2014 was a busy year

2014 is almost over and I think about what have I accomplished and how much fun I have had. I have some great friendships that are continuing to form; and am learning new things.

Here is a recap of 2014 projects most of which you will find the full story on the blog – NOTE: Some are still UNFINISHED PROJECTS !!

January  – cleaning up the chaos in the sewing room and sorting the scraps; arranging my containers and playing with hexi’s.

February brought a guild retreat where we did a “summer in the park” and a “one block wonder”. Both end 2014 as works in progress.
There was 1 senior quilt  and a bus trip to the Hampton Roads Quilt Show

March brought snow and daffodils; and string piecing blocks for the Guild President Quilt, more work on my Summer in the park, my Lisa bag and the beginnings of a memory quilt from t-shirts for my friend Karen. It also brought a surprise in the mail from AVIS !  I also took a trip to the Lancaster Quilt show.

April saw  the finish  & delivery of the t-shirt memory quilt; a 5 minute table runner and the Celebrate/Happy birthday bunting.  There was a great sit & sew with 3 quilt bees for 3 days where the table runner was the focus.

May  brought Guild “sewing with silk” class; and a 2014 UFO finish of my 9 patch cupcake quilt that has been hanging around since 2012.  Worked on a charity baby quilt in flannel for our bee; bound senior quilts with flanged binding; recycled leftover binding into fun hexi’s and made a baptismal banner for my granddaughter. (Lessons from the silk class and stabilizing fabric were very helpful!)  There was also a trip to a quilt show at the Dulles Expo Center.

June  – Another guild class and a FINISH. Class was Bill Kerr teaching his SNOWDRIFT pattern, using a curved template. I called mine FLOWERS in the Snow.  I did 2 blocks for Ebony Love designers challenge, and watched the flowers bloom in the garden. I made a BEATLE BAG for my sewing supplies and we fixed the webbing under the sofa!


July— brought fun in the pool and fun in the mail. I won a Funky Chicken pin cushion; and then made 6 more; using log cabin blocks. My chickens were Blue Hens!  I also fixed the hubby’s POOL chair, new fabric in a bright cheery color.  I spent most of the time working on scheduling speakers / instructors for the next 2 years for our quilt guild; having been elected to serve as Vice President/Programs.  LOTS of meetings over the summer.

August— I took another guild class and made the Crusty crab. The crab STILL needs binding!   I worked on 6 flannel baby quilts for our bee; quilting and binding tops that others had pieced; and made birthday gifts for a 2 year old! And then I went to California for nearly 3 weeks!

September I spent Labor Day in California; finishing up a painting projects for my sister -and then the SECRET PROJECT was started; a quilt for my sister to go in the purple bedroom!  I left a few UFO’s in California; the doors needed to be rehung and the hallway needed 1 more coat, and the door trim need to be done…..ran out of time….ooops.

October– The grandkids and parents came to visit from Congo!  We had fun together playing! We collected 3 suitcases full of school supplies for them to take back to a local school. Of course there were the monthly Quilt guild meetings, the Material Girls Quilt bee, and a 3 day sit & sew at the end of the month.  I had so many extra strips from the SECRET PROJECT, I decided to make ANOTHER log cabin for my sister’s great granddaughter.  (Still a UFO…more quilting to do).

November started with a guild class “wonderful watercolors” (another UFO) and a visit from my sister. I gave her 3 pillows for her birthday (LOG CABIN).  When she got home at the end of the month, her quilt was waiting for her! It was also National Model Railroad Month; so hubby and I did lots of model train activities together, visiting train shows; and various layouts in Pennsylvania. I also spent the month promoting the Delmarva Model Railroad Club Open houses. I spent Thanksgiving weekend selling raffle tickets at the club to help out. And of course, started the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.  I also got very excited about finding panels for the MODA FLATS Dolls.

December started with another Model Railroad Open; and the “finish the gifts” rush.  Only previous photo’s here; as that box hasn’t arrive in Congo; so I won’t spoil the surprises.  I of course have been working on the Grand Illusion and have been blogging along all month about that.  So; check the recent posts for photos. And, lastly; my hexi project.  I started doing English Paper piecing Hexi’s (1″) in December last year, just to fill time in the evening. Well; I have made a few, and now am starting to think about what I will do with them NEXT year! Time to come up with a pattern!

