The beginning of my journey as a quilter

If you read my post yesterday, you might recall my mention of the pastor handing me a ziplock full of quilt squares and very “basic” instructions on assembly of a quilt top. The backstory about those quilts – Our pastor was a quilter, and he was continuing a tradition that had started a few years before, presenting each high school graduate with a quilt, signed by members of the congregation, and carrying messages of faith and love.

The story was so compelling, and the service where they were presented so moving, that I was filled with joy making my very first “pieced quilt top”. We were building oversized twin (60″x80″) tops. Well, it took me two weeks to get my 80 squares together and I delivered it to the pastor. Well, he handed me another, and it took me a week, and so the story goes. By the end of a months time, I had put 5 or 6 quilt tops together. And of course, I had to ask….what next? I had gone this far and didn’t have a clue what the next step was. So, Pastor John invited me to come on Wednesday evening and see. I show up and participate in the layering and pinning and tying of 3 quilt tops. And the what next; oh, he handed me one to take home and bind! (Good thing I had watched those YOU-TUBE videos about mitered corners!!). So, armed with three packages of commercial double fold binding, I bound my first large quilt. I think Pastor John saw an easy mark, because, when I delivered that bound quilt, we tyed 3 more, and the binding process continued.

2008 Senior quilt

2008 Senior quilt

At the end of it all, the Seniors got their quilts and I learned a lot of valuable skills. Enough so, that after Pastor John retired 2 months later, I was asked to “coordinate” next years quilts! Now, coordinating is something I do quite well; but I didn’t have a clue about what was required to build the quilts for the next year. And, I had NO idea how to cut all those 8 1/2 inch squares. Luckily; we had a church member who had a drapery business, and in his kindness; he cut about 800 squares using his professional equipement. Thank goodness!!


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