Marking tools

I need your help to find a better “marking tool”.

I am in the process of trying to get out the “chalk” from a Clover CHACO LINER marking tool. I choose the yellow one, as it would stand out on the white fabric.  Oh, boy, does it stand out….It won’t wipe off (other than all over my walking foot), it won’t rub off with a damp cloth, and now, it has been sprayed with oxy clean stain spray and All laundry soap, and rinsed….. and it still won’t come out.  Going to back to the tub in the utility sink with Dawn dish soap.  How annoying.  The packaging gives “little” information for removal other than “test on your fabric”.

When you “google” the problem, you get lots of interesting answers…..the best was here – Removing marks  – There seem to be 2 schools of thoughts for “getting the chalk out”….use a water / white vinegar mix or SHOUT spray & wash product.  If my “dawn detergent” doesn’t do the job, then that is my next idea.

I’ve tried the silver pencil (last year’s Christmas cushion covers) and that was a mess.  So; what do you use, and what kind of success have you had???

I hate the idea of “messing up” my quilt by having leftover quilt markings on the project.