T-Shirt Quilt is finished! (ALMOST….)

I’ve done all my machine work on my t-shirt quilt, including the binding!!  I used that wonderful tutorial for binding with a flange from 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks — Susie’s magic binding: http://www.52quilts.com/2012/05/tuesday-tutorial-susies-magic-binding.html

Stitching down the binding

Stitching down the binding

Binding close up

Binding close up



Folded finished quilt

Folded finished quilt

I still have a little hand work to do.  I have to finish stitching down the labels on the back and finish around the hanging sleeve.  The top edge of the hanging sleeve is encased in the binding.  You don’t get to see the full picture until after I give Karen the quilt. She gets to see the “FULL VIEW” in person first!  And, I need to give it a good washing.  I took some outside pictures yesterday on my front porch rail, which is coated in the winter grime, so I can’t give it away dirty….besides….I love to see it washed and crinkled, and want to make sure I have no “technical problems” with it.

65 labor hours into this quilt. I kept track, in case someone else wants one made…..I can justify what the expense is all about.  Material costs were fairly low – $124. This was because a generous person donated the backing fabric, and we found the sashing (Blue & Tan) at a great price.  Plan to finish the hand work today and get it washed, taking it for a bit of show & tell tomorrow at my quilt-bee with the MATERIAL GIRLS of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild…then deliver on Friday!  Fingers crossed that I have met her wishes when she sees it in person. Up to this point she has only seen photo’s I have posted on Facebook.

Next week I have to make a 75 mile trip to the nearest BROTHER sewing machine dealer to get my little embroidery machine fixed.  Had trouble with it while making a label on this quilt and can not get it to work properly. I called ahead to get an estimate…minimum charge $150 for service. Hubby said it is a timing issue and that the bobbin case has a scratch that is interfering with the top thread connecting with the bobbin thread. Making a big jumbled mess of things. So much for my “FREE” machine….I am hooked on the embroidery, and have dozens of things I want to do with it.

Next project for me is BIRTHDAY BANNER for MELODY !!  (Yes…dear one, I am FINALLY getting my act together!)  Since the embroidery machine is non functional, I will applique the lettering on my banner pieces. Have gotten my alphabet ready to go!  Will begin that project after Easter Sunday! Hoping to get it done over the course of a couple of days and move on to PRINCESS crowns for a birthday girl!

Time to go sew…happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “T-Shirt Quilt is finished! (ALMOST….)

    • Thanks Lillian. That binding is SO easy…really two contrasting strips (one is wider) sewn together down one edge and then folded to touch the raw edges. All machine stitched…no handwork. LOVING my new walking foot attachment for this.


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