Gardens,Quilt show and Talkin’ Turkey

I spent 3 days in the garden this past week, working on 9 months of weeds! Yes, it is true, I gave up sewing time for working in the garden.  I made multiple trips to our compost pile in back in our woods to empty the trailer of the debris.  I still have “many” days worth of work in the yard.  I decided that I like quilting better than gardening.  I should be outside right now with a tool and a bucket working on some of that stuff, but then, who would write my blog post, or read yours?  Seriously, I have had to force myself to “schedule” yard work time on my google calendar!  But at least now, I can see the remaining tulips blooming, and know that the hostas are emerging from their winter sleep, and the sad looking azaleas will bloom once more.  The sedum have all been dead headed, and I started to split them for transplant in to other areas of the garden.

If you know a trick to rid my flowerbeds of the “mums gone wild”, let me know. Backstory – I planted several pots of “mums” one fall and they have turned into weeds, taking over the beds.  I have dug and dug and dug until I am crazy.  They never bloomed again after that first fall, and I just want them “out” of the garden.  The other thing I want out is the lighting system and soaker hose system, until at least I get the weeding done.  Over the years the lights have been damaged and the hose has felt the edge of the shovel when I was attacking some wild thing that sprung up.  Perhaps it was a great idea “way back when” but not today.   I’ve been ruthless removing sections, as I come to them, and will put the hubby back to work “laying fresh hose” once I have the mulch down.

More work to be done

There is still more weeding and mulching to be done!!  And, I have some time “blocked out” on my calendar!  

Meanwhile, between all the garden work, I went and picked up “more” donations for the quilt guild “Second Time Around”. Two trips, and two vehicles, and just when I saw light at the end of the tunnel, I have more “stuff’ to weed though.  I have had several workdays this month and lots of great helpers getting things pressed and trimmed and folded and priced to resell at the quilt guild and at our quilt show in July.  Gosh – if you are on the East coast in July you should plan a visit – details here – Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show – in Lewes Delaware.  Last show we had over 200 quilts on display, and lots of vendors.  Of course, you can stop and say hi to me at the Second Time Around tables and get some great bargains!!

I did get a couple of opportunities to work on my Talkin’ Turkey project since my post about making those Flying Geese. This quilt pattern, is by Bonnie Hunter, in her String Fling Book.  By Friday of last week – I had a few blocks on the wall. — Do you recognize those flying geese from my last post?

Talking Turkey 19 to go

(Do you see the blocks all stacked up under the ones pinned to the wall?  Those are 4.5″ squares that were donated, and they are being sorted into “pretty stacks” for sale at the Second Time Around Table at the show!)

I got a bit of time on both Saturday and Sunday evening to sew, and I did LOTS of assembly!    There are 21 blocks up on the wall now, and lots of pieces “ready to sew” for the last 9.  I have all the units prepped and pinned on the blocks, and when I get an extra hour, I can zip right through them.  

21 done Talkin Turkey

Of course, at this point my brain has moved on to “other things”, like the next step in the assembly process.  (There are LOTS more steps to go in this project, with multiple pieced borders.  I saw a “finished” Talkin’ Turkey for sale on Etsy for $1200…… ) Anyway, I had to count out how many more neutral  and red squares I will have to cut, and check if I have the next neutral sashing cut yet or not.  I won’t start that step until all the blocks are assembled and I have a chance to really “arrange them” on my design wall so I get a nice balance of the “scrappy”.  I have several blocks that have “bright bits” that I want to spread out; like stripes in the center of the nine patch or polka dots (both black and white) that do jump out at me.  So, a bit of “design layout will be in order, and I will have to “clear my wall” to make room for the entire project. It is very satisfying to see it come to this point.  

A busy week ahead for me with a Quilt show meeting, 3 mornings with 2nd Time Around helpers coming over, an all day quilt bee and two days where I have ladies coming up to church to help “tie” quilts for our graduates.  (Hmmmm….when will that garden work happen or any more of my own sewing happen…..)

I hope you are having fun with your projects!

How grows the garden and more

Asian Lily – They are taller than me!!!

I am 5'5" and this stalk is at least 5" higher.

I am 5’5″ and this stalk is at least 5″ higher.

I  planted  a  bunch of these bulbs about 7 years ago.  They are starting to really spread!  Love them.


Love this lilly

Love this lilly

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

These are the light pink Calla Lily – they have a solid green leaf.  I also have one with a speckled leaf that hasn’t bloomed yet.  I am hoping it is the darker pink.  Should know in another week or so.  These light ones have really come up nicely this year, no rabbits hung out in the garden this winter. Wondering if my garden expert friends can give me advice on “dividing” them?  They have been in the ground here about 7 years.  I would love to be able to get them going in other places in the garden.

I’ve been busy this week.  I accepted a challenge to build 2 quilt blocks for a designer I took a class from last fall in Houston. She sent me some strips and squares of fabric and instructions, I added print strips and squares. I followed her instructions and built these 2 blocks.


designer's challenge

designer’s challenge

Hubby and I took a ride to a town not too far away and watched as the cars arrived for a “lunch stop” . The cars were participating in the Hemmings Motor News Great Race from Maine to Florida.  No vehicle was newer than 1972.  There were so many cool cars, and I took tons of pictures.  I am going to load them up on Google Plus later this week.  Below is just one .  I thought this truck was a lot of fun.  Great article in the local newspaper:

UPDATE:   Lots of pictures from the Great Race on my Google Plus page —

Good thing they came through on Tuesday….because on Wednesday we had torrential rain!!


Can you see the rain bouncing in the water of the pool?
Since it was raining, I decided to get busy and work on my “Snow Drift”. I managed to get it put together and by the end of Wednesday night I had it quilted. Binding is in progress now, but here is a sneak peak at it before it was layered. It is going to be just perfect on my table. Nearly as long and almost as wide as the dining room table. Of course, after the quilting and the trimming, and the binding and the washing, it will shrink up a little bit!!


In between the fun, I am working on finding speakers and instructors for the Quilt Guild that I belong to.  If you know somebody great that is near the Mid Atlantic (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland), let me know.  This job is tough!!  Thank goodness I have a committee to help make the final choices, but I have to get them a list of options.  I have spent a lot of “quilt time” at the computer, researching.  Ready to get back to my sewing.  Afraid to look at my list of things that need doing!  🙂  Have a great weekend, hope it is sunny and bright where ever you are!