Felt food for a two year old

Felt food for a two year old was a whole lot of fun!!

My little grandaughter was getting a play kitchen for Christmas. Her mommy thought “felt food” would be a good sewing activity for Grandma! So; I did lots of “googling” of “felt food” and found lot of creative ideas! I don’t do anything “original”, so I can not take any of the credit for the great ideas! All credit goes to the individual bloggers who posted their cute felt food items.

Once I started exploring other blogs / pinterest, etc, I started to create my own food. I discovered a few things about working with felt. #1 – it is flimsy; so you need to “stiffen” it up. I used a double sided fusable pellon between two layers of felt. That helped. #2 – I used lots of scraps to stuff my strawberries, pancakes, bananas; bread, orange, carrot etc etc.


Can you find the Pancakes with syrup, the eggs and bacon, the bread or pizza and carrots?


Gingerbread cookies, ready to roll out and cut out with cookie cutters


Watermelon and bananas……



A sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and onion! Whole wheat bread and a slice of meat (roast beef I think!)


2012-12-14_17-48-56_112Felt food!

I found a great consolidated lists of links at – http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-felt-food-our-giga-135005

So, I explored a lot of those links, downloaded lots of photo’s of “felt food” and set about working on my food.
My adventure was trying to replicate, without a pattern. My favorite piece was the carrot. SO fun to make, just making a triangle of felt, stitching the triangle closed, turning it so seam was inside, and then closing the wide opening with a needle & thread, drawing the wide opening closed with just a few stitches. Lastly, attaching some felt “fringe” at the top for the green finished it off nicely.

The cupcake was fun to make. I got an actual muffin paper out of the pantry, cut it apart, and used it as a template to cut my felt. I used a light beige and a tan piece of felt for chocolate and vanilla. I used a piece of “sprinkles” cotton fabric left over from a quilt project for the “frosting”.

One item that might not be easily understood is the “gingerbread cookie”. We thought that having some cookies for her to roll out and cut out would be fun. I found the least hazardous cookie cutters I own in the cupboard, and used them as templates, and then gave her the cookie cutters to keep. Again, this is where layering the felt with a piece of fusable webbing in between the layers, gave the right weight to work with. I stitched around the design twice, and cut between the stitches, that way, the “cookie” was stitched, and the “sheet of dough” was also.

While I was working on this project right before Christmas, a good friend of mine was seeing my photo’s on Facebook, and she got inspired as well. Of course, in the near future, I will have to try to recreate the felt food she made for her grandchild! Happy Felt Food!

REVISED — note; I wrote this post 2 years ago, but today tripped over a fellow blogger who has some GREAT tutorials on felt food!  Go check out https://meandmyveritas.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/yummy-felt-food-new-free-tutorials-coming-soon/?relatedposts_hit=1&relatedposts_origin=213&relatedposts_position=1



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