Fun with my embroidery machine

While I procrastinated on “other” projects this summer, I played around a little bit with my Janome 11000 embroidery machine. (Hey Skip….I love that machine!).

I got a free pattern from Kreative Kiwi for DOMINOS. These can be made in a 4×4 hoop. There is a great video on the page I linked and several different options. IF I were going to make another set, I might do the outline color in a different color and the BACKING color in something DARK. I had to add extra cut away to hide the pips from showing through on the back. After I got finished with the first round, I told myself I was crazy! The full set is 28 dominos. I decided to do them in a bigger hoop and spaced them out accordingly so I didn’t have to change the thread to often. I managed to get 6 in my 8×8 hoop. I used all white fabric and purple thread for the pips. The backing fabric is also white. It all came out of my scrap drawer.

six at once
Travel dominos
Full set of 28 dominos
Thread  chicken
Thread chicken

I did “almost” use up the whole spool of white thread in this project.

I made this little bag about a year or two ago and the dominos fit just right into it. And, they weigh next to nothing, so they are perfect to take on my next cruise!

Travel bag for dominos
zip bag made on the embroidery machine

I also made a few FOX hair clips. They were popular with 2 granddaughters and I think I made about 6 in total.

Rainbow foxes
Rainbow vinyl hair clips

The fox hair clips led to a request for “masquerade masks” by another granddaughter who was having a birthday party. I think I made 9 sets.

Started with sparkle blue vinyl
stitching on glitter vinyl
coppery vinyl

And then I moved on to solid blue vinyl

blue vinyl stitchout
Solid blue vinyl

The last round of stitching I put felt on the back, and then cut them all out. The felt got two slits in the back for the hair clip to slide in. A little dap of super glue / E6000 or hot glue keeps the clip from coming out.

standard size hair clips
Sparkly blue

Tiny little masquerade masks
solid blue vinyl and coppery vinyl
Hair clips
Blue sparkle vinyl masks

My youngest granddaughter called one day and asked for TRACTOR hair clips. She came over to spend the night and we worked on this rather LARGE set of tractors. She picked all the colors.

Tractor hair clips
Tractor hair clips

That same granddaughter told me she had a loose tooth, so I worked on this little design for her to hang on her door knob when the timing is right. The “tooth” goes in the vinyl tooth pocket, and the tooth fairy leaves a coin in the little purse on the right. I chose the fabric to match the quilt I made for her when she was much younger that is still on her bed.

Tooth collection!
Door hanger for the tooth fairy

I made this set of dish towels as a hostess gift. We were supposed to go to some friends for the 4th of July fireworks party, and we got rained out. They are wrapped up and ready for “next year”.

Fun machine embroidery
Hostess gift dish towels

My next embroidery machine project is a quilt label for my “Grandma’s Kitchen” quilt, pattern by Pat Sloan. It is a project I finish a couple of years ago, but forgot to put a label on.

Are you doing any machine embroidery??


7 thoughts on “Fun with my embroidery machine

  1. I love the dominoes! Those hair clips are all so cute! My granddaughter has, unfortunately, grown out of that stage but I did make some cute ones for her when she was younger!! The tooth fairy door hanger is great, as well as those patriotic towels! The host will be very pleased, I’m sure!!

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  2. Thanks Brenda. There are so many designs!! Funny about the towels, the fabrics for applique all came from my scrap baskets. It is what I love about doing machine embroidery, using stuff up. I keep a box of new, pre-washed towels in my sewing room ready to stitch!

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    • My little machine has the cover on it! Even projects that use a 4×4 hoop I do on the bigger machine, and do multiples in the bigger hoop. But, I bet you don’t have any weeds in your GARDEN! (Mine is sadly neglected!) I am really enjoying the larger embroidery machine and the projects. I started the article thanking SKIP….I bought the machine, used, from him, and don’t regret it for a minute.

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    • It’s tough when you get stuck on something. For me, it is better to ignore it for a while, putting it in “time out”, before getting it back out. Helps my patience level and my frustration level. The embroidery machine is so much fun to play with, so a good distraction. Bless you for garment sewing! I turned down a request yesterday to hem my granddaughter’s new school clothes. I hate sewing on stretch fabric, I am lousy at it, and I don’t want to ruin something brand new. Her daddy knows how to use the blind hem stitching foot on his sewing machine (and mine)….so you know what I suggested!!

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