TUTORIAL: Film At Five Quilt

I’ve been tackling my scraps for about 5 days (not consecutive). I am almost finished~!~ Here is a great project to make with those 2 1/2 inch squares !!! Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville – posted this link today, and suggested using your 2 1/2″ squares as leader / enders for your other projects. 2 for 1 ~!!!~

Wedding Dress Blue

Another example of the fun to be had with scraps!  2-1/2″ squares are one of my standard scrap cuts.  By regularly cutting scrap a little at a time, I always have materials ready when inspiration strikes.  Of course, you can cut a lot all at once, or start with any precut 2-1/2″ strips you might have lying around.  Either way, remember that all those little colored pieces add up to over 3-1/2 yards of fabric.  Aren’t you thrifty?!


86-1/2″ x 86-1/2″


A big pile of 2-1/2″ squares!  (841, to be exact). You could also use 54 2-1/2″ strips by WOF or about 1-1/2 standard jelly rolls.  Use up those leftovers. This is only a LITTLE  pile, about enough to make one block.

4 yards background fabric.  I used white, but wouldn’t this look marvelously modern-Amish with black?!

6-8 yards backing fabric, depending on how you like…

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4 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: Film At Five Quilt

    • I just love to share fun patterns I trip over. I have added this one on my “to-do” list (which just keeps growing). Might be a while before I get to it, but it is “bookmarked” for future reference!! I like the way you set your blocks in white…they really pop. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for sharing your patterns with all of us.


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