Inspiration – At Just the RIGHT time

I want to share a post that I read at “just the right time” in my life.

BACKSTORY – Last week somehow ripped the top cuff on my bedsheet in the middle of the night. Looking it over the next morning, I recognized that the cuff was attached using an heirloom stitch which essentially was an “invitation to perforation”. Nothing like a set of pretty stitches that is akin to having perforations across the width of the sheet. I suggested to my husband that perhaps I could do better than “mend” a perfectly fine set of sheets. (Make do and repair before you buy new was my thought). Really, the rest of the sheet was in fine shape, no pilling, no wear.

(Am I turning into my grandma here…..mending sheets ??? )

You know the price of king size sheets is quite high, and as the sheets were washing, I did give some thought to how a quilter might repair the sheets. I thought about that as I was shopping on line for new sheets and placing an order.

Not long after ordering the new set, I tripped over the blog post below from Moda Fabrics. DIVINE INSPIRATION STRUCK!!! Pretty-fied sheets. Thanks Moda Fabrics ! Do go look, but come back for the rest of my story!

A couple of days later, out in my quilt room, I was pondering borders for an autumn quilt, and had my baskets of 2″, 2 1/2″ squares out, plus a container of four-patches made from 2″ squares. While I was looking through those baskets, the hubby came up to the sewing room and matter of factly stated that those 4 patches look like they came from our Allietare quilt.

Clue 3 complete
I always seem to make “extra” when working on a mystery quilt.

When I emptied my Allietare project box the leftover 4 patches got stored in my 4 patch box! I had about 12 left from that quilt and LOTS of other autumn colored 4 patches. I just needed enough to span the width of the sheet, 104″.

New cuff on the sheets

In the Moda Fabric blog post, the writer used charm squares and yardage. I had a piece of yardage that had the greys of the sheet and the burgundy in my strip and prints, so I thought it would work well. It was a nice feeling fabric too. The burgundy was a piece of wide backing in the scrap pile.

The “end” of the project didn’t turn out quite like I had intended, but it did turn out ok. I had intended to do something quite different with that burgundy strip, but my execution was slightly off. Oh well….no sheet inspectors in my bedroom!!! I wouldn’t say it is “wedding gift quality” but it turned out well enough to be functionally pretty, and much better looking than a mending job on the edge of the original sheet cuff.

Making the sheets pretty

If you have ever done one of those pillow cases where you turn it “burrito style”, you will know how much fun it was to do the same to the king size sheet.

(check out the Missouri Star Pillow case tutorial )

Really, wasn’t too hard to turn it out. And now, the sheet can go back in rotation, and will last a bit longer.

The new set I had ordered, arrived on Friday as I was finishing this up. They are washed and dried and folded.

Note; not an advertisement or a negative to any company. The repaired sheet is about 6 years old, purchased at BJ’s warehouse store and was 1200 thread count Egyptian Cotton. The added trim is all from my quilting scrap box.

The new sheets I ordered I got at a reasonable price from My Pillow.Com, using every discount and coupon offer. They are also Egyptian cotton, and feel rather nice. The only negative I can say is that they are only 400 thread count, and I am disappointed, because I had expected them to be much higher. They feel REALLY good, even after washing. I am now concerned about how they will do over time. They came with a 10 year warranty and the following was proclaimed on the website –

  • Made with the world’s best cotton called Giza. Grown only in a region between the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Nile River. Its long staple cotton makes it ultra-soft and breathable.
  • Its sateen weave gives them a luxurious finish.
  • Available in multiple colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Machine washable and durable – 10-year warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee

So, watch for a report in a month or so after the new sheets make the rotation and the newly repaired sheet has it’s week on the bed. In all the advertising Mike says ““The first night you sleep on my sheets, you’ll never want to sleep on anything else.” Mike Lindell. I’ll let you know! I’m pretty good with warranty claims, as you may remember in my recent post about my FISKARS rotating mat!

I will also report back if the hubby has any complaints about the 4 patches on the cuff of the sheet.

Are you a “mender” or a “make do” or would you toss the old sheets in the rag bag or trash can?

Edit – updated to include a link back to OH SCRAP !


12 thoughts on “Inspiration – At Just the RIGHT time

  1. Hi Mary, what a great idea! I love the repair on your sheets. And I love how they look on your bed. Thanks for the links. Looking forward to hearing how they feel after several nights sleep. I haven’t been cycling or would have called. Been a little too passionate about sewing. Will probably “take my chances” & go to Conleys for the reveal. But I’m being very, very cautious these days. With Covid so widespread, I’m taking few risks. How are you? Joe & I are doing well, enjoying this gorgeous fall weather & so far, staying healthy. Cheryl

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    • Hi Cheryl. Thanks for nice comments. I will report ! 🙂 I am trying to balance sewing and biking. Bill suggested a ride Thursday and I stopped sewing to go to Trap Pond. We are staying out of Lewes as there are still too many people on the trails. Trap is not nearly as busy, and we like winding around on the trails there. I won’t be attending MG indoors. My Queen bees is doing outdoors over 50 degrees or zoom if cold. Need to get past this COVID thing so we can have our “every 5 year” New Years eve party in 2021! Hello to Joe & Paco too.


  2. I tend to unzip packages of sheets when I am out shopping for them. I do not like the micro fiber ones or the poly blend either. I took a chance ordering online. One of my daughters said she likes percale. I had to look up the difference just now, as the sheets I have been buying are all “sateen”. “What is the difference between Percale and Sateen? Percale sheets are plain in weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp hand. … Sateen sheets are woven to create a silky smooth surface with a luminous sheen and is known for its luster and drape. Sateen is usually a little thicker and more tightly woven.” I thought that was an interesting description. Good luck in your quest. I found another good description here –


  3. I’ve never thought about mending bed sheets. When it’s time to rotate them out I wash them up and donate them to the ASPCA in Georgetown. This is where old towels and comforters go as well. Enjoy your postings.

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    • I typically get rid of them by using for drop cloths etc, but this time through I decided it really had way more life left in it! Thanks for following and as always, thanks for commenting. Hope to see you at some point at a guild ZOOM or in person.


    • Thanks for taking time to read & comment! I think we throw to much away that still has usable life. Some things have to get tossed, but only after hard examination! It doesn’t help that I am married to a man who has a hard time parting with ANYTHING, He can be a bad influence. When I opened his mother’s sewing box (she was gone years before he and I got married); I found a ton of elastic. He said she would always “repair under pants” at least once. Frugal from a depression era upbringing I suppose. There is a line in which I won’t cross for repairs! 😉

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  4. I love your mending solution! It looks fabulous.
    If the rest of the sheet was in good condition, I would have mended as well. I hate the feel of microfiber, but that is the only thing I see in the stores around here. I also don’t care for the sateen finish because I always feel like I am going to slide out of bed. Thus most of our sheets are 20 years old and the elastic has about given up the ghost on the fitted portion. With the winter weather and frosty nights, I have switched over to my favorite, flannel sheets.
    I hope you sleep well with your renovated sheets.

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    • Thanks! Melody said “tuck them in” when I complained about fitted sheets and the corner elastic wearing out. I took one set that was nearly new but kept creeping up at night out to the sewing room and added wide elastic across the corners to keep them on the bed. (I remember having clip on corner elastic clips at one time…. Now, I have learned a bit about the types of sheets from the comments, percale vs sateen. Apparently I am doing a disservice to my “always too warm” husband buying sateen, but I like the feel. The only flannel sheet in my life is the one we hung together for a design wall years ago!


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