A flock or a flight of geese?

When you see a field of geese is it a flock? What about when they are in the air flying in a group are they a flight? The things I ponder before my 2nd cup of coffee……

And so, I learned before my second cup, that on the ground they are a GAGGLE, not a flock! Again, thanks to wikipedia “The collective noun for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle; when in flight, they are called a skein, a team, or a wedge; when flying close together, they are called a plump.[2]

This isn’t a blog about wildlife, it’s a quilting blog, so of course my geese have no feathers and are made of fabric! 😉

I am working on Step 2 of the Pachanga Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt and making quite the gaggle of geese. These are nice large flying geese units, made using the no waste method that Carole refers to on her blog post linked above.

No waste flying geese

My goal was to go quite scrappy with the geese, and I worked on them in small batches, trying to mix things up a bit.

Geese needing trimming
Ready to trim this gaggle of geese

Trimming them up, I used the Studio 180 – Wing Clipper ruler. It seems that I have two of those on my peg board, both the same size. The ruler is quite nice for these larger units. Any local friends need one of these for this project?

Trimming tool

Given all those proper terms, I present to you my plump of flying geese!

PLUMP of geese
A plump not a flock of Flying Geese

If you haven’t started the mystery quilt, it is NOT too late. Step one was just cutting instructions so it is easy to get started if you just cut for step 2 to catch up. This year I am doing the throw sized project. It is a very scrap friendly project, and the only yardage I cut was for the background (white) fabric. I did cut one fat quarter to get a little extra variety in my bright fabrics. The fat quarter I cut was that geometric orange & pink on cream you see in some of the wings.

Here is a peek at some of the other fabric I am planning to use in future steps –

Fabric pull for Scrap Dance Pachanga

I think it will make a nice cheery throw.

It is fun to share on the Friends of From My Carolina Home group on Facebook. I enjoy seeing the color choices others have made for this project. Several are using dark backgrounds. If you are a reader of Carole’s blog, do ask to join the Facebook group and share your progress on this project.

Happy stitching.

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