Inspired to Spread a little love

Early in the week I was inspired by a news story on my local station about spreading a “little love”. Watch video below and you might be inspired too.

You readers who stop by my blog on a regular basis know my close affection for a couple living at an assisted living facility nearby. In the past, I was able to visit the facility, and to volunteer there with the ladies who liked to quilt. This last year has been a challenge for those residents and I’m certain for residents in all care facilities. The video above inspired me to do something for my friends at the assisted living facility. After grocery shopping on Tuesday I made a trip to the local Dollar Tree and picked up some “valentine” embellishments and put my plan in motion. I was going to make some cards! I wasn’t sure I could make enough cards, so I got some pre-printed ones too that I could add a bit of embellishment to as well.

My friend Nancy came over on Wednesday and we spent some time in the afternoon working on Valentines cards together, and got 2 dozen made. I emailed the activities director, and she was very welcoming to the idea and gave me the number of residents. On hearing the number (80 residents) I thought I might need a LITTLE more help to reach that number of cards. On Thursday I resupplied my cardstock and envelope supply with a quick stop at Michaels, picking up a new stamp and some washi tape and some new colors of stamp pads.

Friday my youngest granddaughter and her mom came for the afternoon. With a 4 year old, I thought it best that we work in the dining room, with out all the distractions in my quilt studio over the garage. I brought some things in the night before and set the dining room table with paper over the protective pad, and baskets of stamps, pens, stickers, ribbons etc. When they arrived, we went into ‘overdrive’ ! We stamped, we stickered, we used our felt pens and fine point pens, we glued, taped, and embellished cards. We had a lot of fun together! My granddaughter and I worked side by side and she loved adding stickers to cards I had stamped, as well as doing her own stamping and other decorating! Little did I know what expert card makers they both were!

Addy & Grandma

With my embellishment stash dwindling, I had a chance to “resupply again” at a different Dollar Tree while out running errands on Friday evening, and got ‘lucky’ finding the shop well stocked with crafting items. The Dollar Tree in Seaford Delaware is well supplied and certainly will be my choice if I need to pick things up for having fun! Perfect for mass producing cards.

We even got Grandpa in on the fun, figuring out how some of the paper punches I have work. He is an expert at aligning the scallop punch! On Saturday morning my older granddaughters are coming for a couple of hours, and I am sure we will have just as much fun making more cards and hitting our target. If we have extra, well I think the staff at the facility deserve a card too ! With the artistic flair of my friend Nancy, my daughter Heather and the granddaughters, I think every one will enjoy their Valentines Day cards.

This has been a fun project, an interesting diversion, and a nice way to spend some time together within our “safety bubble” this week. I feel like I have had lots of fun too! Thank you Nancy, Heather, and dear granddaughters for all your hard work making cards. I hope it was as much fun for you as me. I know they will be a bright spot for the residents of the Assisted Living center.

My other daughter and I got out for a haircut finally after discussing it, and went on the recommendation of the other daughter to a place with a good stylist, safety procedures etc. For me it has been well over a year! Last haircut was just before my Aug 2019 Alaska cruise. I usually let my hair grow during the winter to keep my ears warm, and whack it all off in the spring for “pool hair”. Well, I got rid of about 6 inches of hair. All those funny layered ends from the last summer hair cut are gone now and I feel less scraggly! (No more COVID HAIR!)

Between a couple of outings for craft supplies and even an outing for dinner with the hubby, it’s been a fun week. We’ve eaten out twice in the past week, once at Delmar Pizza and once at Arena’s in Georgetown. Arena’s is our “safe spot” locally, with every other table removed. I am not a fan of carryout food. If I have to reheat it and plate it, and clean up the dishes, I might as well cook. Going out and having someone “else” do the cooking and clean up is the #2 thing I miss doing ! Restrictions here are being eased again, with occupancy being raised to 50% capacity in restaurants next week.

Hot date
A real treat

How are you prepared for another 6 weeks of winter since that old groundhog let us down? We laughed on February 2nd and said the last 11 months have felt like Groundhog Day, the movie. Certainly having a change of pace, doing something different this week has made it feel a little less like that for me.


Cardmaking for Safelight Project 2018

If you are a new reader, or have missed the previous posts about the Safelight Project 2018, do go back a few days and see what I have been doing!

Carole has asked for help, and I am sharing her post – Safelight Project 2018 again. She mentioned the responses have been fairly quiet, so I hope you can help make a little noise.

