Still a work in progress

Wedding quilt…..I know….when is going to be finished???  Good question.  I have a goal of Oct 6th!

I am at a stop on the wedding quilt until I get my “border” pattern.  I’ve done all my quilting around the squares….in the ditch; all straight lines.  I don’t do free-motion quilting well; and don’t want to “goof up” this project, so close to the finish.  I debated getting a  border stencil and mark the borders for stitching, and then I tripped over another product in a catalogue.

I ordered something called Borders Made Easy; which is a paper template that you stitch through & follow the design. I am waiting for them to arrive this week. I picked a design that was a little free form, so if I am not perfect, it won’t look terrible.    Should look like this:


Borders machine quilted the quick and easy way. Simply cut the correct length from the 26-foot roll;
position it on the quilt using adhesive strips on the back of the paper; stitch and tear away. Includes corners and complete instructions.


I ordered on Saturday from Keepsake quilting( ); and am patiently waiting the arrival…they shipped yesterday (finally), but no tracking info…so I am trying to be calm.

Meanwhile, I am trying to create a label for the back of the quilt with my embroidery machine. Wish me luck as I keep getting birdnests….and have to start over!  I haven’t used my embroidery machine very much; because I get so busy “quilting”…so I need to work with it a bit more.  I finally figured out that I just need to rethread everything if it does get jammed. And, I figured out how to clear the birds nest without cutting a hole in the project!. It is a challenge.

On other matters, I have pulled two UFO’s from the box…both small throw sized quilt tops I started 2 years ago.  I plan to finish them up into twin size and send to the “Cover Colorado” quilt drive.  (see post – )

I had to order some additional fabric to make borders; and again, keeping my calm while I await the delivery.  The original tops were browns and greens, and I don’t have much brown fabric in my stash.   Meanwhile, I can study them a bit and figure out how to finish them up.  (Probably should have ordered more batting….but I will be out this weekend where I can purchase some)

It’s been a busy week for me.  Feeling sorry for my hubby and his bad back, I ‘ve done the grass cutting and trimming this week. (Big job and for me it takes a couple of afternoons.)  I’ve been able to SKYPE a couple of times with my daughter who is enroute to Africa with her family. They have a stopover for a week in Europe, before the long haul flight. It will be a big adventure for sure. Time for me to start thinking about “shots” for a future visit.

Yesterday was “blood bank” day where I donated another pint toward my 2nd gallon. Glad they were giving out different t-shirts this last two donations I got a repeat shirt!  🙂  Great to wear to remind people to donate. Anyway, I want to research the “disqualifiers” for blood donations and travel locations and travel immunizations.  I want to go visit with the grandchildren; but don’t want to find myself unable to ever donate blood again.  I’ve noticed so many restrictions for donors; travel history; body piercing, tatoo’s etc, that I don’t want to present myself for donation and be declined.  With so many people getting tatoo’s and piercings, I wonder where the blood donors will come from in a crisis. I think a tatoo disqualifies you for a year, as does a piercing of any sort.

Today is a sewing day this morning; and then in the afternoon, I am going to a lecture at the library about the History of the Victorian Tea.  I was surprised to find out that TEA will be served.  Now that I am aware they will be serving, I will alter my outfit for the day, and wear something more appropriate to attending a Victorian Tea…in other words…skip the blood bank t-shirt!

Saturday, I am looking forward to an early start, heading north to an outdoor quilt show!  It’s advertised as a “backyard quilt show” at Lil Country Shoppe, in Middletown Delaware.    I’m going to stop and pick up a friend and no doubt buy a bit of fabric at the Shoppe folowing the show.

Off to stitch a little !