A mystery and more

NOTE: edited on 12 March 2018 to fix the photo problem!

I have mentioned previously that I am participating with From My CAROLINA Home doing the Scrap Dance Square Dance. Last Friday the 2nd clue came out (January – clue 1 was all cutting ).

I had a busy few days so I didn’t get to sew until Tuesday. I have taken on the 2nd Time Around again for the guild, and we had a work morning Friday. The afternoon had me off to visit my friend in Assisted Living. I thought I was going to help with her sewing group, but the flu epidemic has made gathering of any sort off limits. Most wise for fragile folks especially. So, we visited in their apartment and avoided any close contact with anyone else in the facility. We were all in good health, so my only concern is catching someone else’s bug. Lots of hand sanitizer going and coming! I’m avoiding touch with people at church too. When they are shaking hands end sharing God’s peace, I raise 2 fingers in the classic V and proclaimed “Peace be with you during cold and flu season! When asked, I explain that because I was unwell in January, I just can’t risk another bug. I have places to go and can’t miss out!

So, anyway Saturday was busy with our senior quilt project at church and babysitting for the nearby granddaughter for a few hours. I got a 2nd visit in on Sunday too. Nothing warms a Grandma’s heart quite like the greetings she gives. Hard to describe, but let’s just say she gets VERY excited when I arrive. My Monday was a meeting for our next quilt show (April 2019), and more 2nd time around! So, THAT is why it took me until Tuesday!

I blocked the entire day, and finally managed to get into the sewing room after 3pm. Let me just say that the day was most frustrating and sewing was a wonderful way to unwind. In fact, I was having such a good time I forgot about dinner! Hubby was working on some details on his trailer jets …that is about model railroad term for tractor trailer on a flat car. Seems he brought home nearly everything on the HO layout to repair!!

Trailer Jet maintenance

Here is a close up so you can better see the “scale” of these cars.  Those binder clips are the small and medium size – and of course, he has an old rotary cutting mat to work on to save the counter top.

Trailers on flat cars

The wonderful furniture he has now for his hobby area was my friend June’s sewing room furniture. You might remember it would not “fit” without modification in my space, so I “let” the hubby have it! This pull out tray was where my friend used to have her sewing machine.

Meanwhile…. I was busy working on the clue.

I managed 38 of the 56 I need.

Travel the rest of the month to visit grandkids will stall any more progress until after March 3.

Happy stitching. Go Check out Carole ‘ s blog, http://www.frommycarolinahome.wordpress.com

More in March when I return…written from the airport. … as I travel. ..


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