August is here!

I can’t believe we are already in August!  Where or where did July disappear too?  I haven’t been spending anytime reading blogs or posting. Doesn’t mean I have not been sitting at the computer…oh my have I ever.  I last posted when I gave away my little Blue Hen Chicken!  The week her new owner was chosen was a busy time.  I had a meeting of the guild’s Program Planning Committee, followed by the “Material Girls” quilt bee, both at my house, followed by another meeting about Program Planning.  In between, I spent countless hours writing and responding to people to come & speak & teach at our guild.  I feel like I went back to work at a full time job, with overtime.  The good news is; I have all of 2015 booked, and some of the contracts are finished; and I have started in on 2016.  The hard part is the budget, and finding instructors in the mid-Atlantic area that we can afford, who bring new and interesting lectures, trunk shows and workshops. (So far I have 3 out of 8 lined up for 2016). I need a break though!

In 2 weeks, I almost didn’t stitch a thing.  After our Material Girls bee, I did layer up and quilt a charity baby quilt in flannel; yet it sits on the table, waiting on binding.  Just as I write this, I decided I will uses some of my stash strips and make a scrappy binding!  I have also decided, I do NOT like to work with flannel….way too much lint in my machine after working up the blocks and quilting. The fabrics were donated for these quilts, but I did need to get more flannel for backing.  I have 3 more kits to put together before I take a trip in the middle of the month.  I decided to just quilt across the center of the blocks, and used one of the pretty stitches built into my machine.


I did sneak in a little fun on a bus trip to the Hershey Quilt Show. We got to see the lovely quilts (the lighting was terrible and did a dis-service to the quilts!); did some shopping at the various vendors.  I stocked up on thread from Superior Threads, and picked up more of that great bag lining product – SOFT & STABLE, along with some fun fat quarters and a new marking pen.  We also did a trip to Burkholders Fabrics on the way home.  If you are ever in the Hershey or Lancaster area, you need to set your GPS and go find Burkholders!  Out in the middle of NO-WHERE, surrounded by picturesque farms and rolling hills, you will be in fabric HEAVEN!!  Burkholders is at 2155 West RT 897,  Denver, PA   ( http://www.burkfabric.com/ )  Because we were there on a bus trip, and our guild stops there every year, we got some extra special deals. My favorite was the bundle of 20 fat quarters for $30.  Had I gone back in for 1 more, it would have gone down to $25 for the bundle…but by that point I was “shopped out”.

About Wednesday this past week I decided it was time to SEW.  I had fun working on projects that will get put in the mail in the next day or 2 to my grandaughter.  She will have a birthday next week, and will be a big 2 years old.  In order to make sure I don’t send her any plastic junk (aka toys), I decided it was time to get busy and make those things I have been intending to make for months and months.   So; with limited fanfare: here you have – Project # 1 – the hooded bath towel —

In case you want to make one of your own; these instructions are very helpful:

I did a few mod’s, but nothing much differently.  I got the embroidery machine going and got busy~!~  I have not done any work on bath towels before, but read quite a bit about the process.  I used a Floriani iron on mesh tearaway stabilizer on the back of the towel, floated a piece of medium tear-away under the hoop, and put water soluable on top.  I was very pleased with how well every thing stitched out. The cat face and the kitten topper come from Embroidery Designs . com; and when I downloaded them, they were part of the free collections.  I had trouble with the smiling kitten though. It was “too big” for my Brother PE500 embroidery machine. My hoop size is 4×4; and although it said 4×3.95; my machine would not recognize it.  I contacted Embroiderydesigns.com at their toll free number, and  Bonnie in customer service was a BIG help.  She looked up the specifics for my machine, and explained I really can not use a design bigger that 3.85″.  Then she offered to RE-SIZE the design and she emailed it to me in about 10 minutes.   I learned a little more about my machine and was tickled pink that she was so helpful.  Especially for somebody who mostly downloads the free stuff every week.   It stitched out beautifully.  I will remember them when I see a design that I have to pay for and not buy it somewhere else!


