Pumpkins and fall fun

Friday was the final row for the #AutumnJubilee2020 quilt along. The block was a pumpkin block. Pattern can be found at https://frommycarolinahome.com/2020/10/23/autumn-jubilee-quilt-along-week-4-updated/

If you read the pattern, then look at my pumpkins, you will see I went my own way with the block. I had LOTS of great oranges and golds in my scraps in varying widths, so I just went for an alternate look. These were pretty fast to assemble. Hubby and I went out to the sewing/train room after supper, and these were done in a couple of hours.

pumpkin row
Pumpkin row – click the photo for a close up view of the fabrics

While I was sewing, I had an audio book running on my phone, plugged into my computer speakers. Hubby, sitting ’round the corner’ at his model train work bench was listening to the book and I had to stop to give him the highlights of the previous 50 chapters…..Apparently he likes the writing style of David Baldacci. The book was called “Simple Truth” and was downloaded from our local library using the LIBBY app to my phone. Hubby enjoyed the last 12 chapters while he worked on his two passenger trains that needed lots of “interior” detail. He raided my scraps and found bits of fabric that he could use for wall paper and carpet inside this passenger train. This is an HO scale train.

on the workbench
click on the photo for a close up

It was a fun way to round out a nice fall day. We had an outing in the afternoon to a state park about 12 miles away. It is our “go to” place to bike ride since there is “sighno where closer we can safely ride. (That’s a long story and I spent my morning advocating for permission for bikes to be allowed at a new sports complex in town – a battle that meets with as much community support as with busy know it all’s telling me off.) I needed a break from the computer and FRESH AIR to clear my head. Hubby is a good sport, and agreed to go along.

He loaded up the bikes on the SUV and we drove the 12 miles on country farm roads to the state park and had a beautiful outing.

Bikes at the pond
Relaxing at the end of the ride

The trails we ride are mostly in the woods with a few peeks at the water, but we like to stop and enjoy the view periodically during the ride. It’s not a race, every pedal turn is towards better health and fun!

fall view at the pond
Leaves are starting to turn in Sussex Co Delaware

There is a wonderful spot almost at the end of the ride to stop and just take in the view of the water. There is a spillway close by so you get some wonderful sound effects.

Missing the water
Trap Pond State Park Delaware

I use an app to track my mileage when riding, and apparently I have ridden here enough in the last 90 days to be the “local legend” for a segment of the trail! ‘that’s so funny….this ol’ fat grandma, a legend!!!” I laugh every time I look at that. My ride times in the last 90 days are widely variable, depending if I am riding with my daughter, or with the grandkids, or with grandpa, as I did today. My daughter is a regular rider and she has no problem taking the trails at speeds up to 10 mph pulling her toddler in a pull behind trailer. When I take grandkids, the younger one has a hard time keeping up with the bigger kids on their bigger bikes. (They have much bigger wheels and she has to pedal twice as much!) Hubby is patient about going with me and I like to stop for his benefit periodically. We need to get his handlebars adjusted slightly, but seem to forget by the time we get home.

Seriously though, the “local legend” is something new in the app and it is a rolling 90 day “count” for the number of times you have ridden the same route. I like to keep track of the distance for the ride, but the rest doesn’t really matter. I was there, I know I enjoyed the fresh air, and the bugs didn’t bother us in the woods if we kept moving. Good fun for both of us. We won’t earn any medals for speed or time, but we do enjoy just being out on the bikes.

So, between the beautiful trails, the changing leaves and the pumpkin quilt blocks, I would call it a wonderful Autumn day.

What’s on your sewing table or work bench this weekend?


11 thoughts on “Pumpkins and fall fun

    • Hi – thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Baldacci keeps you on the edge usually and never disappoints. Thanks for the nice comment. It is a beautiful time of year in the mid-Atlantic part of the country. Last year we had seen a cold snap and had much more vibrant colors on the trees. This year they are still coming into color but many are already dropping the leaves without the brilliant colors. Posting my rides is a giggle. I have a friend who averages 25+ miles everyday, her principle means of transit. She amazes me. I pedal for fun. It does have a weigh of helping keep the weight at bay.


  1. I’ve read a lot of Baldacci too. Good for you getting some exercise! We like to walk and hike, but haven’t been in a couple of weeks,. I am cleared for that now so I hope we can get some in this week. Your pumpkin row is great, and fabulous to use up what you had already in strips.

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    • HI Carole – Glad you are cleared for some activities. I hope you continue to recover and heal. Bike riding or hiking are both activities I enjoy. Hubby has a bad back and can’t do much walking, but he can manage the 5 miles on a bike. Now that the weather has cooled he is agreeable to go with me. This park is the perfect size for our rides, and it is fairly low speed and no stress with traffic. There are other places around that lack facilities and are highly trafficked and less enjoyable. Books – I love anything Baldacci. Poor hubby isn’t going to favor the next audio book though, it’s a Robyn Carr. There was a booklist on Marie Bostwick’s blog last week and I checked several of them out of the library. πŸ™‚ I really need a set of wireless headphones so I don’t drive him nuts with the romance books! Looking into a pair of those bone induction kind, my daughter has a pair that she wears almost like a headband. Looking forward to the last step in this quilt along. πŸ˜‰


  2. Your pumpkins are beautiful and the scenery you shared is gorgeous!! I wish hubby and I would go bike riding — it’s way too hot here. I love every book written by Baldacci — the wireless headphones are the best — I can sew, cook, work on the computer all while I listenβ™₯ I usually have to tell my hubby that I’m using them because it drives him crazy when I ignore him πŸ™‚

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