Scrap Dance Pachanga Update

I’ve been working off and on getting the various units done for Scrap Dance Pachanga, a mystery quilt offered this winter/spring by Carole, at the blog From My Carolina Home. I’d forgotten to update my progress, so prepare for photo’s.

My last update was on Clue 3 – when we made a bunch of two patches.

Since those cold February days, we have done Clue 4; which was background bars with 2 patches.

Clue 4 Scrap Dance Pachanga
Clue 4 Scrap Dance Pachanga

Then in mid March we were on to the next step; Clue 5 — lots of half square triangles!

Step 5 Scrap Dance Pachanga
Clue 5 Scrap Dance Pachanga

Then, just this past Friday, Clue # 6 came out – 4 patches

Step 6 Scrap Dance Pachanga
Scrap Dance Pachanga Clue 6

So, now I am once again caught up with you on these clues. I’ve enjoyed working with these bright fabrics. There are still lots of pieces we cut in the very beginning, and I have it on good authority that we will progress towards completion before it is time to open the swimming pool for the summer. Don’t these look like bright summer colors?

Here are the completed units thus far –

Scrap Dance Pachanga
Steps 1-6 completed

The next clue will be out on the second Friday in April, and it is NOT too late to get started and catch up. I am glad I decided to go with the throw size (48×60), as I have some other projects still in the works.

Since that “cold February” post we have been experiencing a wild array of spring weather. Rain, thunderstorms and some 70 degree (f) days and some nights still at the freezing mark. The daffodils are in full bloom out in the yard. I’ve labored a couple of times getting leaves out of the big flower bed, dead heading the sedum and uprooting the wild cherry trees that have tried to take root. There are endless hours of yard work to be done, but I can’t do it more that every few days. Thankfully the hubby has a little trailer that hooks to the back of the riding mower, and I can fill it with debris from the big flower bed. Saturday’s work required him to empty it 3 times of the leaves and debris. My legs are telling me today how hard I worked! But, at least now I can admire the daffodils, and see signs that the tulips are coming up.

Rescued from the flower bed

I love looking out my sewing room window and seeing all the bright daffodils. We have so many varieties and I brought a few inside yesterday. I have to be careful where I put them when we step out of the house, as one of my cats enjoys a nibble and they can get very sick from eating the leaves and the flowers. I guess it is better to just leave them outdoors to enjoy as I drive in.

March blooms

I still have many more hours of work to do out in those beds. I liberally sprinkled PREEN around the three sections I worked in. I still need to clean up where the iris come up and the asian lilies bloom. I’m not sure if my hostas and azaleas survived the winter.

We have two trees in the front yard that MUST come down in April. We have put it off long enough and need to suck it up and call a professional in for the work. ($$$$$$) One died at the end of fall in 2019, and keeps dropping dead wood. So far it hasn’t taken out our main power, and we pick up the dead branches and haul them away. It was a walnut tree that made us quite sad to loose. The other was a much smaller maple out near the road. Just yesterday, as we sat on the porch watching the traffic, we pondered our beautiful old sugar maple and wonder how much long she will last. Hopefully a few more autumns to enjoy the glorious color it gives. 2020 was a bust for fall colors, so I hope it isn’t a sign!

I do enjoy the view out my sewing room window. What’s happening in your sewing room?


8 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga Update

  1. Our daffodils are about gone and the storms stripped the Bradford pear trees of their beautiful blooms. We had some back porch coffee time Saturday and I noticed our wild dogwood trees are blooming beautifully. I love dogwoods!! Your Scrap Dance Pachanga is going to be so bright and cheery! Can’t wait to see it completed!!

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  2. Thank you Kathy. I enjoy the process of making these mystery quilts with Carole. Not sure what shape the wood will be in when the tree comes down. Could be a hollow core or solid and perfect. Hubby knows some folks from an Amish community with word working interest and I have a quilting buddy whose husband is a wood worker., so there might be a market for it. Honestly, I’d love to find someone who could safely get it down nd take the wood in exchange. This tree is tricky, as it is 30 feet from the house and there are utility lines that run through it, so it’s a pro job. The maple is next to the road and could also be challenging because of traffic concerns. I had 2 military friends come cut down 3 oak trees years ago and they did a great job, taking it all for firewood. Since then I have had to use a pro for large volume of trees.


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