Addison’s Quilt – on the design wall

Last week I mentioned that I was busy making and squaring up lots of half-square triangles.  That work is finished and I spent several days on the design wall placing the pattern that I had planned.  I came up “5 short” for the pattern I wanted with the turquoise that I thought needed to be in the quilt.  LUCKILY – while I was working on the “Second Time Around” donations for Ocean Waves Quilt Guild, I found several donated pieces that were exactly the right color!  There certainly is a benefit to having all that fabric to “shop from”.  Saved me a big shopping trip in a week when I was obligated for so many other things. I pre-washed those pieces Wednesday night, and yesterday afternoon, got them starched, ironed, cut and sewn!  From 2 scraps that measured 9×9, and another that was 12×22, and a really odd shaped scrap that was about  12×20,  I was able to get enough blocks made that I could insert them throughout the pattern, and they feel like they “belong there”.

 Status – Pinned to the design wall.   Sorry, I just can’t get back “far enough” to take a picture of the bigger projects.  (Hubby is aware, and a new design wall “across the room” is in the planning stages!) (Note: Hubby is my design consultant, and has a “symmetrical”  point of view.  I will NOT complain about how many times he gently “suggested” I change something on this layout!  I originally wanted to put only a “pop” of turquoise” in this quilt, by placing 2 rows, and he did not like it..and I cautioned him that I might need another shopping trip………..enough said!)

Final layout

I’m going to let this design “simmer on the wall” for a couple of days. This pattern is 14 across and 16 down (288 – HST).  I have enough 5″ HST now to make a king size, trimmed in the basket, waiting to be used too, so switching out a block should be fairly easy.  Instead of being totally scrappy, there is a “controlled pattern” to the placement of each block, and I am still trying to decide if I really like one or 2 of the fabrics, now that they are placed.  The goal is a double bed size quilt, and this will have a narrow white border followed by a wider grey border.  My quilter’s math brain right now works that out to a 2″ white and a 5″ grey, but we will see how it all works out.

Because this quilt is for my littlest granddaughter, I thought I would give her mommy a choice in patterns that I was willing to make. She asked for a double bed size, as the crib “converts” to a double later on.  (Note….that gives me TIME to finish….and for that I am most pleased!)

I love making Half Square Triangles, so I created a Pinterest board- Baby Quilt HST ideas with patterns that I thought she might like and then my daughter chose the one that would best suit her decor and style.  She chose “A Halloween Quilt” by   Simple Simon and Company .  When I studied the blog post describing the pattern, she said she started with 8″ blocks.  I knew I wanted “smaller” blocks, and a bigger quilt.  I also wanted to add the 3rd color.  While Simple Simon used oranges, I am using a coral.  I love getting inspired by the work of others, and then tweaking the design to make it my own.  Pinterest is a great way to save ideas and inspirations.

Thanks for reading and following!  I have so many new followers this year, and I thank you all for taking the time to like the posts I write and for your lovely comments.



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