Senior Quilt # 004

I spent the afternoon working on my SQ # 004….have 8 columns (10 squares each) pieced; now I just need to put the columns together after everything gets a proper pressing.   Next workshop is Sunday after church.  I want to be ready to put my columns together during the workshop, since I need to be there anyway.

Feeling a little “done” with this project and the whole process of organizing it for everyone.  (This is my 5th year working as the coordinator. )

We started working last July, shopping in the Lancaster PA area for wonderful fabrics.  Two of us spent the bulk of the fall cutting 8 1/2″ squares every week. (While everybody else worked on their projects, we were just cutting; cutting; cutting!)

I am coordinating on 14 quilts; scheduling workshops, return dates; time to get them signed by the congregation, then scheduling time to get them all layered, tied and sent back home with a volunteer to bind.  I’ve worked on ordering the backing fabric, all the batting, getting photo’s of the church printed and stitched on squares for each quilt, getting Bible verses selected for each kid.  Along the way this year, my list of kids went from 10 to 14…..while we were under-way. Well, I am flexible….I can roll with the punches.

I feel like I am a good coordinator, organizer, planner, etc, but sometimes get a little frustrated when there are elements that want to dictate or take over the project.  I’ve set schedules and deadlines last fall, and now, the elements want to change them. Out of the blue, they want the quilts presented on Mothers Day.  Really??? Mothers Day is when I scheduled for all of the finished quilts to be back.     Come on, I just want to sew. I’m working on # 004….and there is ONE other quilt top (out of 14) turned in beside my first 3.  And they want them early???  GRRRRRR……………

All I want with the project is a list of the receipients, a budget and a deadline.  Then,  I will just get on with it.

Feeling bummed out by today; but know that tomorrow will be better.  Glad I am going away next week for a couple of weeks!


6 thoughts on “Senior Quilt # 004

  1. I’ll make you feel better. I had a couple of hours I could sew this afternoon and I spent that whole time working on one star block. After ripping out every stitch (I think once if not twice), I don’t like the way it looks (not enough contrast) so I’ll start over tomorrow. You’ve done a great job, maybe it is time to share the fun with a new coordinator for next year. It’s not fair to keep all this fun for yourself. 🙂


  2. Thanks Judy….You are right about sharing the fun. I spent an hour tonight “writing” a “wrap up report” for June, with background notes about the process. I love working on projects with a group, but sometimes, I would much rather be working on my own projects. Good luck tomorrow iwith your star block! Post a picture when you get the colors just right.


  3. Sounds like a mammoth undertaking – maybe it is someone else’s turn to organize next year?

    I also help with various volunteer activities and understand the feeling you describe of feeling a bit cheesed off or burnt out occasionally.

    Hope you feel better soon.


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