Summer sewing

I have been doing a little summer sun-dress sewing.  My grandchildren were here for a bit in June, and the 8 year old wanted to pick out fabric for a sundress. Her favorite color is blue.  I was not surprised with her fabric combinations. The fabric on the top is tutti fruiti and the bottom is a batik like print.  Both are 100% cotton and we chose a piece of white cotton to line the bodice.  Challenges – CRUMMY directions on the pattern by Burda.  (I always say this about patterns for garments….hey, I’m a quilter and I need pattern makers to assume I have never sewn before!)  I overcame the challenges because I have sewn before, but gosh if I hadn’t…… There were very few alignment marks on the pattern, and no marks for aligning buttons or number of buttons etc.  I just got out the ruler and chalk and figured it out for myself!

Pattern details

Buttons….the dress sat for 2 weeks waiting for buttons and buttonholes.  I decided to tackle them one day this week, and got out the book for my machine and did some “test buttonholes”.   Then I tested sewing the buttons on by machine.  Lessons learned during practice were my machine did not like the small spool lying on it’s side, and jammed up the thread. I put that small spool on my thread stand it ran perfectly.  But while I was fixing the jam, I cleaned the entire bobbin area of my machine, since I had the plate off.   (Been a bit since that has happened….)  Also, the button sewing on foot and setting were EASY to use!  I chalked where the buttons were to be placed and went for it after only practicing on 1 button on a scrap. The other lessons….I think the button hole foot/ making function is fine, once I got my eye on the chalk line where I wanted the button to be etc.  I don’t think that “one pass” with the stitching is enough.  It seems flimsy to me.  My friend suggested to make a 2nd pass before moving on to the next button hole.  Great advice from Nancy.  The button sewing function only did about 6 stitches, so I ran it 3 times before moving on to the next button.  Hoping those buttons stay put!

9 buttons

Dress size 8

This dress will go off in the mail this week, and I have started one for the 2 year old granddaughter.. Her’s will be all one fabric, in a tutti fruiti material, and I will post a photo when finished.  Middle granddaughter is going to “select” her fabric next time she visits. I sent her lots of photo options of fabrics, but she likes to “feel” the fabric!  Completely understand sensitive skin and like a quilter, who doesn’t like to go around the fabric store and touch it all!

Is anyone else as “pattern direction challenged” as me???  I do enjoy sewing for the girls, and figure once I master the directions I better make one for each! I don’t think it will bother them to have the same style dress in with 3 different fabrics. Hope not!  Ohhh….must remember to put a size tag in the side seam of the skirt, out of the way where it won’t scratch.

Happy sewing!


9 thoughts on “Summer sewing

    • Thank you Lillian. I want one just like only in Grandma size! 🙂 It was really easy to make in spite of my pattern complaints. Now the trick is, the size……my grands are tiny girls, and I measured this one chest, waist, neck to waist, neck to knees etc…and I’m guessing this is going to be little “large” around the chest. One can hope the child will “grow into it” before she dislikes the color. Still waiting on middle child to grow into special dress I made for her when she was 4!


  1. The funny part is, my 8 year old granddaughter REALLY wanted to sew this, so I had her sit and read the instructions carefully. Then we worked on laying out the pattern pieces on the fabric after tried hard to cut all the pattern pieces out. Silly grandma did NOT have LEFT HANDED scissors, so she got a little frustrated. I am better prepared for the next time. She did help pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, and I was able to teach her about the pattern markings (as limited as they were). And she got to stand on a stool and IRON, so she was happy. Next visit I think we will make her sister’s dress, and I will be better able to help her. Perhaps then she will do some of the sewing! She plans to be a fashion designer, so we had lots of discussion about “sewability” of her designs! 🙂


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  3. Oh my! So pretty! Your granddaughter is a very lucky little gal. I haven’t sewn garments in years. The disappointment when the items don’t fit keeps me from making new ones. 😊♥️


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