It’s in the mail

My unique handmade cards are mailed, and I thought I would share some pictures of some of my creations.  I used a combination of elements, stock blank cards & envelopes, stamps, cardstock, and embossing ink and powder, and my new heat tool for some.  I also have taken many old cards “apart” and given them new life.

Now, if you didn’t get a card from me this season, I’m sorry.  I had another 25 made, but ran out of steam for looking up addresses, and standing in line for stamps!  Maybe the day after Christmas I will send out that last bundle.

More sparkles

I had fun with that heat gun embossing tool and the silver & gold embossing powder. I was in Michaels Craft Store a week ago and got a big sale on products, including 1/2 price on the heat gun.  

I did have an assembly line going on the dining room table for several days.  It helped me get in the spirit of the holiday.

Dining room assembly station

This batch got a little extra bling with some sparkles inside the card & outside too.

Learning how to use the embossing powder and heat gun left me with sparkles all over the place!

Snowman embossing

I had a lot of fun!  I liked the silver the best I think.  I tried to “coördinate” the envelopes too.

This next one shows the inside of one of the cards, where I have “re-purposed” greetings from old cards.

Adding inserts with silver

I’ve tried to re-use the cool cards that I have received in the past several years.  A little “slicing and dicing” to make them pretty again – now I am very glad I kept them around.  Even after I finished making cards, I still had some to “chop up” and store the pretty elements and sentiments for “next time”.  (Last year, I wrote a sentiment out and printed it on an insert for the card, so this was a “new approach” for me). 

crafting cards

Combining elements

Stamps and embellishment

reimagining old cards

Adding some snow flakes

3 unique cards

And then there is the fun of doing a little coloring too.  (Note, I did stick down that gold ribbon securely before I put it in the mail…..)

Adding some gold ribbon

Let it snow

My total was 37 handmade cards so far sent, with another bundle ready when I get the brain power to get them addressed!  I’ve learned a lot this year making cards and playing with inks, and ribbons and cardstock and gel pens and tape runners, paper cutters and stamps.  I did manage to get one birthday card out in the mail as well.  

Birthday card

Birthday card center

I learn something with each card I make.  

In case I forgot to send a card, please let me tell you, Merry Christmas!!!

I will be “linking up” with Maria Shell’s blog ” Tales of a Stitcher“.


6 thoughts on “It’s in the mail

  1. You are so very creative. I admire your ability to quilt as beautifully as you do, along with incorporating various other types of crafts. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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