Project # 2 is a Super Hero Cape.

Patterns are plentiful on the internet. I can’t remember where I got this one, but it worked well. (All straight cuts with a ruler & rotary….no scissors were used in the prep of the fabric!)

Grandchild # 3 is familiar with the use of Super hero capes, as she often plays in her big brother & sisters capes I made last summer.  I picked out what I thought was fun fabric, and then put a contrasting fabric inside so it would “look cool”.  I used a piece of the contrasting and made a little super hero patch for the back, with a cute little ladybug design.  Again thanks to Embroidery designs. com.  There is bright yellow ric-rack around the gathering at the neckline, and along the bottom edge (in the second picture you can see it.)  (The goal was to not use licensed character fabric, and this fabric was so much fun with the butterflies, and worms and bumble bees.)  I used velcro for the closing; and the same pattern as big brother and big sister. Hopefully it is not too long, and won’t be a tripping hazard! (Grandma wants pictures……….)


Project # 3 – placemats and napkins for a tea party!


miniature place mats and napkins for a tiny tea party for a two year old

miniature place mats and napkins for a tiny tea party for a two year old


using the fun stitches on my machine; boats and planes and elphants and lambs and cars

using the fun stitches on my machine; boats and planes and elphants and lambs and cars

I opened my ziplock bag of left over 4 patches; and left over 2 patches and put together these little placemats. The four patches and two patches are leftover from 2 quilts I made. One was a baby quilt for grandchild # 2, and one was a full size I made for my sister. I went crazy making those blocks, and I had lots left.   I had some big squares leftover, and they were combined to make the back of the placemats, and the napkins.  I had fun with some creative stitches on my machine for the quilting of the placemats, and the trimming of the napkins. I think these will work quite nicely with the tea party dishes her mommy is ordering!  If she needs more than 6 placemats, I have about 100 more 4 patches that could be made into placemats.  (I love my stash!!! I pulled strips from the stash that were used in other quilts; and 3 of them are strips that were in grandchild # 3’s one block wonder quilt.  )  I LOVE The fancy stitches on my macine. And I love that new pink varigated thread from superior. It is a 40wt  perfect for quilting.

I have one more little idea up my sleeve, and then I will get this birthday box in the mail.  🙂 It is a cloudy rainy day and I could either stay in the house and vacuum or go out to the garage to sew !!  Sewing it shall be!  (Someday I am getting one of those robo vacs!  Happy stitching.



And the winner is….

The chickens have stopped to catch a breath!  Monday Morning has arrived (and past by) and I just got a chance to count up entries and put the total entries into my Random Number Generator.  (My apologies for the boring looking generator…)




So Carla Bynum , send me an email: live2skide@yahoo.com with your mailing information!!  This lovely Blue Hen Chick is coming your way!

Carla's blue hen chicken!

Delaware Blue Hen Chicken!

So tickled that my Blue Hen chicken will enter the gallery at http://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/chicken-run-gallery/

And a reminder to the winner – the rules of play are found at https://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/chicken-run-giveaway-sort-of/

🙂  So, the chick is packed up and ready to mail. She is filled with batting, but could easily have sand, walnut shells or other material placed inside her.

Even if you didn’t win; you can make a chicken for yourself.  They are fun t make and take very little fabric.  I had a lot of fun refreshing my “paper piecing skills” using the log cabin pattern on Granny Maude’s Girl blog: http://grannymaudsgirl.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/chicken-run/

Thanks for playing and keep sewing and having fun!



It’s a chicken round-up

They are all in a huddle waiting and clucking…wanting  to know who the winner is !!

Did you comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to win?

( https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/the-chickens-are-running/ )


A Chicken Round Up !

A Chicken Round Up !


Looking for a winner

Looking for a winner

Go ready yesterday’s post for a chnce to win !!


The Chicken’s are Running

I have been the recipient of a Funky Chicken!!! (Check out my last post for details). (https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/i-love-to-win/)


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

Funky Chicken arrived in the mail early in the week, and I have been admiring it ever since.  Thank you Anne Rust of Peacock Hill !!!

