Binding and more binding

When I do stuff; I often get carried away. I started these in July last year.  I had a lot of batik scraps and strips.  Making blocks that just seem to multiply.  Scrappy sewing fun!   Maybe I should have turned the blocks into a quilt as you go project; but then again; maybe not.  I did a table runner; but still had lots of blocks, so  I had a lot of fun making some wonderful placemats last September.

More placemat fun

Then, life got busy.  A few months ago I managed to get the binding on enough to “set the table”. That was February I think.  

I still had a stack of 12 to tackle. and they languished. Post quilt show; I have been trying to tackle some of these languishing projects. Mostly to get the baskets of projects off the floor under the design wall!!   My first 6 that I bound a few months ago had very scrappy binding. 

I made some binding for the placemats “a while back” but never got “round to putting it on”. And I quickly realized it wasn’t enough. I realized I better just break down and cut some yardage to get more bound. I feel like I’ve I’ve spent the last week making miles of Susie’s Magic Binding.  ) It is that wonderful 2 piece binding that you machine on and it looks terrific on most projects.)  So, beginning last weekend, I used what was already made; and then got out some yardage to make more. Once I had a bunch made,  I grabbed a placemat and the roll of binding and got started.

7 placemats bound

6 are the same and one is different…….   (Did I mention I needed a LOT of binding?)  

I never really sat down and calculated just how much I needed until I ran out after the first 6 in the picture above. Then I started back in with the scrappy binding. (That is why the top one is different)  After all; I still had a LOT of strips to play with.

So; a few more feet of binding got made yesterday (34 feet I think) and I am ready for another few days of binding.  It takes me about an hour start to finish each one.  The join takes me longer than anything else honestly if I am not focused.  I use the “binding tool”  and have discovered it (or me) leaves too long of a tail, so I baste; fit; adjust; trim; baste etc.  The ONLY hard thing with Susie’s Magic Binding is LINING up the flange at the join.  I get lazy and forget to put a pin through both layers. After screwing around with 1 placemat on Thursday and messing up the join, my memory returned.  I stick a pin right where I want the line of the flange to be and it works every time. That made the last 3 I stitched yesterday work well.

These 5 are ready and waiting for available sewing time!

Binding ready

That will be the “end” of this strip / scrap batik project.  Afterwards; I think the remaining strips will go into a box with similar colors for string blocks, down the road.

What are you working on this weekend?



8 thoughts on “Binding and more binding

  1. They are lovely. Would have made beautiful quilt as well. Love all the colors. So cheerful and bright for spring and summer.


    • Thanks Mona. They were so much fun to make. I might even let the hubby use one at breakfast! My goal is to get rid of ALL those awful store-bought ones that have been hanging around since the 80’s. I think I can do it now! I may save the matching binding 6 for a gift but keep the rest(12) for home use.


  2. Mary, a little tip on joining the binding ends when using Susie’s Magic Binding. I have discovered that if you just line up the edges of the main binding fabric and pin the rest and not worry about the flange part matching perfectly, you end up with a perfect or near perfect join. Also, when I sew the join, I always do a basing stitch just in case…you know some days NOTHING goes right….and if it’s the way you want it, leaved the basting stitch and sew with a regular stitch just a hair to the right of the basting stitch so you don’t accidentally end of throwing everything out of alignment but you still have a strong stitch. Hope this helps.

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    • 🙂 Thanks. I use the binding tool and find that I end up NEEDING to whack off an “extra” quarter inch. I did 5 today; and I “double checked” the spacing was the exact 12″; but it was “too much”. That is one reason for basting. I’ve been putting a straight pin in the binding “right at the piping” line up and that seems to work well to ensure that I have a very “even” edge of that flange. On a placemat it can be very noticable if it is off a bit. Thanks for the tips; I am always game to try another approach.


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