This project is to support women  in the shelter who are  escaping domestic violence. Carole has coordinated this project in 2017 and now is asking for reader’s help in a small way.

 If you are a “maker” – there are makeup bags, sunglasses holders and cards to make.  If you are a giver, she could use small financial contributions. Please take the time to read her posts and see if you can help in a small (or LARGE) way if you are able.

I made the make up bags and sunglasses holders and tissue packets (they were a bonus) last week, and decided to add some cards to the package before it went out in the mail yesterday.  I am by no means an awesome card maker, just a novice, but I had fun.  My supplies are limited to the stamps, and paper products on hand. (Dreaming of more stamps…..).  I do have that wonderful Brother Scan n Cut my children gave me for Christmas a few years ago, so I gave it a run on a few cards. (One of my daughters has a Cricut and she is getting lots of practice with it). I cut out lettering and a coffee cup for these cards.  When it came to stamps that gave positive messages, I am extremely limited. You will see a lot of repetition.  My printer in my craft/sewing room is acting up, so I decided not to try to print inserts for the cards, just stamp and hand write little messages.

Coffee card

I cut the coffee cup with my Scan n Cut, and stamped the message and used a sharpie for the squiggly steam . I used my Fiskars corner punch for the flower corners.

Coffee card sentiment

This is my favorite card, because I am a coffee lover!  I even decorated the envelope –

Coffee beans

I showed this card to my sister in California yesterday who is a coffee drinker. She gave it a thumbs up!

This next card I used the Brother Scan n Cut to cut out the lettering. One word is preloaded in the machine, so the letters are “welded” together. The other words I typed in, and then they were cut as individual letters. They are tricky to “stick down”. I ended up with a glue stick instead of tape runners.

You are Special

and the inside –

Sentiment in card

The card below had several elements layered.  The flowers were cut with the Scan n Cut, the centers punched with creative memories punch.

Layering elements

and the inside of the blue card –


Again, the flowers had to be applied with glue stick instead of tape runner. ( If you make cards and have a tip, let me know what you use on items with lots of open area for adhesive. )

Sometimes I cut up cards I have received and save elements.  This next card was a thank-you note, sent to me by the church in Colorado where I donated the Log Cabin Cross Banner nearly 3 years ago. ( )  (Someday I am going to re-write the directions for that pattern!! )

I cut the center of the card out, trimmed it to the size I wanted and applied it here to a new card base.

Single Ray of Sunshine

and the inside –

Be the Sunshine

This is another card where I have added elements from those saved cards.

Card layering

lots of layering to give some dimension.  I liked this card because I have butterfly stamps I can use!

Inside the blue butterfly card

I see butterflies as a symbol of re-birth and new beginnings.

This next card, I cut a “window” with the Brother Scan N cut, and the bottom border.  I used some purple butterfly fabric behind the window. Glue stick to the rescue there too.

A window in the card

Sentiment inside window card

All of these photo’s are in my FLICKR album called Paper Crafting. The album is kind of a journal of my paper crafting, and is available to view here –

I love getting inspired by other card makers.  This set of 6 cards is pretty simple, but they were fun to make.  Coming up with inspiring words was a little harder.  I can not imagine what these women have gone through before they escaped the violence in their life.  I hope these will be a little bright spot in their lives as they start to rebuild. 

In closing, I want to say that I always get more personally out of doing these projects for Carole than I give. The gift to me is in the giving.  Won’t you help in some small way?  Carole has sponsors for her blog, and they are offering some gifts in return!  Be sure and follow her too –

It’s in the mail

My unique handmade cards are mailed, and I thought I would share some pictures of some of my creations.  I used a combination of elements, stock blank cards & envelopes, stamps, cardstock, and embossing ink and powder, and my new heat tool for some.  I also have taken many old cards “apart” and given them new life.

Now, if you didn’t get a card from me this season, I’m sorry.  I had another 25 made, but ran out of steam for looking up addresses, and standing in line for stamps!  Maybe the day after Christmas I will send out that last bundle.

More sparkles

I had fun with that heat gun embossing tool and the silver & gold embossing powder. I was in Michaels Craft Store a week ago and got a big sale on products, including 1/2 price on the heat gun.  

I did have an assembly line going on the dining room table for several days.  It helped me get in the spirit of the holiday.

Dining room assembly station

This batch got a little extra bling with some sparkles inside the card & outside too.

Learning how to use the embossing powder and heat gun left me with sparkles all over the place!

Snowman embossing

I had a lot of fun!  I liked the silver the best I think.  I tried to “coördinate” the envelopes too.

