My not so pretty attempts at baby blankets…..looking back at 2008

In 2007, my new husband thought I should have a hobby.  He has two hobbies he is passionate about, and was not buying reading and gardening as sufficient for my hobbies.   As  over 50 newlyweds, we were talking about things we did in younger years for recreation and fun.  There was a time in my life while parenting & working that my focus was more on the family and less on myself.Years before, when the children were young, I had a sewing machine.  I did the mending, made a few curtains for the bedrooms and VW van, an apron or two, sundresses for toddlers, that sort of thing.    Life got busy, and the sewing machine landed in a hall closet on the floor, where it sat for at least 10 years, before it got dropped off at the local Salvation Army.  (Closet cleaning was good, right?)

So, for Christmas, he got me a lovely sewing machine. You see, we were newlyweds, and he thought that I should get to play at a hobby, just like he plays at his.  We had a new grandchild due not long after Christmas, so I thought I would use that new machine and make a baby blanket.  (Remember, I haven’t sewn in 2 decades at this point)


So, first attempt involved fleece on one side and satin on the other; and I tied it….I somehow knew that the two layers had to be secured together….

and then I thought, try again…….this time cotton fabric on the front



and a flannel back.  A little satin blanket binding (THANK GOODNESS for the internet for lessons in attaching binding!)

and then I found some Prequilted panels….so all I had to do was add the binding!

So, I thought, wow…this is great…simple and quick!


And so, the little grandson got his first couple of baby blankets from Grandma…and I was convinced I could keep on sewing.  Along the way, our pastor at church was working on QUILTS for our graduates.  He stood up in front of the congregation one Sunday, holding up a zip lock bag full of 8 1/2 inch squares….so, I took one.  He gave me great instructions….

“Quarter inch seam allowance; alternate with a neutral block; 8 across and 10 down”.  “Bring it back when you are finished”.

Well…there begins my real quilt adventure…..

One thought on “My not so pretty attempts at baby blankets…..looking back at 2008

  1. Love this story. I think your repetition over and over of sewing those blocks together is a great lesson for us quilters on how perfection comes with practice. And look how many quilts you’ve sewn! Bravo!


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