It joins my Church Chicken, gifted to me by my Church Quilt Buddy Kristin.  Church Chick

My task has been to continue the Chicken Run, by creating an equally lovely chick and sending it out to a reader of this blog, who is chosen at random.  My chickens are to be known as BLUE HEN CHICKENS – the state bird of Delaware!!  You think I’m kidding…no, it’s true….we have a CHICKEN for a state bird.  (Check out the real deal –   http://www.delaware.gov/facts/animal.shtml )  (Hey at least we aren’t doing fish…because you may notice our state fish is the weak fish, and that is just sad!) The official Delaware state bird.

(Borrowed from http://www.theus50.com/delaware/bird.php………………)

Delaware State Bird

Name: Blue Hen Chicken
Binomial Name: Gallus gallus
Adopted: Legislation of 1939

The Blue Hen Chicken (Gallus gallus) is a domesticated bird.

The plumage of the Blue Hen Chicken is gold, red, brown, dark maroon, orange, with a bit of metallic green and gray. There are also some white and olive feathers and two white patches, shaped like an ear, appear on either side of the head. It can be distinguish from other chickens not only by these white patches, but also by the grayish feet. 

So with that vivid description, I got out my golds and yellows and blues and tried to create my OWN version of a Blue Hen Chicken!!!

Paper pieced log cabins

Paper pieced log cabins

I have quite a little flock growing here, looking for a new place to roost!!!

Blue hen Chickens

Blue hen Chickens


So, my friends, if you would like to have one of these nifty little chick’s I have created, you must first agree to continue in the manner in which this chicken run began. You must agree to make one of your own creations and gift it within 30 days.  Can you do that???  You must if you want to play! !

As I said in my previous post

The Chicken Run started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world – http://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/chicken-run-gallery/

and the original give away – https://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/chicken-run-giveaway-sort-of/

How praytell should you make a chicken??

Here are a couple of good links for tutorials.


If you would rather Paper piece, which is what I did on all but the very first chick, try the template from Granny Maud’s Girl – http://grannymaudsgirl.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/chicken-run/

These hens are stuffed with fiberfill, so they can be shipped to other countries……so if you are in England, or the Congo or Japan or Australia…yes, you can also win.  (Normally I stuff with walnut shells….but not this time.).

How do you win a Blue Hen Chicken????  Tell me WHY you need a Blue Hen Chicken on your sewing table!

Just comment before Monday morning, and I will let my random number generator choose 1 recipient.

Good luck!!  (The chick’s are ready to RUN!!!!)




I love to win

I am always entering contests….most of the time I don’t win…but some times… I do.   No, I didn’t win the APQS Great Long Arm giveaway this week (see very sad face…  😦  )  My quiltbee buddies and I have entered faithfully, and you think one of us would have won….but not.  I’m sure the lovely lady in Ohio is going to enjoy the machine.  Until they give another one away, I will stop annoying my friends on Facebook with my daily entry reminders.  (I even had my sister in Nevada entering, and a former church member now living in Tennessee entering…..and they don’t quilt.  They entered with the hope of winning and giving me the machine…in exchange for a quilt!)

But, I did win something else today!  I won the TEXAS Chicken Run !!

Yes, you heard me right….and here is a peak at the chicken that is flying the coop all the way from Texas to Delaware.


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

But if you want to take a peak at this prize…check out Anne Rust’s blog –


Take a peak at her other chicks – http://peacockhill.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-chicken-run-comes-to-texas_26.html

Have you heard about the “Chicken Run” ?  It started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world – http://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/chicken-run-gallery/

and the original give away – https://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/chicken-run-giveaway-sort-of/

The promise if you win, is to make another and offer it up on your blog and send it on within the month.   So, keep your eyes open for my Chicken Run addition.  And get ready to play.  (I am so tickled to win…I was gifted a lovely little chick in May, and now Funky Chicken is coming to keep her company!)

Want to make one of your own?  Here is a link to a good tutorial:


(book mark that one in case  you win when I give mine away!)

Sew Happy….