Autumn Jubilee 2020 Quilt Along update

Last time I posted about the Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along was when I was working on the pumpkin row ( ) . About a week later, Carole published the assembly information on her blog From My Carolina Home, and I got busy assembling my rows in the specified order, with sashing in between the rows and a surrounding border.

Row quilt for #Autumn Jubilee 2020
First round of borders on

At this point with the project, the only “yardage” cut was the fabric I used for the TREE row, and for the sashing/borders. The sashing has a wonderful little golden dot, which went nicely with the fall colors. I do get inspired by nature when picking fabrics for projects.

Fall in Delaware
November 10, 2020

Nature was slow to show me the colors this year on my favorite tree. We had some lovely warm days (and lots of bike riding) so it was hard to focus on the “next step” on the Autumn Jubilee quilt. I decided that I wanted to do something a bit different than what the pattern called for so I measured the quilt, and contacted my sister in law, Carolyn. She makes the BEST borders!! So, I sent along details and this is what she suggested –

test block
Square in a Square block, using the JODI BARROWS tool.

I did a “test block” and then got busy sewing. The fabric for the 4 patches came right out of my scrap saver baskets, already cut to size. The outer fabric, is the same as the border and sashing fabric. I knew I did not have enough to do all the blocks I would need for the border, so I went with scrappy neutrals, cutting strips from my bin of neutral fabrics.

I spent an afternoon making a stack of 4 patches first, then working in small batches to turn them into Square in a Square blocks.

units for the border

We had several days of rain where I did not even go to the sewing room, but when I finally got back out there, I trimmed my blocks and made 4 strips for borders.

Making the border units

Making sense of trying to fit my blocks to an existing project, I followed the steps Carolyn outlined in her blog –

Carolyn was kind to work with me on the “quilt math” on Saturday, and we came up with similar numbers for the border that goes on between the dot border and the square in a square blocks. At one point I confused myself, and resorted to drawing out the picture of what was going where, and that helped my little brain. Turns out, I do this all the time, as I flipped back through the little 5×7 notebook I keep in the sewing room. I am a visual person and the numbers have to make sense.

drawing it out

She reminded me to “dry fit” everything before stitching. That was great advice.

I settled in to work on these borders yesterday afternoon and was quite pleased with the results.

Side borders going on

So far, everything was fitting well. By the end of the afternoon I had the pieced border on and everything fit as Carolyn had predicted.

Autumn Jubilee 2020 row quilt

At this point, the quilt is 67 x 74. Oversized throw I think. And, for the moment, I am “DONE”. I have to think about it for a bit and decide if it gets another border or not. (It is a bit “odd sized” at this point….and I never answered the question Carolyn asked about “how big” was I planning to make this or what what I planning to do with it?)

I really enjoyed this project working on a weekly basis making a row quilt.

What’s happening in your sewing room? Are you inspired by nature in your color selections? How big is “big enough” for a throw size quilt? Would you scale this up for a queen size quilt? Inquiring minds want to know.


Still a work in progress

Wedding quilt…..I know….when is going to be finished???  Good question.  I have a goal of Oct 6th!

I am at a stop on the wedding quilt until I get my “border” pattern.  I’ve done all my quilting around the squares….in the ditch; all straight lines.  I don’t do free-motion quilting well; and don’t want to “goof up” this project, so close to the finish.  I debated getting a  border stencil and mark the borders for stitching, and then I tripped over another product in a catalogue.

I ordered something called Borders Made Easy; which is a paper template that you stitch through & follow the design. I am waiting for them to arrive this week. I picked a design that was a little free form, so if I am not perfect, it won’t look terrible.    Should look like this:


Borders machine quilted the quick and easy way. Simply cut the correct length from the 26-foot roll;
position it on the quilt using adhesive strips on the back of the paper; stitch and tear away. Includes corners and complete instructions.


I ordered on Saturday from Keepsake quilting( ); and am patiently waiting the arrival…they shipped yesterday (finally), but no tracking info…so I am trying to be calm.

Meanwhile, I am trying to create a label for the back of the quilt with my embroidery machine. Wish me luck as I keep getting birdnests….and have to start over!  I haven’t used my embroidery machine very much; because I get so busy “quilting”…so I need to work with it a bit more.  I finally figured out that I just need to rethread everything if it does get jammed. And, I figured out how to clear the birds nest without cutting a hole in the project!. It is a challenge.

On other matters, I have pulled two UFO’s from the box…both small throw sized quilt tops I started 2 years ago.  I plan to finish them up into twin size and send to the “Cover Colorado” quilt drive.  (see post – )

I had to order some additional fabric to make borders; and again, keeping my calm while I await the delivery.  The original tops were browns and greens, and I don’t have much brown fabric in my stash.   Meanwhile, I can study them a bit and figure out how to finish them up.  (Probably should have ordered more batting….but I will be out this weekend where I can purchase some)

It’s been a busy week for me.  Feeling sorry for my hubby and his bad back, I ‘ve done the grass cutting and trimming this week. (Big job and for me it takes a couple of afternoons.)  I’ve been able to SKYPE a couple of times with my daughter who is enroute to Africa with her family. They have a stopover for a week in Europe, before the long haul flight. It will be a big adventure for sure. Time for me to start thinking about “shots” for a future visit.

Yesterday was “blood bank” day where I donated another pint toward my 2nd gallon. Glad they were giving out different t-shirts this last two donations I got a repeat shirt!  🙂  Great to wear to remind people to donate. Anyway, I want to research the “disqualifiers” for blood donations and travel locations and travel immunizations.  I want to go visit with the grandchildren; but don’t want to find myself unable to ever donate blood again.  I’ve noticed so many restrictions for donors; travel history; body piercing, tatoo’s etc, that I don’t want to present myself for donation and be declined.  With so many people getting tatoo’s and piercings, I wonder where the blood donors will come from in a crisis. I think a tatoo disqualifies you for a year, as does a piercing of any sort.

Today is a sewing day this morning; and then in the afternoon, I am going to a lecture at the library about the History of the Victorian Tea.  I was surprised to find out that TEA will be served.  Now that I am aware they will be serving, I will alter my outfit for the day, and wear something more appropriate to attending a Victorian Tea…in other words…skip the blood bank t-shirt!

Saturday, I am looking forward to an early start, heading north to an outdoor quilt show!  It’s advertised as a “backyard quilt show” at Lil Country Shoppe, in Middletown Delaware.    I’m going to stop and pick up a friend and no doubt buy a bit of fabric at the Shoppe folowing the show.

Off to stitch a little !