Volunteer for the day and a ride

I was asked by a good friend if I could help out on Saturday, at the Hagerstown MD Wings and Wheels event. It is a bit of a drive from home ( over 3 hours ), and my friend advised, no problem….transportation provided. Great!! I just have to buzz over to the local airport 5 minutes from home, and hop on board Panchito, a B-25 Mitchell bomber for the flight from Delaware to Hagerstown.

My “volunteer job” for the day, once we arrive at Hagerstown, will be giving safety briefings to folks who have pre-registered and paid for their own 45 minute “flight experience”. There is also “merchandise” to sell, and I will help staff the table for that activity. Once the airshow is over, we will “load the gear we brought” back up, and fly home to Delaware, doing a “fly by” in Georgetown of a 9-11 event about 6 pm.

This is a World War II aircraft that is maintained at the Delaware Aviation Museum – (https://www.delawareaviationmuseum.org/aircraft/b-25.html )

I am excited to have something very different to look forward to and will try to take some decent photo’s while the day progresses. The photo above was taken at the NY Air show in 2021.


9 thoughts on “Volunteer for the day and a ride

  1. Wow wow wow I am glad you had fun. Wish I knew about the show. Sounds like a great day, you deserve it. Look forward to talking to you soon. Blessings Barbara.

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