A class project and other fun

I know, all quiet on the quilt front for several weeks.  First….I want to report that the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt I posted about (here – Scrap dance finish)  has been delivered!  And JUST in the nick of time!  The package went out via DHL last Tuesday, and the baby was born on Friday!  She was early, and the package was late.  It finally delivered today following 5 days hold up with customs in Manila!  The mother, Bella,  likes the quilt; the baby is sweet  and tiny; and of course, my friend, Howard, the father, is proud and happy as can be. All is well.  Oh, I never showed you the label! So, one last photo.  Ignore the adorable little bundle of joy in the background…we are here to talk quilts….  she is so tiny! Just under 5#!

Quilt and baby delivered!

Quilt and baby delivered!

After I finished this project I thought I better get busy and organized for Quilt Guild this week.  I have taken over the “Second time around” tables at the guild.  I get all the goodies that someone clearing up in their sewing room is tired of, repurpose the items and sell them back to guild members.  One persons discards are another’s treasures.  And, for a person who has been an active “shopper” at the Second time around table, and someone who likes “scrappy”, it was a perfect job for me.  First day out we sold over $200 worth of items to the members.  Lots of sorting and folding and ironing and trimming, but it was worth it.  Hubby has arranged a great shelving unit for me, and I have all the bits and baubles in plastic totes, ready to go for next month. Of course, I think I brought home as much in donations as I sold, so I will be busy the next few days sorting out the “NEW” old stuff.  I have 8 milk crates of quilt books and magazines along with numerous totes of notions and fabrics. Fun to sort through, that is for certain. Last week was non-stop rain as we awaited a hurricane and dealt with a “Nor’easter” instead.  So, was a good time to hang out in the quilting room.

On Tuesday,  I took a class with the guild, instructed by Joan Ford and got some  Scrap Therapy!  Check out her website – http://hummingbird-highway.com/  She has a great scrap storage system that I have mentioned before, and has written 2 books with patterns using her “scrap storage system.  I had already included her system into mine, refining it to my own needs.  Also, be sure to look for her blog –Scrap Therapy Quilts on Blogspot.

Our class was a lot of fun, introducing us to her Small Scrap grid, a fusible product with a 2″ grid.  The pattern selected for the class was called Magic Carpet (available on her website here: Magic Carpet Pattern  ).  This pattern is written for multiple sizes, and we selected a table runner.  Using the fusible grid product, along with her clear instructions gave us good results for working with small pieces.  This particular pattern had us working with 1.5″ x 2.5″; but the method kept us from handling those narrow pieces, and made it rather simple.  When you look at my photo, look for the beige and tan pieces.  Those are done using the grid.

Joan also introduced us to the Deb Tucker Square 2 tool, and we made Diamonds in a Square VERY easily.  Deb Tucker (Studio 180 designs) has a great video on how to use the tool on her website – Square 2 ruler video  .

Because we were doing a table runner, most of us left class at 3 pm with the body of the table runner constructed and some of our Diamonds in a Square constructed.  I had two made, and as soon as I got home, made the remaining 4 units.  I wanted to “get them done” before I forgot how to use the tool.  Well, now that I found this great video, I will remember easily!

So, here are some photo’s of my project; with it’s wild colors.  I modified the pattern to suit my own needs, and added an extra border.  This afternoon, I finished it up, got it quilted and bound.  WOW…a record for me!  And, no “project in a box” leftover from a class for October!

I auditioned several pieces for that “extra” border, and the hubby  picked the pink. I used the feature fabric for the cornerstones as well.

Magic Carpet Table Runner

Magic Carpet Table Runner

I used the feature fabric for the binding, and the same green as in the diamonds in the square for the piping on my binding. (How fitting to use Susie’s Magic Binding in a Magic Carpet Table runner!)  Just need to stitch up a label and call it done!

Meanwhile…this is the mess I left on the desk after a day of sewing,

Only 2 days of sewing to achieve this mess

Only 2 days of sewing to achieve this mess

but hey, it’s after 11 pm and I need a nice glass of wine and call the day over. Clean up tomorrow afternoon before I start all over again!

Time to think about that Batman cape that is “over-due”….happy sewing

4 thoughts on “A class project and other fun

    • Giggle…I had to share that one! Thanks. I warming up to the table runner. It is funny; when someone tells you what type of fabrics and such, I often have to learn to love the project. When it is totally my own doing, my choices are different. Think it is about the scale of the print that has me wondering.

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  1. I looked at the baby too…just couldn’t help it. She is tiny and adorable, dare I say, as adorable as the quilt back. Love the cupcakes. 🙂 I have most of Deb Tucker’s rulers and they are all wonderfully easy to use and make complicated components easy to make. I got to see her in action at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA last year, and was amazed at everything she was demonstrating. Going to the PIQF again next Thursday and hope to buy the few rulers of hers that I don’t already own. 🙂 The diamond in a square along with her V-block ruler makes Storm at Sea easy to make.

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