged matching buttons. I’ve got 4 cupcake tins full of sorted buttons right now to bag up.  Talk about labor intensive.  The more I sort, the more I love the buttons!  Should I raise the price and rebrand them as “vintage”.  Surely they are!  The metal buttons are my favorite!

  What to do???

My 2nd Time Around Co-chair and I have been pondering the question!  How to get people excited about buttons and ways to use them, beyond your typical garment sewing. How to sell them?   We are getting ready for the  Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show   on April 26 & April 27, 2019.  My 2nd Time Around committee is going to have a huge booth with lots of fabric for sale.  We are also going to SELL these buttons!  But before they sell, we have to INSPIRE people to buy them!

We’ve been looking at ideas  for crafting with buttons on Pinterest – and I have a “few pins” – Button Fun!

We made a few projects and I wrote about them here Feeling a little crafty   and here Fun with buttons and More!

Carole at  From My Carolina Home  has a great blog post today called Buttonmania Strikes Again !!  Over the years she has posted some very clever projects using buttons.  Oh, yes, she has a Pinterest board too and gives you “fair warning” about going down that rabbit hole!  (I have to set a 20 minute timer when I start on Pinterest).

So, all that said, there is no lack of creative ways to USE these buttons!

We have decided to sell the loose buttons at the show in a “fill a bag” manner.  A big bin of buttons to look through and square snack bags to load up with your treasures for $1.  We are going to display our “sewing room wreaths” to inspire others, and between now and then perhaps make a few more “button crafts”.

The other fun thing we are going to do is make “wreath kits”. Quart size bag full of assorted threads and notions, buttons and lace so you can build your “own” wreath.  We will make just a limited number and see if there is an interest.

Do you have a button box?  What do you save them for?  Have you done any button crafting?  Would you share your ideas?

Don’t forget to hop over to Carole’s blog post and when you comment, tell her I sent you there!

Happy crafting with buttons!

Be sure to check out the  OWQG SHOW  page.  Victoria Findlay Wolfe  is coming and has a special exhibit and lecture and trunk show! She is a spectacular quilter and teacher!  Check out her website –