Creating again – Scissor fobs

Last week, some of the Queen Bees got together and we made “scissor fobs” for the 2nd Time Around booth to sell at our April Quilt Show.  That was a LOT of fun!  Suzanne taught us how to do the beading, and 5 of us got together and made 28 scissor fobs!

working on Scissor Fobs

Each one has a lobster clip on one end and some sort of cute charm on the other end. The idea is to distinguish your scissors from someone else’s, and to help you find your scissors on your table or crafting area. Those little scissors tend to “hide” and this should make it easier to find them if you have set them down someplace.

Scissor fobs

The variety is so interesting.  We each had fun choosing stones and beads to use for making the projects.

Packing up for the show

Those of us who got together each had a supply of beads and stones, and all we needed to purchase were the lobster clasps and the crimp beads.  We had a good time creating different settings, and I think these will be a nice addition to our little “Second Time Around” booth at the Ocean Waves Quilt Show in April.  More details on the show here –

What are you working on?