This next one shows the inside of one of the cards, where I have “re-purposed” greetings from old cards.

Adding inserts with silver

I’ve tried to re-use the cool cards that I have received in the past several years.  A little “slicing and dicing” to make them pretty again – now I am very glad I kept them around.  Even after I finished making cards, I still had some to “chop up” and store the pretty elements and sentiments for “next time”.  (Last year, I wrote a sentiment out and printed it on an insert for the card, so this was a “new approach” for me). 

crafting cards

Combining elements

Stamps and embellishment

reimagining old cards

Adding some snow flakes

3 unique cards

And then there is the fun of doing a little coloring too.  (Note, I did stick down that gold ribbon securely before I put it in the mail…..)

Adding some gold ribbon

Let it snow

My total was 37 handmade cards so far sent, with another bundle ready when I get the brain power to get them addressed!  I’ve learned a lot this year making cards and playing with inks, and ribbons and cardstock and gel pens and tape runners, paper cutters and stamps.  I did manage to get one birthday card out in the mail as well.  

Birthday card

Birthday card center

I learn something with each card I make.  

In case I forgot to send a card, please let me tell you, Merry Christmas!!!

I will be “linking up” with Maria Shell’s blog ” Tales of a Stitcher“.

Busy December days

I know…when are you ever going to get back to the sewing room???  I keep asking myself that question! Have no fear, the weather is above 40 degrees today, and I might brave the winter temp and wander out.  It’s been downright cold around here, and I have had plenty to keep me busy!  (Note – this post is FULL of photos!!)  Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage!

Snow on Dec 9 2017 Delaware

Two weeks of what I call “Quilt Guild Time”.  First Monday of the month was the guild meeting, and there was a board meeting on Thursday. The snow came on Friday.  (Thank goodness).

The program for the meeting was our annual holiday luncheon and show & tell.  Frankly, I had nothing “ready” to show, that I could wrap my head around. You see, we were coming off 2 weekends in a row of “model rail road club open house”, and I just could not think what to bring. Between an ear infection for me, and hubby coming down with a cold, and long days at the train club, I was just not ready.  Late Sunday evening I remembered that  I had to bring a dish of food to share, and was NOT ready for that either.  An early morning run to the local super market provided some wonderful frozen meatballs, and a few jars of marina sauce.  I popped those meatballs in the oven to heat, the marinara sauce in the microwave, heated up the crock pot, and in under an hour, had them ready to go, and I got out the door by 9 am.  (Note to self….keep those meatballs/sauce on hand for the next food crisis!).  Really, my own fault, as I took the hubby out to dinner on Sunday night with some friends for his birthday, and failed to prepare.   Anyway…the meatballs were a hit, only a few left at the bottom of a very empty crock pot, and nobody cared that I didn’t have a show & tell.  (PHEW….).  I did get to relax and have a little fun at the luncheon, and enjoyed visiting and conversations with members I don’t often get a chance to speak with at meetings.

The feeding continued following our monthly board meeting, where our host provided a delightful brunch.  This is a group of about 20, and again a delight to sit and visit during this busy month.  The snow arrived on Friday, and pretty much kept us at home through the weekend.  Somebody said we got 6″ of snow, heavy and wet.  Luckily the roads were still warm, and it did not stick around long.  Hubby and I spent the weekend finishing up decorating for Christmas.

2017 Christmas Tree

Took me all week to get the tree up and the lights on and the decorations on.  Hubby suffered quietly with a cold and emerged long enough to get the angel on top and some of the highest ornaments on.  Every year we decorate a little differently, and this year, the lights seem “dim” to me.  I realised after I was finished,  I only used half as many lights as last year.  (I think I was burnt out).  The LED bulbs are not as bright as the old fashion type either.

Tuesday I hosted the Queen Bees for a luncheon/Christmas party.   I decided that I would ask them to help with a card making project that Carole / From My Carolina Home    asked for help with.  On her Dec 8th post, she invited others to take part in making cards for a woman’s shelter.  So, when I asked my Queen Bee’s, they all agreed.  I put some supplies on the table, and they got busy!

An artistic group

Crafting and creating Queen Bees

They created 12 cards in just under an hour!  They used cardstock, punches, old greeting cards, stamps, pens, tape runners etc to create these cards.

Fun creations

Special cards made by the Queen Bees

More special cars

Holiday greeting cards

Greeting cards made by bee

Some of these women had never done any “paper crafting” of this sort before, but were eager to prepare cards with heartfelt messages inside.

