Scrap Decisions

I have mastered the scraps!  I have battled and won!  They are contained!  I have trimmed and cut and put order to some of the chaos and declare victory! Phew….that’s enough for now!  Yesterday I declared victory over the basket of blues, and since then I have gone through the red & oranges and basket of browns & blacks.  The yellow stacker is EMPTY!  (Ok; I haven’t tackled the laundry hamper and those zip lock bags, but I have met my goal!!!)

I was getting a little anxious because nearly a week has gone by and I had not “pulled” my fabric for Carole’s Scrap Dance Square Dance Mystery Quilt!  Are you dancing too???  Info on the mystery is here – Square Dance Begins

As I was taming the scraps, I was setting aside pieces cut to size for the Square Dance Mystery.

Step One is to cut those fabrics.

Today, I gathered up those pieces and counted out what was required and determined I had plenty set out for a Twin Sized project.  All is ready except my fabric A which needs to be cut.

Scrap Dance Square Dance Fabric pull

(Do you see Elvis?)  (Notice the Superman fabric?)  (How about those wonderful fish?) (and Cats?) (hiding in among these lovelies are llamas too!)

Selections for Scrap Dance Square Dance


Everything came directly from the scraps in the “yellow stacker” that I have mentioned in the last few blog posts except Fabric A.  I (gasp) took it out of my neutral box that was set aside for my Bonnie Hunter project that is a UFO. It was “just the right size”.  I went with it because Carole had suggested a tone on tone would be favorable for this constant Fabric A.

Fabric A - the ONE constant

So, many thanks to the friends who have gifted me their scraps in the last year!  I look forward to including them all in this Square Dance mystery!

When you are out “shopping” for fabrics, I strongly encourage you to pick up a few yards of those great neutrals that work for background fabrics and stash them away.  A few days ago a friend of mine came in search of “low volume” neutrals for background fabrics. Sometimes they are not easy to find, and we went “digging” in the scrap bins for her bits and pieces.

I am heading “back” to the sewing room to cut “Fabric A” and put all those lovely scraps that I have cut and sorted for this project into a nice basket to await Step 2 in February!  And, perhaps, between now and then I will get back to one of those other projects that has been hanging around for a while!

Happy scrapping!

PS – One of my readers asked “what sizes” do I cut and save – Here is “MY” list – which, as I have mentioned is a combination of Bonnie Hunter and Joan Ford.  I have this list on the wall by my cutting table, and it is a good reminder. It helps me to look at the fabric and get the best use from a raggedy mess!  Remember – press and CUT THE SCRAPS!

1.5 2 x 3
2 2 x 3.5
2.5 2.5 x 3.5
3 2.5 x 6
3.5 2.5 x 6.5
4.5 3 x 5
5 3.5 x 6

10 thoughts on “Scrap Decisions

  1. Oh, my! I didn’t realize you cut your scraps into bricks too! Too much, too much. I’m just leaving my extra large, say 10 inch pieces as squares and will cut as needed in the future. It’s too hard to know what I might actually need. Of course, you are a the queen of scraps. I could never hope to keep up with you. Love your fabric selections. It’s a lot of fun using up those novelties. I really enjoy fussy cutting them and tucking them in as little surprises in scrap quilts when possible. I still remember the purple hedgehog fabric strips you sent to put in our collaboration quilt for Cathi. I still have some of them tucked away.
    Happy quilting!

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    • I don’t do a “lot” of bricks. Mostly I let the scrap dictate what it will be turned into. I try to get the “biggest bit” I can from the scrap. Anything over 12×12 stays whole. I would estimate that 5% ends up in bricks, mostly it ends up in strips or squares. And to be honest, when I had a big pile last night of strips of varying widths, I didn’t even bother trimming, they went in the “string box”, all together.

      The Square dance uses some “bricks” which are sizes that I normally would not cut. I do cut 2.5″ and 3″ strips, but not at those lengths. If I was storing them, they would have been left w.o.f. Fabric selection includes a bunch of pieces of grey left over from the “pet mosaic”.

      Chart was for Mona’s benefit! 🙂


    • Good suggestion on your part. The scraps “talk to me” sometimes about “how” to cut them up. I get a lot of “gifts” that have been fussy cut, and they are the most challenging. I lean towards squares most of the time and have got a HUGE collection of 5, 4.5, 4, 3 etc. I think I was nuts cutting 1.5 squares.


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    • LOLOLOL….I am crazy organized but also disorganized in chaos a lot! My “scrap management” tends to go in “chunks of time”. My intentions are so good….do it as you work on a quilt etc. Reality is, they piled up in that yellow stacker basket for a YEAR before I got “crazy organized” for 2 weeks. I seem to do the “great scrap cleanup” every January. I am in charge of the “2nd time around” fabric for our guild and there is a lull of activity right now, but by June I will be overwhelmed with other peoples stuff piling up, and I knew I needed to “make space” in my room before the donations start coming in at the next guild meeting. I feel pretty good once I have a “system” in place and have such good “intentions”. 🙂

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