Banner Completed

On my previous blog post I told you a bit about my inspiration for making this banner.  Pattern is from Irene at Sweet Seasons of Life blog –  log cabin cross pattern .  The colors I used are grey and burgundy, and I used “Susies Magic Binding” technique.  I quilted it with 60 weight Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads – Silver # 623.  Yes, I used Bottom Line as the top & bobbin thread.  This silver thread reflects the colors around it, and since my quilting was all across the grey, it almost disappears. I quilted rays out from the cross.  I did mark the rays out using my ruler a my blue clover water erasable marking pen. On the bottom section the rays are 2.5″ apart along the border. On the top section, they are 2″ apart.  (Last LC banner I made, I did measure carefully, I eyeballed it).  I stitched carefully in the  ditch around the very outside of the cross, and in the ditch on the 2 borders . Ample quilting with out being too distracting from the piecework I think.

I must remember to make some notes on this pattern.  It is fat quarter friendly for everything except the cross and the borders, backing and binding.  Need about 1/3 of a yard for the borders.  I like a light color for border # 1, and a dark color for border # 2.  In this case, I used the same grey for border # 1 as I did for the center of the log cabin block.    The pattern does need a little correcting – for instance the beginning of the instructions say “sew a light shade strip to the center.”  It should say “sew a dark strip to the center”.  The pattern is pretty easy to figure out if you lay out the block before you start sewing.  Also, unless my seam allowances are too wide, I think in almost every round, I had to trim from 1/4 to 1/2″ off as I added the strip.

I just need to finish up stitching the sleeve on the back and make a label.  Otherwise, it is complete. Size is 25 x 34.

Log Cabin Cross Banner

Log Cabin Cross Banner

Now it is time to start thinking about the next project!  I think I have a new super hero cape to make for a granddaughter, and a BATMAN cape for a grandson. Might want to get busy with them as they asked for them on my last visit.  Oh, and then there is also the Scrap Dance Quilt Along! The final instructions were posted on Sept 9, and I just saved them today.  Maybe I will finish that up in a baby quilt size first!  (Gosh I love retirement!)

Happy Sewing.




New Log Cabin Cross Banner

When I went visiting out West I had the opportunity to attend church services with my daughter, son in law and grandchildren.  It was such an inspiring series of services.  The first 2 services were held in the basement of a family home, with about 35 people in attendance. Chairs lined up, a folding table to hold the communion and a simple podium for the Pastor to give the sermon.  This was a mission church, and they had spent 10 years meeting in various locations while they grew large enough to afford a building of their own.  I got the opportunity to study the structure they were to move into and was surprised to see another simple facility.  This congregation understood that gathering together, in the community of Christ did not have to take place in a lofty structure.  Christ was present in that basement of a family home.  While waiting for the service to begin, I thought of the very beginnings of Christianity, and the tenant that where ever two or more gather in His name, Christ is present.  During my subsequent visit last month, the congregation met somewhere else. The first time in a community center building. Again, I could feel the presence of Christ.  My last opportunity to worship with this group was their very first service in their OWN church building.  It was wonderful.  10 years of effort had paid off.  As I looked around I wondered what I could offer to this group.  Having just made a banner for my daughters Godchild (see the post Baptism Banner), I thought I would like to make something similar and offer it to the Pastor for his study, or a classroom or a hallway.  I felt called to give something in offering to the Glory of God.

So, here is the beginnings of my simple offering.  I chose the colors based on what was being used in the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  I have  2 more borders to put on tomorrow, then I will get it quilted and bound and in the mail.  I hope you feel the presence of Christ in your life when you worship at your local church.


Log Cabin Cross

Log Cabin Cross


Mote of thanks to Irene where she offered this free pattern on her blog “Sweet Seasons of Life”. Click the link to get the  Pattern for log cabin cross