Stinky donated fabric

Regular readers know that I do the Second Time Around for my quilt guild. We take in donations, and preparing it to be resold to guild members at our monthly meetings.  I’m in my 3rd year of this activity, and I have run into a BIG problem!

I want / need ADVICE  —  Backstory – I picked up a giant container of fabric donated to the guild.  A SMOKER donated it to the church, who donated to the guild. Thankfully, the secretary at the church warned me it was smelly.  The container was so big and heavy, it took two of us and a cart to get it to the car, and then we split it into 3 containers, so we could lift them. We got our first whiff while we were standing in the parking lot.  I made sure to close the containers tightly when we put them in the back of the SUV.

When I got home, I had to get it out of my car and out of the garage due to the stench.  I opened the containers outside and further split the piles of fabric to get some fresh air around the fabrics.   It made my eyes water, and started me sneezing and coughing. I let it sit outside my garage for 4 hours in the fresh air.  Those boxes are going outside again this morning for another round of fresh air.

I did a little google research and discovered that VINEGAR is the trick, if the item is washable.  The recommendation was 1 cup of vinegar to a load.  (My hubby has lots of vinegar in the garage because he makes weed spray with it..another Google research project).

I sorted out one color, GREEN, and brought it in the house to wash. I soaked it for 2 hours in the washer with hot water, and 4 cups of vinegar.  I increased the quantity of vinegar because the stench was terrible.  After it soaked, and rinsed, I washed it with hot water and laundry soap, and softener.  I also put in 4 color catchers during the 1st soak. (Good thing too!!).   After the 2nd wash it did not smell, so I put it in the dryer, on the anti-bacterial setting, and added about 4 dryer sheets.  That setting is very hot and runs for about 1 1/2 hours.

I have to report it no longer smells like anything at all!   No smoke smell, and no smell from the liquid fabric softener or the dryer sheets.  I had to do some “fluffing and folding” because some of the really big pieces got twisted up. There were some 3 & 4 yard pieces, and they got a little tangled and the expected strings, but really, not to bad considering I had the washer on heavy duty/deep water wash.   There must have been 25 yards of fabric in just this one load. I considered the method a success, and since there was so much fabric, I think it was worth saving.

Down side to my new washer (Maytag top loader with no agitator) is that it doesn’t “fill up” above the fabric. It “senses” how much water needs to go in.   I cheated the machine, and added 3 “buckets” of extra water, to make sure everything was covered. I’m sure I confused the brain of the washer, but I feel like it needed that extra depth.

Green fabric

I decided to finish this pile up by putting the pieces outside on the porch, in the shade to continue to air.

Airing of the greens

There really were some very pretty pieces!

Pretty greens

I know it doesn’t look like much now, but this is a lovely batik!

3 or more yards of batik

Several yards of that batik, so WORTH the effort I think!

I’ve started the next “SOAK” load.  The pile of reds is in the washer, with the 4 cups of vinegar and a little OXYCLEAN. (I put that it, because 3 or 4 pieces had a bit of “stain” at the fold line.) Not as large a volume of fabric, but some good piece, worth the effort to save from the “stinky smoke”..

Now the question —-  HOW do I get the stench of smoke out of the small pieces??  From what I could see, on the first dig through the bins, there are squares, and blocks and strips .  I’ve got lingerie bags, but I wonder if there is a way to get the stink out WITHOUT washing those small pieces, and without really “touching them”.   I’m afraid that doing the heavy soak and heavy wash that I am doing with the large pieces will just leave me with a bag of strings and fuzz.  I am highly allergic to the smell, and don’t want to over handle the pieces if possible until they are neutralized.  So, share your wisdom and experience, please!!  

My volunteers will be steam pressing, trimming, measuring and folding the first 25 yards or more and getting it ready to sell at the September guild meeting in the next few weeks.

My daughter & I chatted about the Pros & cons of washing all this fabric. It is worth it, IF the ends justify the means.  Well, I think it was worth the washing, in spite of the the wrinkles, the cost of the washing machine wear and tear, hot water, drying, and laundry products.  Our Second Time Around sales at the guild meetings average over $400 at each meeting, so the effort pays off.  The members LOVE to shop our tables, where we are selling fabric for $2/yard.