Sentiment inside

We have so many talented women in this group, and I love the way this card was done inside.    We got the dozen cards out in the mail to Carole to meet her deadline.  I think the Queen Bees enjoyed the project, although it wasn’t quilting, it went for a very good purpose.  Two of the women in the Queen Bees knew about Carole’s project, because they follow her blog.

I got to follow-up a great lunch on Tuesday with the Queen Bees by attending another lunch with the Material Girls Bee on Wednesday.  It was hard to remember to take “small portions” but I did!!

The Queen Bees inspired me and I spent the rest of the week with my own card crafting. I had a birthday card to make and Christmas cards I wanted to do.  I was so inspired I made a trip to Michael’s Craft Store and purchased more “card blanks & envelopes” and treated myself to a heat gun and embossing powder.  I picked up a BUNCH more stamps at Tuesday Morning too.  More about those cards “next time”…as I want to give the recipients a chance to receive them before I spoil the surprise.  

I did make it to the garage on Sunday afternoon for a few hours.  I managed to help the hubby “move” a table back into “my area”, and do a little “cleaning up”  of patterns and files, and stuff.  I actually turned on my machine, and repaired the velcro and snaps on some baby items for my daughter. I wasted 30 minutes fighting with 1″ sticky back loop velcro before I threw it away, and got out the 3/4″ sew in loop velcro I had on hand. Not as wide as I wanted, but it will have to do.  I ended up throwing away a heavy-duty needle that was immediately gummed up too with that sticky back velcro.  GRRRR……..hate that stuff……

So, I am “ready to sew” my own stuff again after nearly 2 months out of my sewing room.  What to work on today?  ?  ?

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?



Paper and Embroidery time and more

A step “away” from my usual sewing/quilting posts.

Last week I spent some “embroidery time” with two friends from my quilt bee – the Queen Bees.  One lady had just gotten an embroidery machine, so I was pleased to share tips and techniques to alleviate some of the frustration NEWBIES have with these machines, just out of the box.  We talked A LOT about stabilizers and what to use and when.  Also about how to move designs from the computer to the machine etc.  There is a lot to KNOW about these machines, right out of the box, and I wrote a blog post full of resource info about the subject — Embroidery resources

We worked on “hooping” which I always struggle with, due to arthritis in my hands. And we helped her set up and stitch out a design with 12 thread changes.  By the time the design stitched out, she was becoming the expert at threading her machine.    After the ladies left, I realised I still had a tea towel in the hoop on my machine, so the next afternoon, I picked a design for a quick stitch out.

Coffee cup close up

I picked this design because it was a fast, light stitchout.  I love watching the machine work – This is a Brother PE500 that I won in 2013 from Brother Sews in a contest on Facebook.  The machine has a capable hoop size of 4×4 (100 mm x 100 mm).  This often limits what you can do design wise.  In my dreams I would have a big giant machine with a big giant hoop, with digitizing capability built in the machine……but the truth is, I would not get my “monies worth” from such a machine. 

Embroidery machine fun

After the dishtowel was finished, I moved along to doing the Bible Verses that will be included in the quilts we make at church for our graduates.

There is a designer who has made a mission of digitizing many verses; and offers them for free.  Take a look at her website Designs by JuJu .   The verses are under the FREEBIES tab.  She digitizes both 4×4 and 5×7 sizes, but my machine is limited to 4×4. That means, not all the verses are usable for my purposes.  This makes me contemplate obtaining digitizing software, and learning how to make it work!  (Yikes, another new thing to learn).

Anyway; the point is….if I am trying to do something that is not digitized already, I have to load the design in, one character at a time. Not an easy feat, and with my built in font choices, not a lot of choices. Alignment is the hardest part when you go to the next line of words, as you are manually setting where the line will stitch.  I use the ruler, but gosh it is challenging….more things to learn.  In the photo below is a verse that was not available, but the mother really wanted this on her son’s quilt.  So, I bit the bullet and worked it out. My spacing isn’t perfect, but I decided it was acceptable.  The photo shows the project before the jump stitches were trimmed and while it still had water soluble stabilizer (WSS) on top.  NOTE: It is EASIER to trim jump stitches BEFORE you remove the WSS.   

Senior Quilts 2017 embroidery block

This took me about an hour to load, line by line and stitch out, one line at a time.  The photo below (sorry it is fuzzy) was one of the designs by Designs by JuJu. It stitched out in about 15 minutes.

