Sewing with a group

This past week has been my week for sewing with a group. On Tuesday I met up with some of the members of the Queen Bees. We meet at the library once a month for our quilt bee. It is SEW much fun to sew with a group of friends. It’s lovely to catch up with each other and chat while we sew. Often times, I will spend more time wandering the room than sewing. I love to see what everyone is working on as well.

This bee, I took kits for a project that the members of the bee are working on together. We are making a small quilt to gift to the Friends of the Library organization. They will use it as a fundraiser in a raffle next fall. We are doing this as a thank you to the library, for allowing us to meet there at no charge. When we first discussed the project, one member said she had something we might want to consider. Next thing you know, her husband had been dispatched by phone, to her sewing room to pull the project. (I was in awe that she could give him directions to the right storage location. ) In a few minutes we had a photo and made the decision that the project would be a great starting point. I introduced that quilter in my last blog post, . Did you have a chance to pop over for a read?

Over the last month, the project went home with one member who did the needle turn applique of stems, leaves and nose, as well as the embroidery of the face, minus the eyes. Then I shared a sample block that we could use around the existing piece. I pulled the block out of my Lori Holt Vintage Christmas Quilt book. Everyone agreed, and we collected fabric and I cut the kits for 28 blocks. Only a few got done during the bee, and many more went home with members to work on. I brought home 7 kits that were left.

On Saturday, I had fun on a Zoom “Virtual Retreat”, hosted by Carole, of From My Carolina Home . There were 9 of us on the Zoom call, and we started around 10 am. The most fun of a zoom call is you are at home, and you can have all your sewing things close at hand. No packing up and carrying out like to my regular quilt bees. The negative is my internet is spotty in my sewing room so sometimes it goes on and off. Carole’s purpose for the Virtual Retreat was to give her blog followers a chance to clear up a UFO or two, before Autumn Jubilee starts on Monday. Follow the link above to Carole’s blog or the button on the side of this post to Autumn Jubilee.

I worked on 7 of the snowflake blocks during the Virtual Retreat, and put the snowman up on my design wall with some of the finished blocks so the others on the zoom could see what I was up to.

Snowflakes for the snowman
Snowman raffle quilt

I’m going to wait until all 28 blocks are finished, and square them all up at once. Then we will see if we need any space, an extra border etc before we add them to that wonderful snowman. This will be a fun winter quilt. I’ll let you know when the Friends of the Library put the tickets on sale next year.

One of the participants in the Zoom retreat was Mary Ellen. She had several things she was working on, and no doubt there will be a blog post coming from her soon, including a screenshot of the attendees. Happy Birthday Mary Ellen. Her blog is QuiltMouse, and you will find her blog here – She is quite inspiring and I always learn something when I read her blog. Recently she reminded us of the value of prewashing fabric for a Quilts of Valor. She has her fingers in lots of projects, so do go take a look.

That’s it for this first Sunday of October. Go check out those 3 bloggers, Dulcequilts, FromMyCarolinaHome and Quiltmouse.

What have you been doing in your sewing room lately?? Have you found any new bloggers?

Now, let the Autumn Jubilee begin!!