Looking forward to hearing any and all advice.

ps…I’m sure most smokers don’t even realise how the smoke in the air clings to their fabrics.  I was married to a smoker for nearly 30 years, and he had no idea how bad the smell was, and didn’t believe what it did to his body. His death from Kidney cancer was attributed to smoking at age 53.  If you need help stopping, talk to a medical professional.  For your sake first and foremost, and for the sake of those who love you.

Scrap Dance Tango and other fun

Not much has happened this week in the sewing room.  I have spent 3 days at church handling the snacks for 90+ children attending Vacation Bible School.  Things have gone well with the food, and I have had some other great volunteers to work with.  Tomorrow is the last day, and then I can “sleep in” until 7 or 8 am!  That morning alarm clock stuff is for the birds!  I had appointments yesterday so had the “day off” and when I got home I got to play in my sewing room a bit!

SCRAP DANCE TANGO UPDATE –pattern by Carole @ From My Carolina Home; a 6 month “mystery quilt” that began in January. Final instructions came  out on June 10, and I’ve made reasonable progress.

All bazillion blocks are made….so far I have only had to “re-construct” one…silly person pinning and sewing spinning blocks in the wrong directions.  While I had a few hours on Wednesday night, I managed to put together a few blocks!

Scrap Dance Tango - 16 blocks

I have about 2/3 of the blocks on the wall with a 12 across/13 down layout.  As I worked with these blocks, I was wishing I had my “marking pins” organized so I could use them.  (You can find my post about those pins here – Marking Pins  .   They were last used in my granddaughters quilt layout and not “resorted” back in the proper storage container. So, I resorted  to little scrap notes to keep me straight!  That problem was resolved before I came out to the sewing room this afternoon. (I put hubby to work helping me sort after I fed him lunch!)  Now I can start putting those marking pins to work!  I really have to figure out a way to “sort the pins” as I remove them from a project.  Right now, I just toss them in the big and fiddle with them later.

Here is a little bit larger view of what I have up on the design wall. There are 96 – 8″ blocks on the wall, and I still have 46 more to go on the design wall.

a larger look

Not too long ago, Carole asked me if I had chosen a layout. I am doing her “TANGO” layout! Before I decided, I had the hubby look at the different options Carole gave  in Step 6, and also the view of the one that was done by Marsha Day ‘on point’.  (Marsha’s photo is here – On Point Scrap Dance Tango by Marsha Day  ) Hubby and I had a great discussion and I was leaning toward the setting Marsha did. We finally agreed on Carole’s original plan.  In the meantime…I got a deal on EQ7 through AQS, and someday I hope to be as proficient as Carole.  Not going to start up a business, but would like to be able to make those “adjustments” myself easily.  I thought it would be a great time to upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 10, so I can start “fresh”.

Meanwhile, I have had a little fun with my Brother Scan N Cut again.  I made a batch of 27 “lamb” name tags for my daughter to use in her Vacation Bible School program next month.  Check these out…..


I managed to do this without cutting through the mat or tearing up too much paper. I have learned about the “pressure setting” and that “nurses tape (nexcare) ” is my friend with this machine!  Thank goodness for groups on Facebook who help the novice crafter!  I also learned the value of a “tape runner” like the blue one in the picture. Who KNEW it would make things so simple. I get the feeling most people do, but I am learning every day!

My fabric arrived this week for the borders on Addison’s quilt.  I have gotten it washed and out to the sewing room, ready to iron.  I just need to get those 2 final borders on and I can proceed to the layering and quilting.  I also washed about 22 yards of “other fabric” that I picked up last weekend at a quilter’s yard sale.  Beautiful fabrics for $2/yard.  So glad I had a big box of color grabbers/catchers on hand.  One of the Christmas fabrics had a lot of  dye ready to ruin a quilt!  First round through the wash, the 2 catchers came out looking like this:

And this is why I prewash

I tell you what, I continue to be a believer of pre-washing because of this!  I washed that fabric about 4 more times, setting it with vinegar each load; and then 2 rinses !  I had one fabric that had pink/white/grey/black stripes, and it was the black that washed out on that fabric.  Time to restock the supply!

Time to do a little sewing before the hubby starts looking for supper.  What is happening in your sewing room this week??


ps…if you want the Scrap Dance Tango; hop over to Carole’s blog for the pattern. This link will take you to the very first “clue”.  Hurry though, as she plans to pull the pattern off the blog soon, so she can sell the pattern on her ETSY  page.  🙂