Verses for senior quilts

This next one, in script stitched out very quickly as well.  The thread stitch count  on this is very lightly laid down on the project, while the 1Peter 5:7 was a much “heavier” stitch.

Verses for Senior Quilts 2017

These were all stitched on muslin with the same brown thread. I used fusible no show mesh stabilizer on the back, floated a piece of medium weight tear away under the hoop, and as previously mentioned WSS on top.  I learned a lot from a Floriani event I went to (see blog post above) about stabilizer, and KNOW that it makes all the difference in the project.  The 1 Peter 5:7 is “PULLING” at the stitches.  Because of the heavier stitch count, I probably should have added 1 more layer of stabilizer UNDER the hoop. It would have made all the difference.  My friend who came to visit “accidently” slipped two pieces of medium tear away under her hoop and it made a WORLD of difference on her project with 20,000+ stitches.

While these blocks don’t look too exciting here, the messages from scripture are meaningful, and were chosen for each of the young men who are graduating by their parents.

Other fun things — Paper crafting…..I went to the local library on Saturday to participate with Jan and another lady in a “card making” class.  We bring in what we have, with ideas, and work together. Jan is an expert card maker (she sells the cards at local events); and has a volume of tools and materials and wisdom.  I will be the self-proclaimed novice, but I am having fun.  I used her die cutter and dies, and one of her “sparkly” pink papers. She is generous to share her materials and tools with others.

I was able to get 2 cards made under her guidance –

January card class



Card Class Jan 2017

Inside card from class Jan 2017

During the class, I got a call and a request for some other paper crafted items – this time for my grandson’s birthday party decorations.  Can you guess the party theme????

Movie Reels for Party deco

This required a trip to Michaels to get silver cardstock.  I had a terrible time getting a crisp silhouette to scan into the machine and cut.  Again, this is where software ( and working knowledge) would come in handy.  I need to take more time with this machine, and learn about .SVG files (Cutting files) that are available created by other crafters.

Oh; do you remember the last post about the  Scrap Dance Two-Step Mystery Quilt Along ?  I was going “throw size”, right….well….Bonnie Hunter had Quilt-Cam one night last week, and I didn’t have a project ready to work on, so I started getting more “scraps” out and ended up pulling enough to go twin size! Yes, I did the stitching on those blocks from Step/Clue 1 too.  More on that project next time!   It was inspiring to watch Bonnie Hunter as she worked on string piecing blocks. Watching  Quilt Cam Jan 2017 is like being in a room full of quilters.    Even better when I saw those blocks in the border on the quilt she was working on.  Check out her blog and see what she was up to on Sunday – Bonnie Hunter’s blog – String pieced border

For now,   I am headed to my sewing room for a full evening of fun & clean up. Tomorrow the ladies are coming to iron, measure and fold fabric for the 2nd Time around at the guild.  We picked up a lot of fabric yesterday from a church member who is “downsizing her sewing room”.  Just when we thought we were getting ahead of the stacks, a new pile of fabrics to “process” for sale!

Happy stitching or crafting today.

Card making for Christmas

I spent a bit of time “killing time” at Michaels Craft Store and Tuesday Morning last week.  Anybody who knows me, knows that I am “NOT” a shopper.  

But, it is the Christmas season, and I had an idea for a gift  that took me to Michaels. (Those daily deal emails got me into the store.)  After I put the 3 items in my cart, I decided to “browse”.  Oh boy, do I get myself into trouble when I shop.  

I discovered that their “CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY” stamps were  60% off.   And I had the great 20% off total purchase including sale coupon – so I had myself a fine time!  With my cart loaded up with card making items; like a 50 pack of card/envelopes; stamps;  packs of pretty paper, and the all important “gifts”; I ran the gauntlet of the “impulse line” at the checkout. Very efficiently they had a gal with a scanner and a card who scanned and bagged your items while you waited in line for the cashier to pay.

 Once I got out to the car, loaded the trunk, I looked at my receipt.  I found 2 items that I didn’t get the 60 % off on; and my other coupon (a 40% off a full price item) was applied to one of those sale items, not the most expensive non-sale item in the cart.  So…..I plodded back into the store, went to the display where the stamps were located and had someone “verify” that the item I purchased should have been discounted. Thankfully she skipped the line and got a supervisor at the cashier area to work with me and “re-ring” the offending items.   (I know those other people standing in line for the checkout were glaring at me….but hey, I had already done my time in that line!)  Computers – coupon codes – sales – discounts…..what a pain in the neck.  45 minutes later….I finally got the “right prices” and was able to leave. So, with great patience, 2 employees at Michaels were able to get it sorted out and I saved another $20 or so.  Not sure if my time was worth that, but I stand on principals sometimes.

