Somethings get a bit complicated


Three blocks “made” ~~~

Worked on this project last week.  There are 33 pieces in each of the 12″ blocks.  I’ve been staring at these blocks for two weeks, and decided to work on putting them together.  Three blocks made….but something looks wrong…………. 

The pattern is Aurifil Designer Block of the Month; March 2013: The Boxer Block; by Jeni Baker @ In Color Order –   available here:

I  had cut out all my pieces and put together my half square triangles for the inner and outer corners.  Did a bunch of strip piecing to get my parts all “ready” to build my blocks.   All I had to do was “assemble”, right?


Inner squares


the full blocks

I made 3 before I had an “WHAT????” moment… and then I got out the pattern (again)

and I realized what I had done wrong!!!


FIVE FIXED blocks!

So, now I have 5 blocks completed…..Do you see it?

There is an inner ring (it’s red) and an outer ring….but in the top picture, I had the outer ring pieces reversed.  So, my seam ripper and I spent an evening together….and then I started putting it all back together again….Seems that the seam ripper was my friend yesterday; because one of those red pieces got flipped; and even after I put things back together, I flipped one outer ring part.  Oh well; like I said, a bit complicated….but simple really….FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS when I pick up the parts!!!