In between things 5.5″ squares

The first week of the month is “QUILT GUILD” week.  We have our meeting on Monday, a class on Tuesday and the board meeting on Thursday.  I try not to schedule much else, but I did sneak in a visit to a guild member and spend some time in her “over the garage” quilt room.  She has a beautiful space with a long arm and two lovely tables big enough for laying out a quilt to mark patterns on, etc.  Our time was spent chatting about all the “stuff” you need to have to use your embroidery machine and how to  get those embroidery files from the computer to a flash drive to the machine.  If you haven’t read my post from earlier in the summer,   Embroidery Machine Resources , you will find some useful information.  It was fun to share with my guild friend as she got ready to go off to an embroidery machine class!

Following meetings this week, cleaning up after my Table Runner class project, I did a bit more cutting of the scraps and storage.

I un-earthed a basket of “bonus triangles” left over from the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt(s).  I sat down and started trimming those Thursday evening, and before you could count, I had 100+ half-square triangles trimmed to 1.5″.  I stitched a couple up into pinwheels, but wasn’t sure that is what I wanted to do.

Then I looked at my scrap storage box of 1.5″ squares and a light bulb went off.  I decided to make some more blocks from the Scrap Dance Finish.  That pattern was all 2.5″, but if I  used my 1.5″ squares …what would I get and how hard would it be to handle those little bits.  Remember now, I just took a class where they used a grid for small pieces.  Well, I didn’t buy any of the smaller grid, and I figured I could press on without it.

the "A" block from Scrap Dance done in 1.5" squares

the “A” block from Scrap Dance done in 1.5″ squares

"B" block Scrap Dance

“B” block Scrap Dance  This finished as a  5.5″ block.

I made 2 blocks Friday evening, and 3 more Saturday evening.

Scrap Dance 5.5" blocks

Scrap Dance 5.5″ blocks

It was fun to sit and sort the different bits in the boxes, going “controlled scrappy” for these. (Now there are little stacks all over the top of my desk in various color waves).

My hubby asked how many  of these little blocks I was going to make and I haven’t decided.  I do have about 200 more half-square triangles trimmed up, so a few more for certain!  I might make a few more later this afternoon.  They are a nice “bridge” between projects.  I like taking a break from cutting scraps to do a little sewing.  I am pleased with how these turned out so far.

Using the scrap storage system and actually turning those bits and pieces into something fun makes it worth all the effort. Watch for a future post where I talk about my storage methods.  I did write several blog posts in January 2014, about my  Scrap Storage System , and what I considered as I “cut the scraps”.  Since then I have modified what I store and how I store. Natural progression I think, but I will update in the future on my method.

I still have scraps to clean up and cut and put away.  I have 2 baskets of “bits” left over from the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt from last winter and MUST put them away in the next few days! I need my “project box” empty so I can be ready for the NEXT Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt ! Sometime in October the colors get announced.  If I have a mess on the cutting table I won’t do the project! It’s a bit like raking leaves, you have to hurry and finish before more fall or you might give up!

What are you sewing today?

Notes: Scrap Dance Quilt Along was a mystery quilt running between March and September 2015 by Caroline at “From My Carolina Home”.  There is a button on the right side of my blog to take you to her page.

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt was a Bonnie Hunter pattern running from Thanksgiving to New Years in 2014. The pattern is no longer available on her blog, but will be in a future book or on  Bonnie Hunter’s website.


Scrap Dance Finish!

Just finished putting the binding on a baby quilt!  This pattern,  Scrap Dance Quilt Along ,  is by Carole on her blog -From My Carolina Home here on Word Press.  A button on my side bar will also take you to this quilt along. Step one came out in March 2015, and each month she gave another “step” to follow.  The final reveal came out on Sept 9th!  I am tickled to be finished with a few days left in September!   I decided when I started I was going for baby size.  I think I was overwhelmed with other projects and that size was achievable!   This has been a fun project to work on for an hour or two every month.  (The most time consuming was that first month, making all those half-square triangles.)

I am going to make a label tomorrow and get it stitched out on the embroidery machine and then I hope to have this ready for mailing!  I was thinking about holding onto it until our next Quilt Guild meeting, on October 5th, but this is going to the Philippines to a friend whose baby is due the end of October. I guess I should get it on it’s way.  Finished size is 40×40.

Scrap Dance Quilt Along Finish!

Scrap Dance Quilt Along Finish!

Back of my scrap dance

Scrap Dance Back

The purpose of the Scrap Dance Quilt Along was to cut up those scraps we all save into useable pieces.  Since I follow Bonnie Hunter’s scrap storage system, I try (cough) try (cough) ok….I sometimes try….to keep up with my scrap storage.  If you looked at my tables right now, you would think otherwise!!  Honest, I will clean up before the next project!  This quilt, however, came from “on hand” fabric!  The only thing I pulled from stash was some of the neutrals.  I had to cut up a few fat quarters for them. Otherwise, all the rest came from the scrap storage system.  The backing is pieced, from 2 pieces left over from a class project 2 years ago! Even the binding is scrappy!  Since I use Susies Magic binding on most of my quilts, I often have pieces “left over”.  I decided to go scrappy and put those leftover bits together too.  I will tell you what I find fun with using “scraps”…I get to see the fabric I love again and again.  I also get to see fabric that my friends love in my projects.  I am often the recipient of their “scraps” and I joyfully use them.  My friend Nancy and Cindy will see lots of their bits of fabric in this project.

Time to come up with a fun label!

Keep sewing and having fun!~!