Got it done

Wheew…..we did it.  Hubby and I took a 4×8 train layout and gave it new life in just over a week.  It is now “set up and ready to run” at the Apple Scrapple Festival – Craft Show on Saturday.  It’s amazing how quickly you can do this when the bits and pieces are at hand. Given a little spray paint, spray glue, craft paint, along with hubby’s electrical mind and railroad sense….we are set up and ready.  We will be handing out fliers for the DelMarVa Model Railroad Club open house, answering questions and promoting the model train hobby!

Enjoy the photo’s….and if you don’t remember what we started with, look back a couple of days on the blog!

Ready to unload

We arrived shortly past 4 pm, ready to unload at Apple Scrapple.  All the boxes came in to the cafeteria at Woodbridge Middle School in Bridgeville DE!

Once they were all in, the hubby got busy with the wiring, and I started unpacking scenery and staging it on the layout!

Yard masters shack

(You would never know that 48 hours ago that building was a yellow plastic looking building. Now it looks like it has been sitting in the yard for years.  I impressed the hubby with the peeling paint look on the door and window frame….the magic of paint)

My favorite view

This photo above is my “FAVORITE” view.

A long shot through town (yes, I know, the road needs work….that is what super glue is for in the morning..)

View down Main Street

I set up the “raffle prizes” for 1st & 2nd place, along with box cars and pillow cases to buy.  I will be replacing those 2 bankers boxes in the morning with a couple of “plastic milk crates”….covered in fabric.  I want the Harry Potter set to be elevated a little higher. Our buddy, Leonard, will be keeping a watchful eye on things overnight!

Table is set

It sure is a big improvement from what we started with last Wednesday!  Remember this??

Step 2 adding ballast paint

So; with determination, we put together a 1/2 decent 4×8 model railroad layout in a week, complete with weathered track and buildings, and a few trees and shrubs thrown in for good measure.  I hope that the “viewing public” enjoys it on Saturday.

The craft fair at Woodbridge Middle School opens at 9 am!  Stop by and say hello, pick up a flyer, and get some raffle tickets!  See you there!

7 thoughts on “Got it done

  1. I am loving this post! You certainly took pains with all the details here. The viewing public should enjoy it, but I think that the children are really going to like it. How fun!
    This takes me right back to when I first met my husband at HS in 1970. First time he invited me to his house I discovered that he and his father had built an HO scale township with tracks into the countryside and a tunnel through a “mountain” built up and onto the wall. The whole thing took up HALF of his bedroom and all his furniture had been pushed into the closets!!! I certainly enjoyed watching those two running the trains and seeing the transitions and changes they made to the scenery over time.


    • Hi Lynda-I am so glad you enjoyed the post and it resonates with you. I find that when I meet people at the DelMarVa Model Railroad Club Open houses, they are often “transported” back to times so similar to what you describe. What a wonderful hobby your husband and father in law enjoyed together. Of course, our goal is to promote the hobby, and now I know that I’ve done my job right!! 🙂 It really is a hobby that will last a lift time and can grow as the modeler’s skills grow. I had a great time this last week working with the hubby and trying to turn this little layout into something he felt comfortable presenting “in public”. His club has a 6000 square ft building with a HUGE layout; and they have been working on it for 32 years! Thanks for sharing your special memories!

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