Butterflies and Quilts and Good-byes

Good morning!  Yesterday I posted 2 photo’s side by side…..a butterfly and a caterpillar.  One of my sisters said it reminded her of our dear Aunt Jean, who was a butterfly lover!

Turns out, the caterpillar is an Eastern Black Swallow caterpillar. I had NO idea. Thanks to a comment from Mel I now know what is happening in my garden.  All the botany she has been teaching lately has paid off!

The caterpillar is on the flower stalk from an iris.  I decided not to cut it out and toss it in the compost pile, since the caterpillar was climbing on it.  I just went out to check to see if his progress and couldn’t find him.  I knew the sedum attracted butterflies, and now I know to leave the decaying flower stalks on the iris all summer, even though they are unsightly.  I will just refer to it in the future as my “butterfly habitat”.

I have seen some Eastern Black Swallow butterflies already in the flowerbed on my sedum, but haven’t been able to photograph one yet.  So, I may have neglected the flowerbed, but the butterflies like it!  We haven’t had any rain for 2 weeks, so I thought I would run out this morning and fill the bird bath and maybe turn on the sprinkler for 20 mins.  Neglect no more!

I found a great article on “raising Eastern Black Swallowtails”  at Native Plant Wildlife .  Great photos and information ! Another site I found called them Eastern TIGER swallowtails.  Good info about identifying the gender, habitat and predators along with photo’s here – Eastern Tiger swallowtails

On to the quilts ~  I went on a bus trip with 37 other members of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild on Thursday to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)  DAR Museum in Washington DC.  We had such a wonderful tour and enjoyed seeing the various period rooms and especially the Eye on Elegance display of quilts on special exhibit.

With a docent leading the way, we learned about the history of the DAR, and enjoyed not only the rooms and quilts, but the architecture of the building, just 2 blocks from the White House.  The DAR Museum is connected to Constitution Hall.  I have been there for a concert, but did not realize its association with the DAR.  The Eye on Elegance exhibit closes today, but I took a few pictures to share with you.  There were too many to photograph, but they are available here: Current Exhibit.

The building was amazing, though I only took a few pictures.  I was fascinated by the library, which was originally an auditorium. The ceiling is amazing, and the panels of glass vent.  The light was spectacular coming into the room.  The chandeliers are the originals, rewired for electricity, and special light bulbs that come from England.

If you ever get to Washington DC, consider a visit the DAR Museum.  Coordinate ahead of time for a docent. We had 3 different docents giving the tour and they were spectacular.  I could have spent the entire day at the museum.

We spent our afternoon in Annapolis Maryland, and had a fantastic lunch at Reynolds Tavern  .

Of course, when you go on a bus trip with quilters, there is always an opportunity to shop, and we stopped at Cotton Seed Glory Quilt Shop in Annapolis to finish out the afternoon.  It is fun to visit quilt shops and see what is different and new.  I picked up the “row by row” pattern, but doubt I will make it.  I wanted the “dolphins” on the pattern for a future applique.

Friday we said good-bye to a member of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  Our friend Linda Gabriel had fought for nearly 3 years and lost the battle.  She was such an inspiration to us all with her humor and determination. A little more than 2 years ago she had a stroke. She battled to gain use again of her body, and just last fall she was with us, quilting at a sit & sew.  These are photos of her last projects, and I am so happy to have taken these pictures.  She was one determined woman to do what she enjoyed! I bet she would have loved the visit to the DAR.  She was a librarian, a sailor, a world travelr, a quilter and a comic!  She will be missed by so many.  She was an inspiration to many!

I hope you have a chance to do something you love today!