Travel and Scrap Dance Tango Step 2, Allietare updates

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have posted!  I have had a trip to see the grandchildren (and their parents) in Texas! What a great visit. We spent some time at a wonderful children’s museum, the The DoSeum . We adults had as much fun as the kids! We also took a day and went to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, took the “tour boat”,  and finished the day with a trip to see the Alamo.   The Alamo

More photo’s of the tour boat ride here –  Riverwalk photo album

After that visit to the Alamo, I spent an hour at a local library with my grandson, reading a little bit more on the history of the Alamo.

The week was full of fun, including a walk to the neighborhood playground, lots of time with legos and trampolines, magnet dolls, playing tiger and leopard with the littlest one, and topped off by a birthday party for the oldest.  The Batman Cape was a hit!  He seemed to enjoy it and fell asleep on his birthday with his cape on, along with his Batman Mask!  It was too funny!  He also “gifted” his little cape to his little sister!  She was thrilled.  The bathrobes were perfect lengths for everyone.  I had good sized hems in them, so they could be let down on a future visit.  A little sleeve rolling was necessary for the smallest child, but all in all, a good fit. Glad I had the mommy re-measure as I was constructing.

So, Texas was fun!  Great food, Tex – Mex, Mexican, BBQ, margaritas, wine, local beer, fresh tortillas, sampling at the HEB supermarket while we shopped, and wonderful conversations. I can’t wait to plan my next visit! The weather was great, 70-80’s every day, while there was a snow storm at home that dumped 7 inches the day after I left!

I got home late Monday night, hosted a new quilting bee on Tuesday. The new bee is called the QUEEN BEES, and the ladies are all new members of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  This was our second gathering, and I shared some tips and techniques about binding and getting that mitered corner with them.  Of course, I introduced them to my favorite binding – Susie’s Magic Binding!  That is my go to binding and I love to share –  Susie’s Magic Binding tutorial

I got to sew on Wednesday afternoon and evening, and on Friday and Saturday.  Thursday was occupied by a trip to the Hampton Roads Quilt Show. At the quilt show I stopped in at the Brother dealer and got the pens and pen holder for my Brother Scan n Cut machine, and I learned a little during the demos.

I completed all the blocks for Step 2 of Scrap Dance Tango.  If you want to sew along, it is not to late to start. Check out Carole’s blog – From My Carolina Home . This link will take you to step one and give you the specifics!  I do like that Carole gives you most of the “block building elements” in the first step.  I have spent my time making half-square triangles in January & February. As I indicated in a previous post, the project takes 1430 half square triangles (2.5″).  I am nearly done…with only  about 300 or so more to make.  But, because they cutting and “block building elements” were done in step 1, the construction of blocks in Step 2 was easy!  Before I went on my trip I made 9 of the blocks, as the instructions came out on Friday before my trip.

And we are starting step 2

And, this week,  since I got home, I finished constructing 144 blocks for my king size  project.  144 made for step 2 of the Scrap Dance Tango Mystery quilt

So, I will get back to those other 300 or so HST. I have a place in the kitchen where I sit and mark the stitching lines, while I have my coffee and watch the morning news.

I went to my library yesterday to meet again with a group of “cardmaking” and “scrapbooking” ladies. The facilitator of the group, Jan,  taught a class I took last November, and we are joining her monthly to make cards. She is so kind in sharing her crafting tools and equipment.  I bring some supplies, but have been privileged to use her die-cutting machine, embossing tools, stamps and ink etc. It is nice to try things out before you decide to commit to the craft and spend a lot of money buying things. I wasn’t sure if this was a project I would manage, and my first attempts look like kindergarten crafting.  I am pleased however that my 3rd effort resulted in a card that I could actually feel good about “giving”.  It is a learning process, and I am thankful to have such a willing teacher. Card making class

I am learning about tape runners, types of paper to use etc.  2016-02-27_01-32-17

It is fun to see what others are making, and the sharing of tools, glitter, paint, pens etc is wonderful!

After the morning of crafting at the library, I came home and started back to work on my Allietare Mystery Quilt.

Row 6 Allietare Mystery Quilt

I have ALL my rows constructed!  I hope to work on it this afternoon after church and get those rows together!

I think it is exciting to have an extra day in February this year!  How will you spend your leap year day?  Do you do something interesting once every 4 years??  Curious to know……. I think of it as a “bonus day” !

Have a great week!