T-Shirt Memory Quilt Delivered

Project officially completed. Proud to delivery to my friend Karen, the quilt I made using her father’s shirts. It was an honor to make this for her, and I was glad to catch up with her in person to deliver it today. T-shirt quilt ended up being twin size.
Pictures of the final quilt below, including close up’s of some of my favorite blocks.
The backing fabric was donated to me by a very generous quilter, Audrey Buono, in California. When I was searching for Cardinal and Police fabric, I had put a post on Facebook looking for ideas on places to purchase either type. Audrey contacted me immediately and shipped me 5 yards of the wonderful fabric. She would not let me pay for the fabric, instead, she gifted it to the project and overnighted to me. I think it is absolutely perfect.

It was a sincere privilege to make this quilt for my friend Karen.

Happy Easter everyone.


13 thoughts on “T-Shirt Memory Quilt Delivered

  1. This is an amazing quilt. I got closeups of every picture and you should be very proud of this project. To me, this is the best purpose for quilting – a treasure forever.


    • Thank you Lillian. I was really honored to do this for Karen. Long time ago she was my boss, but as she has moved around with the US Air Force we have stayed in touch with each other. She told me today they will hang the quilt, instead of using on a bed. Did my heart good to see her and her reaction. I know she will treasure it.


    • Thanks for the compliment Judy. I think she was quite happy. I haven’t let her see any photo’s of the whole project in over a month. It was an awesome project to work on, and a bit challenging moving away from plain old quilters cotton.


  2. I knew it would be gorgeous! I’m so happy for both you and Karen – you for getting to make it, and Karen for getting to receive it. And that Audrey, what a treasure she is!


    • Thanks…Yes, Yes and Yes all around. I wish now I had better pictures of the back. It was a Robert Kaufman American Hero’s print. And, what she sent was nearly a perfect amount. I put a coordinating fabric from the front of the quilt at the top for a “header” and added my hanging sleeve at the top. It is almost invisible the way the sleeve blended in. 🙂 Very pleased with the results, and think ahead to the next project.


  3. Most definitely a lot of caring went into the making of this quilt. Just beautiful and what a treasure for Karen and her family. A well deserved tribute to her dad.

    Kathy & Ed


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