BOMBOGENESIS and Grandma’s Kitchen Blocks 18-22

I did some “power sewing” yesterday ahead of the snow – or as the Weather Channel calls it the Winter Storm Grayson to Undergo Bombogenesis 

I was not sure what was going to happen overnight, as they have been hyping the storm all day on Wednesday. Honestly, the effort to “scare you to death” is something. Anything to make noise….I mean news.  I just know I am glad I am retired, and not making the 40+ mile commute to work!  Not to bore you with snow photo’s but thought you might appreciate a bit of my morning.

It snowed all night, and the cats were not sure about what was happening as they looked out their window perch. It was pretty early and so I had to use a flash….and got the eerie photo of Smokey with the glowing eyes…..Mittens is busy looking at the birds that are hanging out under the house eaves.  (This is the 1st time I have seen him up that high on the climber!!)

While the were peering out the window, I had to see what was up, and caught site of the oil tank which is only 1/4 full.  (I have “auto-delivery”, and did not like to see it that low with the days of extreme cold that are forecast between now and next week! Our low today is 12, and for Friday it will be 7 with a high of 17 both Friday and Saturday!)  A quick call to the oil company and they put me on the schedule for tomorrow!  (Keeping my fingers crossed….at least they “JUST” filled the propane for the heater in the garage……)


There didn’t seem to be much snow piling up out front, and I noticed the winds were whipping from North to South…so I went out to the laundry room for a peak out back.

A little snow

I think that is about 6″ of snow in the foreground on top of the hot tub.  The roof of the porch along the garage has some interesting swirling snow. Note….my sewing room is “out there” on the 2nd floor of the detached garage….I think I am staying in today!

Needless to say, I am VERY glad I power sewed last night!  Since I had ALL the fabric out in stacks on the work table for Grandma’s Kitchen (pattern by Pat Sloan), I dug in and worked on blocks 18 – 22. Hubby went to the train club yesterday afternoon and I sewed from 4 pm until after 11pm when he got back home!  It was funny when he came upstairs in the garage all covered with snow, and asked me if I realized how much had already fallen.  I didn’t have a clue.  I couldn’t really “see out” the window with all the sewing room lights on, but we had already gotten about 3 “.  I’d skipped supper and was oblivious to the weather.  (At least until one daughter decided to send me severe weather warnings!)

I set aside the fabric for Block 18 the last time I was out working in my sewing room.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this block with 4.5” corner squares.

Block 18 Pattern by Pat Sloan Grandmas Kitchen

I had fun with block 18, fussy cutting the yellow fabric.  I have used the pink and the yellow in other blocks previously.

I knew I wanted a stripe with block 19 –

Block 19 Grandma's Kitchen

Block 20 just had to be made with reds!

Block 20 Grandma's Kitchen

For Block 21, I dug in to a bag of scraps for the gray fabric, and actually in the leftovers from Addison’s quilt for the biggest part of the phone.  (Ok, so they are not 30’s reproduction fabrics, but I needed gray!) The dial circles were cut from a piece of “very modern” dot fabric.  Those dots were hard to applique stitch down.

Block 21 Grandma's kitchen

Block 22 wasn’t one that I felt excited about until I pulled the fabric.  Now I am rather pleased.

Block 22 Grandma's Kitchen

Just 3 more “feature blocks” and TONS of filler blocks to make.  A fun project.  I feel like I am catching up a little!  More color balancing to do as I proceed.

Are you on the East Coast of the USA getting hit with the storm?  Don’t you think these silly names they give the storms “over hype” what is just a snow storm???

Working on anything fun today?

edit – note – pattern for Grandma’s Kitchen is by Pat Sloan, and can be found at Grandma’s Kitchen Sew Along

12 thoughts on “BOMBOGENESIS and Grandma’s Kitchen Blocks 18-22

  1. Hi Mary! (From Felton DE) Yeah, Sussex is getting hit a lot harder. I’m working on finishing what was to be a Christmas present, but all sewing was put on hold over the Thanksgiving weekend due to a terrible family emergency. Was in the Midwest until i drove back last Friday. Now, that’s where it really is cold! It was -16 as I walked from the Hospital back to the Ronald McDonald House one night last week. Didn’t notice that temp until I was back inside…no wonder I felt so cold!

    About to go pick out binding fabric for a full size Dresden Plate quilt (in 1930’s repros)

    Stay warm!!

    PS I am planning to finally make it to a quilt guild meeting and join on Monday! May I shop at the Second Time Around before the meeting? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds like you were right where you needed to be last month. Sorry about the health concerns, but I bet you felt blessed to be with your loved one. OWQG. up around 9am to shop 2nd time around , pre-meeting demo, etc. If you download a membership application from website and have it filled in, with $20 check that will speed you through the process. We are meeting at Conley’s UMC off of Rt 24& camp arrowhead rd. 🙂 love to see your project!


  2. Your work is always exemplary, but today I am just loving on that rotary phone block. There is a story behind that. Let me just say, that this block will be made and that an old phone number, which is on the original phone will be embroidered onto the dial. ❤

    As for snow, well I wouldn't mind some of the fluffy white stuff to go along with all these overnight teens (and lower) with daytime 20s we've had to endure. At least the snow would make it more enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the kind words! My mom & dad had the rotary dial “wall phone” in the kitchen, and we used to “STRETCH” that cord out the kitchen door to the porch for privacy! My grandma’s was more like this one, grey on the desk. She didn’t spend much time on the phone, got her business taken care of and hung up. No long chats! The block is fairly small, the orange part is 6.5″, so getting a number in that center would be tough! Sure made me giggle, as I would put my mom & dad’s number on it! Try & stay warm. I agree with you! I am glad to see the snow after over a week of low temps!


    • LOL…I think it is about grabbing your attention and getting you tuning in to the station, keeping the channel on “all” day etc. My hubby said, “hey, it’s a nor-easter”….we know what those are! I bet you are glad you are SOUTH somewhat this winter. Power sewing with power tools….I tell the hubby that a girl needs the “right tools for the job” ! When he is away playing with trains, I get lost in my own little world. These were FUN blocks to make. Thanks for popping in. Stay warm!


    • Thanks. I do not envy your constant winter cold. Our normal winters are 20’s to 40’s, so we are not used to this!! Next week we pop back up near normal but the snow is pretty to look at, the heating bill not so much!!


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