Tshirt quilt update

Yesterday, I decided it was time to get back to work. It has been nearly a week since I worked on the t-shirt quilt.  Spent a couple of hours working on a special label to stitch on the back side, along with a couple of other special surprises for my friend.  My hubby was a huge help with the computer and figuring out how to “layer” photos on Microsoft Word. He was my tech expert, and got my label “just right”.  I printed it on fabric and last night I attached to the back of the quilt with fusing. It will get “stitched down” with the quilting, and I will come back and add some hand stitching around the edges.  Ever since I read about quilts being stolen, I have tried to stitch my quilt label down with the actual quilting.  I don’t like the way the quilting looks over my label; but nobody is getting that sucker off with any kind of ease.


Well; the quilting has gotten underway in a big way.  I played around with methods, and went for the DITCH. I have a cool foot for my Janome that has a blade riding in the ditch on the walking foot. I need more practice, but I did get it done.    At least, around the outer perimeter of the blocks. I stitched with variegated blue around all the blue sashing. Blue meets blue and blue meets brown.  Then I switched out to a light beige thread and stitched in the ditch between the brown and the actual t-shirt block.  Most of that “ditch work” I did last week and last night.  Did a little “Bonnie Hunter Quilt Cam stitching last night as I worked through the beige thread.

Wondered what to do next, and that had me stalled for a little bit.  Got a little courage today and decide YES, I can free motion quilt.  (Courage provided by Wendy Sheppherd and her threadtalk.  She does amazing work on a Bernina and if you haven’t seen her blog; go check out Ivory Spring, where she does thread-talk, and so much more!!  http://ivoryspring.wordpress.com/  )

I started with grey thread…and then I switched to variegated blue.  I still have about 6 or 8 more blocks to go; getting better as I go along. Saving the dark grey and black blocks for last.  It’s not perfect, but doesn’t look too bad from across the room.  I feel like I need lots more practice.

Actually got out my marking Pencil and did a little marking for tomorrow before I stopped for the day.  Put about 4 hours into it this afternoon.  Up over 35 hours on this quilt so far.  Now, before you look; back up about 5 feet so it looks better….giggle…


6 thoughts on “Tshirt quilt update

  1. I didn’t have to back up at all – it looks beautiful. My hat is off to you for being brave enough to give it a try. I keep practicing but haven’t got brave enough to try it on something. The quilt is looking gorgeous, and it will be such a wonderful memorial.


    • Have to admit I did some more practicing on the pieces I did in class at the IQF Houston last fall. I keep reading that I should make the practice pieces into pot holders rather than NOT practicing. (otherwise it feels like a waste of fabric). I have had fun playing with the design and building of the top. Working on the quilting part was a bit scary in the first block, not so much by the time I got to the blue blocks.


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