Playing with borders

cross roads border idea close upLove playing with borders and parts of a quilt on a design wall. Working on my Crossroads pattern by Pat Sloan for my class project.
The class instruction was to do the one big square, put an inner border on, then add the outer border with the flying geese. Oh, yea, throw some cornerstones on if you like. Got the narrow red, inner border attached. My geese are ready, my borders that attach to them are cut to width, but not length. Now, I have some decisions to make. What to do…..
cross roads border ideas
I look at this, and think: DARK cornerstones will make it pop. Then my dear hubby comes in and says “I don’t like the dark cornerstone butted up next to the flying geese”…so, now I really have to figure out what to do. So, I grab the extra fabric, and start pinning to the wall. (Note, nothing is cut to size, just large pieces pinned everywhere….but you will get the idea….)
cross roads border ideas again
So I look at this for a bit, and decide…hmmm…not doing it with the background fabric as a cornerstone…but I do like the 3rd border in the dark red with the hearts….., so, try another round……pin….pin…
and then…it is time to stop and cook dinner…..more sewing and creating tomorrow… Hey, I did come up with a plan, so I will share it when it all comes together…tomorrow.

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