Cards and Quilting

I had a busy day on Saturday!  It was “card making class” at the library day.  There is a lovely lady, Jan,  in the community who has offered to give “free” classes at the library. We just bring our supplies, and she often will bring her embossing machine and other tools to share.  I decided on Friday to check out two books to gather ideas, and managed to page through them before I packed up my gear and went to the class.  We are “self guided” as we have been meeting for several months. Jan is available for suggestions and shares here experience with those who attend by offering suggestions.

I managed to get these 4 cards “crafted” in the time allotted.  I am glad I came in with ideas.  I had a little bit of fun with the stamps and fabrics and ribbons and tulle.  Now I need to create the insides.

card 1 May class

Card 3

I decided that these next two cards are “lacking”, so will look at them for a few days before putting them away.  They just need a bit more pizazz!

Card 4

card 2 May class

In the afternoon, I spent some time working on my granddaughter Addison’s quilt. She is 2 months old, and I am building a double bed size for her.  I started collecting the fabrics in March, not long after she joined the family.  Before I left on my cruise, I was able to get some of it cut and sewn into half square triangles.  I worked last week on squaring up quite a few.

During our fabric acquisition road trip, I acquired more white and another grey to add to this collection.  The whites and the new grey are waiting to be starched & ironed.  (I am a pre-washer!).  Meanwhile, more trimming must be done.

Half Square Triangles

These HST will trim to 5″.

More Half Square triangles

I got over 100 HST stitched yesterday, using up all the whites I had cut.  I will take a break and trim some today, then show you the layout that my daughter chose for Addison’s quilt.  It is quite graphic and fun!  (I really should figure out “how many” of those HST I need, but because I enjoy making them, I will keep sewing!)

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Cards and Quilting

  1. You have got to be the busiest and most prolific quilter there is. (Besides Carolyn of course :o) I admire your abilities to do so many things.

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