Log Cabin Cross banner 25x35"

Log Cabin Cross banner 25×35″

Details on the pattern and construction  –here

I know I posted bolts of fabric and some people were shocked at the price per yard.  We have only 2 local quilt shops in our area.  Prices range from 9.50 – 13.00 per yard.  The nearest “big box” fabric stores are 30+ miles away, so unless I am going “that way” I don’t often venture out to Hancocks or JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.  It is a “road trip”.

Project cost was about $40.   This was a small project and I only purchased 1 yard of the outer border fabric, and then 1/2 yards of the other fabrics. I might have gotten away with a 1/4 yard purchase, and my favorite Quilt Store would cut 2″ if that is what I wanted!  The wood grain that comprises the cross and the next darker color were done with fat quarters. Because of the size, I had to piece the darkest wood grain color.  A fat quarter was too “short”.   The lightest wood grain came from my stash, left over from another project.  I used it for the backing along with some of the darkest wood grain. And yes, I do have left over pieces; not quite “fat quarter” but usable in other projects. The batting was also from the stash.  I never throw anything bigger than 1″x 1″ away, and had the perfect size folded up and put away. I’m sure in the next few months you might see a square of the left overs appear here or there!

I have invested about 24 hours in the project.  10 hours over 2 days  to get the main part of the cross made, then the rest of the time in the borders, making the backing, layering, quilting, trimming, making the binding and attaching it.  Embroidery machine for the label and hand sewing it and the hanging sleeve were my last step last night.  Dear husband even cooked dinner (thank you for the frozen pizza dear) so I could continue to work without interruption.  He knows my deadline for travel tomorrow! I wanted it to be ready for delivery!

Today I have a class I signed up for months ago, and it will fill most of my day. When I get home, I must pack for a 2 week journey and TRY to finish the princess dress for my littlest granddaughter.  I must get the hem(s) in, and the velcro closing sewn on.  Hem(s) because I made the larger size, so I will put in the regular hem, and then add a 2nd one that can be taken out “later” when she gets a little taller.  Velcro so she can get it on and off herself and her big sister can help her “finish” putting on a “play dress up dress”.

Princess dress

Princess dress Butterick pattern # B4320 

Yes, more sparkles for mommy to growl about and to cling to everything in the house and daddy’s work clothes, but hey, little girls like sparkles.

Grandma was a slacker for this trip and this is the only thing I have finished, though I had great hopes for other projects.  Just too many interruptions on my time in the last 2 months.  (If you peak at the left side of the dress on the table is her finished quilt).  (Now I feel a little better…hate arriving “empty handed”.) (Especially when there is a birthday!!!)

When I come home at the end of the month, I have to make a new “to-do” list!  There are some projects that have been on my “list” but left to the side while I dealt with speakers and contracts for the guild, meetings, meetings, and so forth.  Now, time to go to class!

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