Baptism Banner – Log Cabin style

My daughter asked me in June to make a baptism banner for her God child. I had picked out some wood grain fabric to use as a cross in the center of the banner.  I searched around for a pattern to use and stumbled over the Log Cabin Cross. A bit more searching and I found a “free” pattern on a blog!  (Bloggers are the nicest people I think!)  So, thanks to Irene at Sweet Seasons of Life for her Free log cabin pattern .  (Click the link if you want the pattern)

I took my pattern, taped right to the project box along with my fat quarters to my favorite local quilt shop (Serendipity Quilt Store in Dagsboro DE) and had my dear hubby come along for the ride drive.  (Yes dear, I KNOW it’s Friday, the beach traffic is terrible and I wanted NEED to head out and get fabric…but we locals know the back way around and we had no trouble!) (He needed to go to Lowes to get electric wire too….he is rewiring my friends sewing machine as a “favor” to me.)  (I let him get a toy at Lowes so all is good) .  See, I knew you would understand.

Dear hubby helped pick the additional fabrics.   I got a yard of the bolt on the far left, and a half yard of the other 3. Poor hubby nearly fainted when he saw the prices per yard. He did have the strength to carry those bolts to the cutting table for me.  But hey, they are NICE fabrics! I figure when you make something you want to last then buying quality fabrics matters!  (It’s good for him to understand about these things, as I often get a sale, and he needs to understand why that is SO important too!)    He also now better understands the value of my “stash” I have acquired.  But, sometimes you just have to get the perfect fabric for the project.

A few bolts decided upon

A few bolts decided upon

Pattern and fabrics

Pattern and fabrics


I realized I was short one “dark” fabric, and dug into my stash and had the perfect wood grain to add in the project and you will be able to pick it out in later photo’s.

I have about 10 hours so far “invested” in the project.  I spent a couple of hours prepping the fabric and cutting on Friday afternoon.  Then after dinner on Friday night I went back to my sewing room to “lay out” the logs.  Well, I sewed until 11 pm and came up with this:

Main portion completed

Main portion completed


Saturday afternoon I worked on the project for 5 or 6 hours, getting the two borders on, making a pieced back and pin basting.

2 borders added

2 borders added


I did a little image searching for ideas on how to quilt the project.  I ditched around the cross and then I marked off “rays”.  (I swear my next investment is a handful of FRIXON pens.  My water erasable was “ok” but the other expensive BOHN marking pen was a waste of time. )

Quilting finished

Quilting finished

This afternoon I make a hanging sleeve, bind it and make a label.  It’s all about the timing!  I leave on Wednesday morning to go visit my daughter and want it ready to go.  Monday  & Tuesday are Quilt Guild days, so I “MUST” finish today….I will share a finish picture later.  Right now, it’s time for church!

9 thoughts on “Baptism Banner – Log Cabin style

  1. The log cabin cross is wonderful – I’m going to go to the link and get that pattern. I have to admit the price per yard was stunning to me, but the fabrics are perfect and this is a very important project.

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    • Thank you Kathy for taking time to comment. This is my 2nd time using the pattern and because you have experience quilting, you should be able to follow it pretty easily. I cut all my strips and labeled them before I started. I also “laid the logs out” into each of the blocks so I could visualize the construction. And, because I am a chain piecer, I worked on 2 blocks at once, so I was always on the same “round” of the logs. Hope that makes sense. I also kept an enlarged photo of the banner from the pattern in front of me so I could determine that I was on the proper color alignment. 🙂


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