I was now “too late” to get home and go out again for another engagement, so I killed a little time in Tuesday Morning. I found MORE stamps, ink,  paper and another gift, so it was time well spent. I don’t like the local Tuesday Morning, as it is very dreary.  Poor lighting and lousy display racks (dark grey) make it a hard place to shop. Golly if they invested in some LED lighting, it would be a brighter shopping experience. If you had stopped by that day, you would have seen me cross legged on the floor in front of their “stamps”, looking through them one at a time. Really, the bottom shelf…..and not organized at all.  

Well, anyway, this is how we get to this blog post.  Towards the end of last week, I opened up all the goodies and got busy!  I stamped about 22 cards (2 for birthdays) (20 for Christmas) and then got a little nuts with “embellishing” etc.  I finished them up this morning.  Now, remember, I am a NOVICE card maker.  I took 1 class a year ago, and joined a group at the local library.  Anyway, I stamped, and colored and embellished.  I have a box of cards given to us over previous years that are just too pretty to put in the recycle bin, and I cut them up and used some of the images .  Gosh, I have learned about tape runners, and “dimensionals” etc.  (Oh, by the way, I am having a great time watching You-Tube videos of crafty card making people!) 

Christmas Cards 2016

I decided the insides needed a spot of color and a verse. (These are lessons I learned on you-tube).  I opened up that stack of holiday papers and pulled the red, some plaid, some green polka dots, some red with snowflakes.  A little time at the paper trimmer, and 3 “tape runners” later….  

Inside of the Christmas card

Pretty basic in the card making world, but I think they turned out nicely.  

Better than “good enough”………….So, I decided to give them my own identity on the back as the maker of the card.  

Not a Hallmark at all

Not a HALLMARK gold crown…..  All this stamping makes me want more colors of ink for stamp pads! (Really that desire comes from too much you-tube watching of crafty card makers)

A little more embellishing

 With only a few days left before Christmas, the few cards I made are addressed and ready to go to the Post Office.  No doubt they will be “overweight” with the extra paper etc that made them so fun to make. Oh well…..  And, not everyone is getting a hand crafted card this year.  I am about out of time, so we will go to the cupboard and get out a box of “store” cards.  Dear family/friends – if you don’t get a card, don’t be sad……Know that I just ran out of time.    I now know why my card making friend from the Library was working on Christmas cards in AUGUST!!!   🙂 

Do you still send greeting cards by “snail mail” ??  What do you do with your cards after the holidays are over?  Do you display the cards you receive?  How do you do it?

Back to sewing!  Merry Christmas!  May all your projects be loved by the recipients! 

Cards and Quilting

I had a busy day on Saturday!  It was “card making class” at the library day.  There is a lovely lady, Jan,  in the community who has offered to give “free” classes at the library. We just bring our supplies, and she often will bring her embossing machine and other tools to share.  I decided on Friday to check out two books to gather ideas, and managed to page through them before I packed up my gear and went to the class.  We are “self guided” as we have been meeting for several months. Jan is available for suggestions and shares here experience with those who attend by offering suggestions.

I managed to get these 4 cards “crafted” in the time allotted.  I am glad I came in with ideas.  I had a little bit of fun with the stamps and fabrics and ribbons and tulle.  Now I need to create the insides.

card 1 May class

Card 3

I decided that these next two cards are “lacking”, so will look at them for a few days before putting them away.  They just need a bit more pizazz!

Card 4

card 2 May class

In the afternoon, I spent some time working on my granddaughter Addison’s quilt. She is 2 months old, and I am building a double bed size for her.  I started collecting the fabrics in March, not long after she joined the family.  Before I left on my cruise, I was able to get some of it cut and sewn into half square triangles.  I worked last week on squaring up quite a few.

During our fabric acquisition road trip, I acquired more white and another grey to add to this collection.  The whites and the new grey are waiting to be starched & ironed.  (I am a pre-washer!).  Meanwhile, more trimming must be done.

Half Square Triangles

These HST will trim to 5″.

More Half Square triangles

I got over 100 HST stitched yesterday, using up all the whites I had cut.  I will take a break and trim some today, then show you the layout that my daughter chose for Addison’s quilt.  It is quite graphic and fun!  (I really should figure out “how many” of those HST I need, but because I enjoy making them, I will keep sewing!)

Have a great day!