Another finish!!

I spent my afternoon on Sunday finishing up the bag for my sister. Yesterday’s post was about using the scraps. I have to report that this one used scraps in the finish too.

Where yesterday’s post left off, the outer part of the bag was quilted. Adding the boxed corners, using a 2″ square felt right. It makes the bag “wider” and will accommodate more than just her tablet. Not knowing the size of her device, I went for bigger.

2" box corner
Before the lining goes in.

I made nice wide handles and used the same Bosal In-R-Form in them.

Handles attached
handles attached

I like using the Bosal In-R-Form for bags as they have good shape.

I decided to put two pockets inside with the lining, one of which is divided. It is big enough to hold my cell phone and the other pockets might be useful for cords, power devices etc. I also added magnetic closure at the top as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Inside pockets Anne's bag
Pockets are so important

The bag came together fairly easily, and I wish now that I had made MY bag in this fashion!!

Finished bag

It turns out to be a very room bag. I put my tablet down inside and there is plenty of room to toss in a paperback book or a deck of cards, along with your wallet and other necessities. If she decides it is “too big” for her tablet, then she can use it as a tote bag or a big purse.

Plenty of room
Plenty of room for chargers and your wallet and other girly stuff.

This was fun to make for my sister and I told her if she doesn’t find it useful, then to pass it on to someone else!

The only yardage use in this project was 1/2 yard from my stash for the handles and the lining. Everything else was from the scrap storage. (The pocket fabric was leftover from my bag lining from yesterday!)

Do you enjoy sewing bags?? I learn something every time I make them. Yesterday’s lessons were to slow down and think the plan through. It was a good lesson for today, as it all came together nicely.


B and B (Bags and bibs)

Well, that is what I have been doing….making bags and more bibs!  I managed 3 more bibs with the little bit of PUL fabric I had on hand for the granddaughter.  This time I made them from fabric my daughter chose from my stash Fabric Resource Center.  (Doesn’t that sound better than sounding like a fabric hoarding system?)

More baby bibs

Addison will be the “fancy girl” in her batik and floral bibs this Autumn.  I decided to alter the construction slightly. I went to my Resource Center, and retrieved some warm & natural cotton batting; and to container of stabilizers and got out a strip of “tear away”. I layered the fabric, the batting, and the stabilizer, and  did some straightline quilting of the bibs with the stabilizer on the back. Once the quilting was finished, I removed the “tear away” stabilizer.  I was happier doing that than digging out all the fuzz on my feed dogs that the batting would have left behind. Once it was all removed, I assembled with the PUL in the middle, and flannel on the back. I “mastered” the snap tool and now these 3 are ready for Addison to try on.  I am going to be able to get another bib out of each of these fat quarters, so will do some in the “bandana” shape next.

I also have been working on tote bags for my other Guild.  Helping Hands Quilt Guild, in Dover Delaware is supporting the local food bank project at the church where the meetings are held.  The food bank is in need of durable bags for holiday distribution of food. They need to be strong enough to hold a turkey. One of the members prepared take & make kits.  I took one kit, and 3 extra labels.  I have lots of upholsetery fabric, so I figured I could do a few more.  I have 3 finished, and will do one more this week to put that last label to work.

Food bank totes

Carole at From My Carolina Home is having an Autumn Jubilee  on her blog.  She is sharing photos, and asking for people to share their Autumn projects on a FLICKR page.  Take a peak at what has been done so far – Flickr Autumn Jubilee photos  .  I decided that I would share these photo’s with you all here too!  I know these don’t look much like Autumn, but it is the best I have today !  Do take time to check out Carole’s blog post. She is starting a quilt along on Friday!

I finally had a chance to sit down and get back to work on my “MITTENS” project, and am currently “webbing” another batch of 81 blocks.  I haven’t been able to work on this for 3 weeks, and I would really like to get “some assembly” done! I love the process of webbing to keep all the parts in the proper order!  Bonnie Hunter talks about that method sometimes on her blog.  If you recall, there was a section of “nose” that I needed to fix, but I haven’t gotten there yet.  I will once I get the next row in this batch of blocks!

Webbing  group 9

The projects are stacking up around my design wall, (3 bins for my Bonnie Hunter class), and on my cutting table are more fabrics for baby bibs, and I have a trip in less than 2 weeks; and I want to do Carole’s quilt along!  So I must say goodbye for now, turn off the computer and get back to stitching!